Love is the way!(episode-60)


Hi guys it’s me Neethu! First of all i’m extremely sorry for updating soo late. I hope u guys understand. And this is the 60th episode of my ff!! I’m soo happy as I never thought I would go beyond 40 episodes..But thanks to you all for bearing my ff till now! :-p Hope you guys will continue to support me throughout this way! Now we go into the episode..
Suhani opens the doc’s cabin slightly and hears him talk to Dadi.
Doc: Yes Chandra Kala ji..I’ve done as you’ve instructed. I made them believe that there is no other way other than abortion to save Suhani.(After hearing Dadi’s reply) Yes..She is actually fine. OK thank you..
He ends the call
Suhani gets shell shocked hearing the conversation
Suhani (thinking): How can she do this to me?? I’ll have to talk to her..
Suhani forcefully opens the cabin door and takes her phone(without looking at the doc) and comes out.
They reach BH
Suhani angrily walks in
Rags: Suhani please.. Don’t be tensed
Suhani: Then what should I do di? I want to talk something to Dadi..
Pratima: She’s is her room..
Suhani heads to dadi’s room with anger in her eyes

Suhani’s POV:
I didn’t understand what was going around me.. If Dadi has done this then…What could be the reason?But she is also a woman and how can she even think of doing this? I walked into dadi’s room with thousands of questions in my mind.
Me(In a loud voice): Dadi!!
She turned and looked at me
Dadi: What is it Suhani?
Suhani(In a daring tone): Kyun kiya ye sab aapne?
Dadi: What are u talking about?
Suhani : Please don’t act as if you don’t know anything. I don’t have to explain u anything coz everything was planned(controlling her tears)
Dadi(stammered): Kk..kya?
Suhani: Agar aapne kuch nahi kiya tho aapko paseena kyun aaraha hai??
Dadi: Don’t forget that I’m the head of this family!! And mind your words!
Suhani: Oh really? If you cannot stop doing such cheap things then (angrily)why the hell should I talk to u with respect??
Dadi: Stay in your limits!
Suhani: You should do that Dadi!
Dadi gets shocked hearing her reply
Suhani: How can even think of harming my child. Damn it!!?
Dadi takes a deep breath and goes and closes the door and turns towards Suhani and says
Dadi: Haan maine kiya sab kuch..
Suhani gets irritated with her reply
Suhani(crying): WHY? I know that you don’t like me but what did my child do to u?
Dadi: I don’t have any problem with u Suhani.. But after knowing that your baby is a girl..I
Suhani: So that’s the reason! You are also a woman but still u..And what about Rags di? She too has a girl child?
Dadi: That was beyond my control and they returned here after 5 years and I didn’t want to spoil anything further. But Yuvraj’s child should be a boy!
Suhani: But we’re not the ones to decide that.. And how can u think that a girl is unlucky to the family? She is the grace of the house! U have such a disgusting mindset, I just can’t believe this!

Dadi: Ok..Have you completed your lectures? Then leave..
Suhani: I’ll tell this to everyone!
Dadi gives a wicked smile
Dadi: What will you yell Yuvraj? That his Dadi was trying to harm his child?
Suh looks on
Dadi continues, Nobody will believe you Suhani! Not even your husband. Don’t try to act over smart.
Suh: I’ll tell Yuvraj everything.. I’m sure he’ll believe me!
Dadi(smiles): Have you forgotten that the doc has the reports as the proof..And Yuvraj loves you unconditionally so he’ll never leave you in danger..
So if u even though tell him..He’d think you’re lying
Suh cries and leaves
She goes to her room and sees Yuvi sitting on the bed and sobbing.
Suhani: Yuvraj?

He looks at her and gets up and goes to Suh. And holds her hands
Yuvi: I’m sorry(sob)..I’m helpless Suhani..
And he cries kissing suh’s hand. She couldn’t tolerate his sad face
Suh: Please don’t cry! And believe me nothing will happen to our child nor me..
Yuvi: I hope what u said was the truth but we should agree to what the doc said(he says that with killing himself in the mind)
Suh: No! Believe me! The doctor lied to us. I’m hail &healthy!! So nothing will happen to the baby
Yuvi(cups Suhani’s face): I know that you are going through a lot of pain. But why would the doc lie to us? I know it’s difficult but try to accept the truth..
Suh: Why don’t you believe me? The doc lied to us because Dadi told him!
Yuvi: Dadi?? Please Suh control yourself.. U are blaming Dadi for this!
Suh: But that’s the truth..
Yuvi: Enough! I don’t wanna hear another word against her..I’m sorry but what you told wasn’t right. He hugs her and caresses her head
Suh(thinking): Now how do I make u understand?
Dadi sees everything and smirks

@Bhalla house
Ishu: Raman kaha ho aap?
Mr.Bhalla: Puttar wo Romi ke kamre me hai..
Ishu goes to the room and see both Romi&Raman talking
Romi: Bhai, I’m very excited for the marriage but at the same time I’m a bit scared too..
Raman: Arre yaar.. We should never show our weakness before girls.. Stay strong! And look at me how I make your bhabhi dance to my tunes..
Ishu coughs
Both of them see her
Raman(stammering): H…Hi..
Ishu: What were u guys saying about me?
Romi: Nothing at all bhabhi!
Ishu: Accha?(she hits her Raman on back)
Raman: Ouch!
Ishu: And listen.. Today your bestie is coming here.
Raman: My bestie? Who is that?
Ishu: You’ll get to know that..
She goes
Raman: Kaun ho sakta hai?
The door bell rings
All go to the hall. Ishu opens the door. And somebody hugs her. It was Shagun &Ashok
Shagun: Ishita!! How are u?
Ishu: I’m good shag..
Shag: Hi Raman..
Raman: Ashok, are u enjoying life with her?
Ashok: If I say no then..She’d kill me
All laugh

Raman: When did u guys return from Pune?
Shag: Before 2 days..
Ishu: Are u staying at BH?
Shag&Ash look at each other
Shag: wo actually.. We went there but after knowing their situation I couldn’t control myself. I can’t see my family weeping like this.. So i’m staying at Ashok’s place.( saying this shag wipes off a tear from her eyes)
Ishra stands confused
Ishu: What’s the matter Shagun? Is everything fine?
Ash: U didn’t know anything?
Raman: About what? Tell me Ashok..
Shag: Yuvi didn’t tell u anything?
Ishu: N..No.
Raman: Par baath kya hai?
Shagun looks at Ashok
Ashok tells them everything and that makes Ishra shocked
Ishu: But she was fine when I saw her at at the hospital..But suddenly why this..
Shagun: I don’t know Ishita what’s happening with my family..(gets teary eyed)Only bad things are occurring..
Ash pacifies her
Raman: I think we should go meet them.
Ishu: Yeah..
Ashok: But Raman u have meeting tomorrow right?
Raman: I just totally forgot about that! The we’ll go on the next day.
Ishu nods

Precap: Dadi puts pressure on Suh by saying that all her efforts to expose her would be a failure.

Credit to: Neethu

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  8. Amazing amazing amazing…… congrats for your 60th epi Neethu, eagerly waiting for more.pls update asap

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