Love is the way!(episode-9)

The episode starts with Yuvi giving money to Shravan
Yuvi:Thank God she has taken the chocolate!
Raman:Don’t get too excited she may love somobody else
Yuvi makes a frowning face
All laugh
Menka: No Yuvi I’m sure she loves u because I can understand…I’m happy for her because she got back her love after so many years..
Ishu stares at Menka

Yuvi:What do u mean Menka?
Anuj:She got back her love?
Ishu and Menka look at each other
Ishu:OK guys I think it’s time to tell u about Suhani’s past
Ishu:Yes a past…
She starts explaining
The flashback shows
The girls in their high school and their friends Vikram and Karthik
Karthik fell In love with Suhani and proposed to her she also loved him so they were deeply in love
Vikram was also our Bestie

One day we came to know that they both were drug addicts and they actually wanted to hurt Suhani..
But Suhani told him that she hated him knowing his intention
By then we had finished our school and joined in college but he wantedly joined here to trouble Suhani..We really hard a tough time getting them out of our lives but once again he…
Flashback ends
Menka:Yuvi Do u remember those boys who behaved rudely with us on that day?
Yuvi:Oh yeah he is Karthik our batch mate..hereafter he will not get a chance even to see Suhani
Raman:Why didn’t u tell us before?
Ishu:Now u came to know right then OK
Raman stares at her
Menka:OK tomorrow plan C then..

Yuvi:She will confess
All say in a chorus
U have to confess first
Yuvi gets shocked
Suhani reaches Birla house and runs to her room and locks the door and cries
Suhani (to herself):Why did I take this chocolate? I don’t love him right?….Oh! I can’t take any risk like last time…I have to make up my mind..I don’t love Yuvi and that’s final!
The others reach home
Ishu:Our plan will be executed tomorrow and I don’t want any mistakes do u guys get that?
All nod

Precap:Yuvi goes to meet a girl in front of his house and he hugs her Suhani sees this and gets stunned

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