Love is the way!(episode-7)

The episode starts with the boys getting up and is about to go for jogging
All the girls except Suhani also r about to go Suhani stays with Pratima and helps her in preparing breakfast
All go out
Raman:Ishu,Menka we have to tell u something
Anuj:Yeah something about Suhani
Ishu: What is it? Is everything OK?
Anuj:Everything was OK till yesterday but now it’s not…right Yuvi?
Yuvi:These guys are just playing there is no problem..
Raman:Achha? I will tell u Ishu that Yuvi loves…
Yuvi holds Raman’s mouth
Menka:Arre will somebody tell me what’s going on here?
Anuj:Menka wait I’ll hold u becoz if u here it u might faint after hearing what is it
Yuvi(audible to Raman&Anuj):Guys I told u not to tell this right?
Raman:U told us not to tell Suhani and we won’t
Yuvi:Please Raman &Anuj for god’s sake don’t tell
Raman:Shut up Yuvi I’m gonna tell

Ishu: Idiots I don’t wanna hear anything come on Menka we’ll jog
They start leaving when Raman shouts and says
Raman:Yuvi loves Suhani!
Ishu &Menka gets shocked and turns
Yuvi holds his head
Ishu:Kya bakwaas hai?
Raman:Hey what what’s wrong in that?
Menka:Anuj u r right please hold me I’m gonna faint really
Menka faints on Anuj
Ishu slightly faints on Raman
Raman:JKR it’s true
Ishu & Menka sees Yuvraj
Yuvi nods’ Yes’
Ishu: Yuvi and love?
Raman:Why can’t he?
Ishu:Sure he can but u can’t love anybody ever in your life
Raman goes near Ishu
Raman:O really? Do u want me to prove it

They get closer
Anuj comes in between
Anuj:Ishu now u just tell me whether she feels the same for him?
Ishu: I think she is in love…because manier times I have noticed her whenever she sees u she just….u know
Anuj:She loves him right? That’s enough
Menka: We can’t confirm it but..
Yuvi:But what?
Ishu:Don’t worry Yuvi we will find it out and I have a plan
She explains her plan to them
Raman: Plan is OK
Anuj: I agree with it but she will do it as she is his friend not more than that
Yuvi:Don’t discourage me Anuj
Everyone laugh
Ishu:This is just plan A
Raman: What about B and C?
Ishu: U will see.. This is just to find whether she feels something for him or not
They reach Birla house
Yuvi comes limping with his legs covered by plaster to make Suhani believe that he got hurt
Raman:Look guys make sure maa does not see this becoz if she does she will take care of Yuvi
Ishu:OK I will manage maa and also tell about everything
Yuvi: What u will tell her everything?

Ishu:Of course and I’m sure she will under strand
Yuvi gets tensed
Anuj:See there Suhani…oh sorry Suhani bhabhi is coming
Yuvi stares at Anuj
All laugh and they hide behind the bushes and pushes yuvi forward
Suhani sees Yuvi limping,and rushes towards him
Suhani:Yuvi what happened to you?
Yuvi:I got hit by a motorbike when I was jogging
Suhani: Oh god! Where r the others?
Yuvi:They just left me and went ahead
Suhani holds Yuvi and makes him sit on a bench in their garden
Yuvi looks at Suhani who was caressing him
Suhani:Yuvi why don’t u take care of yourself? If something would have happened then…
Suhani gets teary eyed
All notice this
Yuvi holds Suhani’s face and says
Yuvi:Nothing has happened to me don’t worry
Suhani hugs him tightly
He also hugs her back
Raman:Wow! Our plan worked Ishu is just amazing right?
Anuj:She is amazing for u right?

Raman stares at him
Menka:Suhani loves Yuvi..Great I’m so happy for her
Raman:I think Ishu will be managing Maa inside
In the kitcheb
Ishu greets Pratima
Ishu:Maa i had to tell something to u
Pratima:Tell me beta
Ishu:Maa actually Yuvraj…
Pratima:What happened to him now?
Ishu:Nothing happened but Maa…He loves Suhani
Pratima gets shocked
Ishu explains everything to her
Pratima:I’m very happy for him..Suhani is such s wonderful child.I would be happy to make her as my bahu
Ishu hugs Pratima

Precap: Ishu and Menka takes Suhani to a park to execute their plan B

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