Love is the way!(episode-6)

Sorry guys I forgot to mention that Suhani,Ishu and Menka are in Yuvi’s house for a sleepover
The episode starts with the girls going to their room(all the three slept in one room) and the boys slept in Yuvi’s room
Menka(thinking): Where would Rags di be now? I wanted to hear her voice now..Let me go out of this room for sometime..It’s good that Ishu and Suhani are asleep.
Meanwhile Suhani is in the terrace and in place of her there is a pillow which is kept
Suhani(thinking): What to do?I am not able to sleep
Yuvi also goes to the terrace and sees Suhani standing there and thinking about something
Yuvi goes near her and scares her
Suhani:Offo! What r u doing here at this time Yuvi?
Yuvi:I also wanted to ask u the same question
Suhani: I’m not able to sleep so I came
Yuvi:Me too

In the hall
Menka sees Anuj sitting on the sofa with a sad face she goes and sots beside him
Anuj:Why r u still awake Menka?
Menka:I was thinking about Rags do
Anuj:And I was thinking about Saurab bhayya.. I have to do something and find them
Menka:Don’t worry Anuj I will also help u in this
Anuj:Then that’s my biggest worry!
Menka smiles
Suhani:Yuvi have u contacted any of Saurab bhayya’s friends
Yuvi:Yes I have but nobody knows about where he went
Yuvi had come covering himself with a blanket

Suhani feels cold
Suhani:Can’t u see I’m feeling cold..Give me your blanket
Yuvi:Why should I ? I too feel the same
Suhani:U r too selfish!
She turns her face and gets angry
Yuvi:OK meri maa take this we will share
He covers Suhani and himself with the blanket and they get closer
Meanwhile Raman &Ishu wake up and see their friends missing
Ishu:Where have these guys gone let me go and check
Raman and Ishu come out of their rooms they see each other
Raman:Ishu have u seen Yuvi and Anuj?
Ishu:What they too are missing now?
Raman:Oh so even the girls are not there
Ishu:Something’s fishy let’s go and check
Raman and Ishu find Anuj and Menka chatting
Raman holds Anuj’s ears and says
So u both are here Where are the other two?

Menka:Other two?
Ishu:Yeah Yuvi & Suhani
Anuj:Let’s go to the terrace and see
They go to the terrace and sees Yuvi & Suhani standing by covering themselves with a blanket
They look at each other
Ishu coughs
Yuvi and Suhani turn around and sees all of them
Yuvi:U guys here?
Raman:Actually we came to play hide and seek..Can’t u see we were searching for u two?
Suhani takes off the blanket
Suhani:I was not able to sleep so I came here and Yuvi was also here so…
Anuj:So u guys felt cold and he gave u the blanket right?
All laugh
Suhani feels shy
Suhani: OK enough I am going too sleep now
Yuvi:Me too
Raman:OK boss let’s sleep

All leave to their rooms
Raman asks to Yuvi:Yuvi tell me the truth do u love Suhani?
Yuvi gets shocked
Yuvi:Nothing like that…but
Yuvi:But I feel something more than friendship with her
Raman:Bevkoof! That is love!
Yuvi:No Raman I can’t take any decision right away and how can I know that she too loves…..
Raman:What? Say it louder
Anuj: Yes Yuvi tell us yaar
Yuvi: Nothing this Raman is just joking…
Raman:I’m not joking at least u tell it to us Yuvi
Anuj: Please Yuvi tell name
Yuvi: OK Ok ….I think….I think…..That I…I…Love her
Raman & Anuj jumps and screams in joy
They hug him
Yuvi:OK now I don’t want Suhani to know this I don’t know whether she loves me or not…
Anuj:And if she don’t?

Raman:We will make her love him
Yuvi smiles
They hug Yuvi

Precap:Raman & Anuj tells about Yuvi’s love for Suhani to Is hu and Menka

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