our love will always win a swasan os

Hi guys. This is my first os. This is based on the present track of swaragini.

This story begins when swara leaves the maheshwari house with ragini.
Swara and ragini reaches baadi.
Ragini starts crying . swara consoles her. like this 1 month passes.
At the other side sanskar was sincerely searching for laksh.
Sanskar was heartbroken and wanted revenge from swara.
Swara realizes her mistake . she went to mm to speak to sanskar. That time sanskar itself came outside the house.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: what do u want now?
Swara: sanskar I am sorry.
Sanskar: oh . the great swara sanskar maheshwari is asking sorry?
Swara cries.
Sanskar: u r cry wont affect me. ur worst time starts when I get laksh. He is now in lucknow. Once I bring him , ur worst will begin swara.
Swara: understand me na anky. It was both of us mistake.
Sanskar: it was ur mistake completely not mine. U should have supported me being my wife. Leave it . it is all waste of time. I am leaving now. bye.
Swara cries.
Sanskar leaves.
Swara was walking in the road like a lifeless body. She faints in the road. People over there took her to hospital.
Doctor examines her.
Doctor: congragulations. U r going to become mom. U r 1 month pregnant mrs maheshwari.
Swara was very happy.
Doctor: dont take stress. Be happy. I think u r depressed. Don’t be like that or else it will affect ur baby.
Swara nods.
She left to baadi.
She didn’t inform this to sumi or ragini.

The next day , sanky brings laksh.
Ragini: laksh. Where have u went.
Laksh: sorry ragini. I was very guilty after learning the truth. I was not able to face u all. That is why I did like this.
Ragini hugs laksh.
Ragini: don’t ever do like this laksh. U don’t know how I missed u. how I was worried about u.
Laksh: I am sorry ragini. Come we will go to mm.
Ragini: swara u r also coming. Come with me.
Swara convinces ragini to go and sanky, laksh and ragini leaves.
Sumi: shona. What happened.
Swara hugs sumi and cries
Swara: maa , he hates me a lot ma. I went to apologize. He is not accepting maa. I am feeling very guilty ma.
Sumi: shona. Don’t cry.
Swara: ma I am 1 month pregnant. yesterday only I came to know.
Sumi: shona really.
Swara: yes ma.
Shekar: swara.
Swara: papa.
She hugs both sumi and shekar.
Shekar: stop crying.
Swara: papa. Can I go somewhere to any city. I don’t want to be here.
Sumi: why swara?
Swara: I don’t want to give him burden of being here. I don’t want him to turn to an angry man. If I be away atleast I think he will be happy. He told that he will punish me. instead I am itself punishing me for this . please ma.
Sumi: but shona.
Shekar: ok shona. U can go. But u should call me daily . because we both wont bare u staying away from us this time.
Swara: sure papa.
Swara goes to her room to pack her bags an dcomes out.
Swara: maa don’t say about this to anyone. Even ragini about me or my baby. I left a letter there. Behave like I went out of the house without ur knowledge.
Sumi nods with teary eyes.
Swara leaves.

After 2 months..
In the city of Mumbai.
Swara was working in a company named xyz in that company. She was working as a manager in that company.(guys in my os swara is an mba graduate but she have more interest in music so she took music as her base after finishing mba).
swara’s md was arnav singh raizada
arnav: swara u r going to handle the company for few days as I am going to out of station with my wife khushi for a few days.
swara: ok sir.
Arnav: do take care. Any doubts. U can ask me.
Swara: ok sir.
Arnav: tomorrow a company is coming to finalize a deal with out company so u should take care of that and here is the file go threw this and present ur ideas and finalize the deal. The company coming is maheshwari’s from Kolkata.
Swara was shocked.
Arnav leaves.
Swara: who will come tomorrow? Omg why r u giving these many parikshas for me god.

The next day.
Sanskar arrives at the office.
Sanskar was shocked to see swara there.
Swara: wecome mr maheswari. This is swara gadodia here. come take ur seat.
Sanskar: swara.
Swara: can we start about our contract.
She starts speaking about that.
Sanskar: swara. Answer me why did u leave the house. ur ma and pa was very worried.
Swara: mr maheswari we r here for office purpose.
Sanskar in a loud tone. Stop it.
He makes her stand.
Sanskar: why u left ur home answer me.
Swara: sanskar vo.
Sanskar: don’t u think about ur mom ,dad? Atleast ragini. Or me?
Swara receives a call from sumi.
Sanskar gets shocked. swara moves aside and speaks.
Swara: maa. What u want ma. I am busy na.
Sumi: its time for u to have ur breakfast had it?
Swara: maa I know ma. I will have it in 5 mins.
Sumi:u r eating for ur baby not for u.
Swara: ok ma bye.
Swara cuts the call.
Sanskar: so ur mom and dad lied.
Swara: sanskar.
Sanskar: how can u do like this swara.
Sanky started movingtowards her and swara behind and reaches the end.( guys it is a glass made cabin in upstairs where it is open swara reached the edge of door which was open.)
Swara slips and was about to fall backwards from the door where she will fall to the ground and sanskar holds her hand immediately.

