if i love you what will you do 2 shots (part-1)

hii guys its somi here i am writing 2 shot first time so pls support
i am new at this but i have a friend herr name here is miami and she told me to write she is very good friend but unfortunately sheneeds to leave so her ff is incomplete and i am very sorry for that but yes she has a one shot name laksh maheshwari ke hasin sapne that is a humour but it is on ff section thanks alot

now now even i am a die hard fan of swasan so i have a 2 shot OS right in front of you
so lets go

swara- daughter of rich men
sanskar- buisness tycoon

swara mother was shomi and sanskar’s annapurna
shomi was also a buisness women and swara dad was dead
one day
shomi-shona aaj tak mei jo bhi mei kaam ker rahi thi voh sirf tere liye kiya tha tere future ke liye
swara-maa aap esse kyu bol rahe ho
shomi-tughe yeh buisness aage badana hoga
swara-maa pls tum mughe dara rahi ho kya hua mughe btao naa
shomi-mei mar rahi hu shona mughe cancer hai
swara hell shocked-kya maa aap essa mat bolo ham aapka treatment karenge
swara shouts-ragini ragini jaldi aao
(ragini is shomi assistant )
shomi-uski jarurt nahi hai yeh cancer mughe aaj se nahi hai bahut pehle se hai aaj btaya kyuki ab mughse aur khada ho nahi paega
ragini came running from hall
ragini-yes maam did you call me ?
swara shoutes-tumhe pta tha maa ki halat ?
ragini downs her head-ji
swara-tumne btaya kyu nahi ?
ragini-i am sorry mughe ma’am ne manna kiya tha
swara-kitne pese diye the ?
ragini-mughe unki kasam di thi
swara slows down she knows that ragini is very loyal to them and she always do good job
swara felt guilty-i am so sorry
ragini- aap jarurt nahi hai agar kucch meri maa ke saath hota toh mei bhi yahi react karti
shomi-koi baat nahi beta
shomi-ragini ab tumhari responsibility bad gayi hai ab tumhe meri shona ka dhyan rakhna hoga mere saath saath tum meri kam magar shona ki assistant ho , shona tumhe mr. maheshwari se baat kar rake hamare buisness kpo aage badana hoga tumhe karna hoga shona ragini tum madat karogi gi naa shona ki shona tu mughe nicche nahi giraega naa mere yeh vaada samagh
after saying this shomi died
ragini felt that she put her face in laps and start to cry but swara was confused
swara-ragini tum ro kyu rahi ho maa ko kucch nahi hua hai she is brave very brave
ragini -magar ………..
swara goes to shomi- maa maa utho naa abhi tughe mughe bada hote dekhna hoga maa tu uthti kyu nahi hai
swara shouts-maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mei mei …………. jo tune mughe vada diya hai mei usse pura karke rahungi mei mr. maheshwari se baat karunhi
ragini looks up at confident swara
swara-mei tughe niche nahi hone dungi maa mei tughse vada karti hu
ragini stands upa nd wipes her tears and sees swara
swara comes to ragini she has tears in her eyes which she is trying to stop swara-maa ki kahi saari chie yaad hai na you me we will do thi s
ragini gets a little smile on face to see swara and both hug
ragini-ham aap maam ka vaada jarur nibhaege
swara breaks the hug -mei nahi ham dono you have duties
ragini says in yes

after 1 week
swara start to rule their company
after 3 days
ragini came running to swara cabin swara sees her sweating and as she hears what ragini says a smile came to her face
swara- mei maa ko niche nahi hone dungi
she looks towards ragini-thank you thank you very much for this
ragini-this is my duty
swara-ok call them and say ms. swara gadodiya is ready to meet mr. sanskar maheshwari
ragini nodes in ues and goes
swara sat in the chair and start to think about sanskar maheshwari – maa aap ne jo mere liye kiya hai voh mei kabhi nahi bhulungi
ragini came with a phone in her hand
ragini-yes sir……….. ya its a meeting with the leader of the companu with swara gadodiya ……………….no mrs. shomi gadodiya is no more ………. yes it is bad …………ok so when can we fix date ………..12 june ……….thats fantastic because thats a clear day for miss gadodiya ……ok thanks alot ………ok would you like to talk miss gadodiya now……………sure i will just handover the phone ………….
ragini whisper-mr. maheshwari is at phone
swara -hello
sanskar-hii i am sanskar maheshwari
swara voice start to crack a little but after remembering her mother words-oh hello mr. maheshwari i am swara maheshwari the lead of our company
sanskar-good so we have thought that our meetiing should be at 12 june is that fine by you
swara-of course i am free that day i have seen my schduel
sanskar-uh umm i am really sorry about your mother she was really very good person
tears came out of swara big cute eyes-thanks alot i am very happy that you think so
sanskar-hey , if you need anything i am there for you
sanskar-umm she was a good friend of my dad , he appreciate her very much and he appreciate you too for being so strong and working for company
swara-thanks to say those they make me remember my mother
sanakar-ok so buy see you after 1 week be prepared this should be tough (he said a little laughing))
swara -byee
swara cuts the call and start to think about whatever sanskar said
ragini-ma’am he is really very nice person so does his dad unfortunately even his mom died in car accident
swara-omg isiliye voh mere liye itna feel kar rahe the
ragini-hmm so ma’am what next
swara-get your boots p ragini hame yeh karna hoga sonya and aashi ko jaldi bulao we dont have much time to play
ragini-yes ma’am
she starts to go
swara stops her -ek minute tumhe keses pta chala sanskar ki mom ka
ragini smiles-aapki mom se
and saying this she goes
swara starts to think about hima nd the meeting
swara-tughe karna hog ajust he should not have bad temper

to be countinued
what will happen to swara when she will meet sanskar lets see this in second shot
remember its only 2 shots

precap-swasan meeting and then …………..
so guys how do you like my story and pls comments it is 2 shots and so pls i love you all guys so give me happy happy comments and pls even read my friend miami one shot laksh maheshwari ke hasin sapne it is also a good work of humour and will make you laugh

so pls byee guys and see you next post so i will post my next after a day and yaa i will so pls wait guys
pls comment

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