Love will find its destination…..season 2 with new view


hlo guys Anu here with season 2 of LWSFHD nd don’t it will be completely different……it will be hate love story…ya u can say force love story

Let’s start

19 years later

swara nd sanskar met————-breakup

I will show their love story in flashback….what has happen between them

4 years later..means now swasan r 23 years old

in khaana house

swara-i hate u sanskar y u do this(crying)

in maheswari house

sanskar:- (crying) I love u swara where r u why u live u I m sry plz come back

in khanna house

a 4 years old girl come running….nd shouts
girl:- mummmmaa where r u I m hungry
swara listen her nd reply back that come mahi
from gate one man come nd say mahiiii
mahi turns nd say papaaaa

what happen in past
who is that man
is swara married
is mahi is swara nd that man daughter
to know question stay tuned?

Credit to: Anu

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  1. I think mahi is swasan’s daughter n Swara is not married

    1. Thnks dear nd ya keep thinking

    1. Thnks alot dear

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