swara: please lift me up. I am feeling very dizzy.
Sanskar pulls her up.
Swara holds sanskar. Due to the force of pulling.
Swara and sanskar had a eyelock.
Swara faints in his chest.
Sanskar shocked.
Sanskar: swara. Wake up.
Sanskar takes her to the hospital.
Doctor comes out after giving injection to her.
Doctor: u r?
Sanskar: I am her husband.
Doctor: come in.
Sanskar entered.
Doctor: i am her doctor for the last 2 months mr maheshwari.
Sankar: why doctor what happened to her?
Doctor: m maheswhari ur wife is 3 months pregnant. don’t u know.
Sanskar was shocked and very happy that he Is going to become papa.
Sanskar: really doctor?
Doctor: yes. she is very stressed out. u know she is not taking her food properly. That is why today she fainted as she forgot to have her breakfast . I have given he ran injection. please take care of her or u may loose both ur wife and baby as she is very weak and stressed.
Doctor leaves.
Sanskar had tears.
He went into the ward.
He cried holding swara’s hands.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara. Because of me u went through so much. I realized my mistake when u left to Mumbai swara. I was feeling very hurted due to my behavior. So sorry swara. U r right. I should always control my anger. I should have hugged u after I saw u after 2 months. My anger comes first.so sorry swara. Swara I am very happy for us swara. We r going to have a new member between us swara. U have given me everything swara. U r my happiness swara. Without u my life is incomplete. How could u just leave me and go swara. U don’t know how much I miss u. I love u swara. Please swara don’t every do like this. the fault is our both. I shouldn’t have been harsh with u. he cries.\
Swara wakes up.
Sanky immediately hugs her.
Swara too hugs him and cries.
Sanskar: I am sorry swara.
Swara: I should ask u sorry sanskar.
Sanksar: why did u leave me and go?
Swara: sanskar I thought that u will be happy when I go away from u as u had that much hatred and anger on me.
Sanskar: r u stupid to think about that. how can I be without u swara. Sanky is incomplete without his shona. Shona u r my life.
Swara hugs sanskar tightly and cries .
Sanskar: shona don’t cry na. see na we both r together. Hereafter I don’t want to see any tears from ur eyes. Only happiness.
Swara smiles.
Sanskar kisses her foreheard.
Swara then gets discharged from hospital.
They reach to swara house in Mumbai.
sanskar carries her in his arms.
Swara: leave me na.
Sanskar: doctor have adviced me to take care of my wife and baby properly. U r very weak shona.
Sanskar opens the door and made her lie in the bed.
Sanskar: lie down meanwhile I will prepare anything for u saying this he moves to kitchen and prepares. Chappati and vegetable subji.
He then brings it and feeds to swara.
Swara have tears in her eyes.
Sanskar wiped her tears and made her eat the tablets and made her sleep.
Swara wakes after 4 hrs.
Swara: sanskar. Where r u?
Sanskar: packing ur bags. We r going to Kolkata by today night flight.
Swara: but I should resign my job, I should finish the house contract.
Sanskar: everything is done, u just need to come.
Swara smiles.
Swara: sanky make me wear that mangalsutra na.
Swara gives it to him.
Sanky again makes wear the mangalstura and fills her maang with vermilion.
Sanskar and swara leaves to Kolkata. There at maheshwari mansion.
Sanskar informs everyone in phone about he finding swara but didn’t inform about swara’s pregnancy.
Ap welcomes her with an aarti.
Ap: I am very happy swara that u r here with us.
Sanskar: maa she has ot ocme alone with her another life is also there.
Laksh: u r telling that they have forgot about u ah seeing swara.
Sanskar: duffer swara is 3 months pregnant.
All get happy.
Ap and sujata hugs her.
Sujatha: I am so happy swara. U should always stay happy like this.
Swara: laksh where is ragini.
Laksh: in room. She doesn’t want to see u.
Swara goes to ragini room.
Swara: ragini.
Ragini: don’t come before me leave.
Swara touches her shoulder.
Rragini bursts out in crying.
Ragini: did u think of me when u were leaving. Why r u behaving like this swara.
Swara: I am sorry ragini. She holds her ears.
Ragini hugs her.
Ragini: don’t do stupid things like this.
Swara: hereafter I wont do this.
Ragini: why u did like this.
Swara explains ragini.
Ragini: what swara u r going to become maa. Then I am going to become mausi . wow.
She hugs swara again.
Swara and ragini both reaches hall.
Sumi and shekar also arrived. Swara hugs them both.
Sumi: I am very happy for u beta.
Swara smiles.
Sanksar: ok swara ur eating time have come.
Swara: I am not hungry.
Sanskar: u r eating that’s it.
He brought dinner for her and starts feeding her.
Sumi and shekar were overhelmed seeing sanskar caring swara.
They both leave after some time.
swara goes to their bed room.
Sanskar also came with her.
Sanskar: come on lie down.
Swara: I am feeling bored of sleeping and eating. Don’t say like that . now only u came to know but this much restrictions.
Sanskar: if I came to know that time , then full restriction only.
Swara: thank god I escaped from 3 months . she laughs. But I missed it in 3 months. I wanted u to be with me sanskar. I craved for ur love sanskar. U know seeing in serials and many stories every husband pamper her a lot during this time, I missed that so much.
Sanskar: sorry.
Swara: no need to ask sorry instead u should do whatever I ask.
Sanskar: sure.
Swara: promise.
Sanskar: promise.
Swara: then go and buy me chocolate icecream.
Sanskar: swara it is 10 pm.
Swara: no I need it. just now u promised me na. go I wont speak to u until I get ice cream.
Sanskar: drama queen. Wait I will go and buy and come.

Sanskar after buying her icecream came to home.
She had it like she didn’t eat ice cream in her life.
Sanskar: hello ur husband is also there here?
Swara feeds sanskar.
Sanskar: swara, I want us to be always like this.
Sanskar: even I wish the same. I want u to stay my life with u like this happily.
Sanskar hugs her happily.

After 6 months swara delivered a baby girl named Anaya.

After 1 year ragini delivered a boy named adarsh.
They lived a happy life together.

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