Love is the way!(episode-8)

The episode starts with Suhani hugging Yuvi.She suddenly realises and stands up
Suhani:OK Yuvi I have some work u go to your room and take rest
Yuvi smiles
Yuvi(thinking): I am really in love!
Raman, Anuj and Menka comes from behind and hugs Yuvi
Raman:Wow Yuvi u were really having a nice time here
Yuvi smiles
Menka:Oho somebody’s feeling shy!

Anuj: This was easier than we thought
Raman:But still…we have to make her confess her love
Yuvi:Now that’s gonna be tough
Ishu comes there
Ishu:Nothing is tough when Ishu is here
Yuvi:Hey Ishu what have u told to Ma?
Ishu:I told her everything about your love
Yuvi: Everything?
Ishu: Yeah!
Yuvi:What did she tell?
Ishu explains him all that happened
Yuvi:Wow that’s great! Let me go and talk to her
All go to Pratima’s room
Pratima is busy arranging the clothes I’m her cupboard
Yuvi goes to her and hugs her from the back
Pratima:Yuvraj what’s it?Leave me can’t u see that I’m busy now
Yuvi:U r the best Mother in the world! Thank u for accepting Suhani
Pratima:I’m your mother and I will do anything for your happiness..And Suhani is also a lovely girl

Yuvi:She is lovely!
All laugh
Pratima:Yuvraj can’t u tell this to her ?
Raman:Actually we have a plan for that

Pratima:A plan?
Ishu:Yes ma..OK guys we don’t have much time we have to make them confess before we leave this house
Menka:And guess what day after tomorrow is Suhani’s birthday
The boys say in a chorus
Ishu:Yeah I forgot to tell this..And Yuvi u cannot get a better chance to confess than this
Yuvi:OK I will have to think of something big!
Ishu:Before that my plan B
Raman:Oh I totally forgot about that now it’s 3:30pm u take her to the park @ 4pm
Menka:OK done!
Pratima(thinking): What are these people up to?
Half an hour later
Ishu:Suhani Suhani where r u?
Suhani:Coming…. What’s it Ishu?
Ishu:Actually me an Menka are going to the park u also join us
Suhani:I’m not interested to come u two go
Menka:Please na
Ishu:Today is Valentine’s day and we can flirt with many boys there
Suhani: What nonsense? I’m not coming
Ishu:I was just joking yaar come na

Menka and Ishu drags her and goes..Ishu shows thumbs up to the boys
Raman:Now she has fallen in the trap!
The girls reach the park followed by the boys who went and his themselves
Ishu:OK Suhani u just sit in this bench me and Menka will go and get ice-cream for u
Suhani: I will also come
,Menka: U just shut up and sit over here
Menka and Ishu goes like buying ice-cream and they too hide and signs OK to the boys
The boys call some guy and he comes forward Anuj points towards Suhani
The guy goes to Suhani
The guy:Hello Suhani! I’m Shravan
Suhani:Who r u and how do u know my name?
Shravan:Suhani do u know something I have been following u from your house till here..
Suhani gets confused and stands up
Shravan:Do u know whenever I see u something happens to my heart of starts beating really fast
Suhani:Then u go and have a check up to the doctor..Who knows u ,might be suffering from any dreadful disease
Anuj,Raman and Yuvi laugh to the core also Ishu and Menka laugh
Suhani starts moving when Shravan holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Yuvi:What the hell is he doing?
Yuvi tries to go there
Raman:Calm down Yuvi please

Yuvi gets angry
Suhani: Hey!What r u trying to do?
Shravan goes on his knees
Shravan:I love u Suhani!
Suhani gets shocked
Suhani:But I don’t love u!
Anuj:Yuvi beware u might also get the same reply from her
Yuvi hits Anuj
Shravan:Why don’t u? Do u love somebody else then?
Suhani thinks
Shravan:Speak up Suhani why r u quite!
Suhani recollects her and Yuvi’s first meet at the college,Yuvi covering her with a blanket…
Yuvi and all the others are tensed
Sharvan:OK u don’t love me right? It’s all right but at least tell me whether u r in love with anyone or not…And don’t lie
Suhani gets thinking
Shravan:OK if u accept this chocolate from me then u r in love and if u don’t then u r not
Yuvi prays,Ishu and Menka are tensed
Yuvi(thinking): Take it Suhani please!
Suhani hurriedly takes the chocolate from him and leaves
Yuvi gets happy tears,all are happy
Yuvi then goes angrily to Shravan and tells
Yuvi:How dare u hold her hands?

Ishu and Menka laughs
Raman:Arre idiot he only made her admit that she’s illn love and what r u doing to him?
Shravan:Sorry for that I didn’t have any other option so I just…
Yuvi:OK whalltever! Thanks
Shravan:Only thanks ? He forwards his hands
Yuvi gives him a thousand rupee notl
Yuvi: Here goes my thousand rupees!What lallll lsllhllll

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  1. Nice episode. Waiting for next epi

  2. Ha ha ha awesome yaar

    1. Superb but neethu make some time for suhani for accepting yuvraj as her boyfriend too suddenly…..

  3. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb……..But What about ISHRA yaar ??????!

  4. Superb but neethu make some time for suhani for accepting yuvraj as her boyfriend not too suddenly…..

  5. Superb hey where is precap

  6. Superb yaar. Will there come some valentine special??

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