Love is the way!(episode-61)


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It’s night
Ishu is in a worried state thinking only about Suhani
Raman comes there(room) and sees her gazing at the starts with a painful look. He goes near her and keeps his hand on her shoulder. She turns and looks at him.
Raman: Ishita it’s getting late why aren’t u sleeping?

Ishu: I’m not feeling good.. I can’t imagine how much pain Suhani is going through!
Raman: Yeah..She is brave enough and will manage to get through all the obstacles
Ishu: You’re right but compared to what pain we had when we knew that I wasn’t pregnant hers is very big
She carried the baby for nearly six months and now suddenly this happened. And Yuvraj was too excited after knowing that he was gonna become a father but now everything got shattered( saying that she cries bitterly)
Raman hugs her and he too feels very bad. He breaks the hug.
Raman: Now come on we will sleep.. Don’t be too stressed.
He makes her lie and the bed and he caresses her head and after sometime she sleeps. He kisses her on the forehead and lies beside, hugging her.
Next morning
Yuvi gets up and searches for Suhani
Yuvi(thinking): Where did she go in the morning? Maybe I’ll ask ma..
He goes to Pratima’s room and enquires her about Suh

Pratima: I thought that she was with you.. I didn’t see her from morning
Yuvi(feels worried): Where did she go without informing?
[email protected] Dadi’s room
Dadi: I told u already that even if u shout at the top of your voice and say that I did everything, nobody would believe u..
Suh is shown standing there
Suh(thinking):I’ll meet another doc and get my proper reports and show it to everybody..
Dadi: What are u thinking of? Well I know what it is..

Dadi: If you’re thinking of meeting another doc then let me remind u of one thing I’ll kidnap your beloved Golu and u guys will not be able to see him ever in your life!
Suh(angrily): How dare u say such a thing! And nothing can happen to Golu when I’m around!
Dadi: Sharad&Bhavna are going to the hospital as Golu isn’t well and it’s very easy for me to handle things from there so..
Suh: Why do u do this?? U want Yuvi to be happy na? Then his happiness lies with my child, so how can u harm her and now u’re involving Golu also in this.How shameless can u be?
Dadi: I thought u are the biggest happiness in his life.. And if what you’re saying is the truth then we have a solution
Suh: What is it? I can do anything to keep my child safe..

Dadi: That’s good.. OK so listen, u& your can child live happily but in one condition..
Suh: What’s it?
Dadi: U have to leave this house for ever!
Those words strikes Suhani like a thunderbolt. She breathes heavily and feels like fainting.
Dadi: U heard it right.. This is the only way left. And u should leave this state and if possible leave this country too. I don’t want Yuvi to know anything nor see u.
Suh is shattered. She sits down and cries hardly.
Suh: You are not doing right.. My child also has the right to live with her family.
Dadi: Who’s stopping u from that? U may marry again. I don’t care
Suh widens her eyebrows
Suh: I always love Yuvraj! And I won’t leave my family!
Dadi: No problem.. But u should abort the child.
Suh cries
Suh(crying): I hate u to the core!
She wipes away her tears and steps out of the room but stops as she sees Yuvi, Pratima & Menka there
Menka: Where were u Suhani?
Yuvi: We all got really worried.. And why are u at Dadi’s room
Suh gets teary eyed and is in a confused state.
Yuvi: Is everything fine?
Dadi comes our of her room and says
Dadi(acting to be worried): Actually Yuvraj, the doc called me and told that it would be better for Suhani if u do the procedure soon, so he asked me to do it after 2 days…
Suh gets shocked and turns towards Dadi with an angry look
Yuvi holds Suh. Pratima & Menka feels bad.
Suh: I won’t agree to this!
Dadi: Otherwise Gol….
Suh understands what Dadi meant. She throws down a vase which was kept on the window pane.
All others come there hearing the noise
Pratima: Suhani beta, calm down..
Yuvi: Please try and understand.
Suhani: U should try to understand Yuvi, that the doc li

ed to us becoz da..
She was about to say Dadi when Yuvi interrupts
Yuvi: Now just stop this!! If u can’t accept the truth then it’s not good for u..
Menka: Please Suhani we are saying for your good..
Bhavna( holding Golu in her arms): First you relax.. Here have some water
Rags makes Suh drink water while Suh looks at Golu with tears in her eyes and then looks at Dadi with an angry stare. Dadi notices that and takes Golu from Bhavna’s arms and says
Dadi(looking at Suh): Bhavna, aren’t u taking Golu to the clinic today
Suh stops drinking water and looks on
Bhavna: Haan Dadi.. I’ll go when Sharad returns from work.
Dadi smiles wickedly. Suh suddenly gets up and goes to her room and locks the door from inside.
Yuvi knocks the door
Yuvi: Open the door Suh.. Please we’ll make out a solution
Suh: Nothing is left to sort out! Everything is beyond my control..( she cries)
Suh(thinking) What shall I do now? Oh god please tell me a way.. Who will believe me?
Suddenly a name strikes her mind
Suh: Ishu.. Yes she can definitely help me out. But she herself is in a trouble and now Romi’s shaadi is gonna happen and I can’t trouble her.. Then I think I should..
Yuvi hits the door hardly. And Suh opens it. He hugs her.
Yuvi(cries): Whatever happens I’ll always be with u Suhani: I hope so..
Yuvi breaks the hug
Yuvi: What do u mean ? I mean what were you actually talking to Dadi? Even yesterday u went there and talked.

Suh gets nervous
Suh: Dadi told me about what the doc said only.. Nothing else..
Yuvi (suspiciously): Are u sure?
Suh: Yeah..
Yuvi cups her face
Yuvi: I can understand a mother’s plight for her child. I’m also very unhappy. But I cannot afford to loose u Suhani.
Suh(thinks): I’m sorry Yuvraj but I think I should agree to what Dadi says… I’ll do anything to stop my child from being in trouble.

No precap

Is the story interesting? Or do u think that I’m dragging it too much? Please let me know your opinions.

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