Love is the way!(episode-59)


The episode starts with Ishu& Toshi preparing snacks for the guests
Romi: Wow bhabhi this smells so good..
Toshi stares at him
Romi: Now why are u angry with me?
Toshi: Tumhe ye Sab pehle keh deni chahiye tha..
Romi: Mummy ab kya farak padtha hai?
Door bell rings
Romi: It must be Sarika! I’ll open..
Raman also comes to the hall. Romi opens the door but it was Mihika
Romi: Tum?
Mihika: Haan.. Shouldn’t I come here?
Ishu: Mihiku! Andar aajao..
Mihika: Why are u too excited Romi? And I think some special stuffs are being cooked..
Ishu tells her about Sarika
Mihika: Oh that’s great news! And sorry for spoiling your excitement..
Romi: That’s OK.. Oh my hair got messy. I must make it ready again.

He goes inside the room and Raman says
Raman: Beta aaj tumhari shaadi Nahi hai. Then why are u..
Romi: Bhai you don’t have any style sense..So just stay out of this
He goes in. Ishu laughs seeing Raman.
Mihika: Oh no I’ve forgotten my phone in the car. I’ll bring it
Ishu: OK..
Mihika goes out and on the way she bumps onto somebody and she falls over that person. She slowly opens her eyes and sees that it was Abhishek.
Abhishek: Mihika?? This time I didn’t do any mistake
Mihika: Ahh!! That hurts..I can’t get up.
Abhishek holds her hand in order to help her. They share an intense eye lock.
Suddenly a voice is heard: Bhai! Kya kar rahe ho aap? Romance sab baad mein pehle utho.
She helps them get up
Mihika: I’m sorry Abhishek and who is this?
Abhishek: She is my sis Sarika..
Mihika: Oh! So you are Romi’s to be wife!
Sarika: Yeah how do you know?
Abhishek: She’s Ishita’s ji’s cousin..
Sarika: Ok..
Aruna(Sarika’s mom): Abhi& Saaru. Come we’ll go in
Mihika: Namaste aunty.
Aruna: Namaste beta( she goes near Abhishek and says audible to him) Mihika is such a sweet girl. Why don’t u get married to her?
Abhi: Ma please! Wherever we go u keep searching a bride for me..
Aruna: To phir kya karun? Tumhe bhi tho shaadi karni hai na?
Mihika: I’ll just be back in a minute..
She goes
Abhi: We’ll talk about this later. Now let’s think about Saaru’s shaadi.

The enter inside
Ishu& Toshi greets them and makes them have a seat
Ishu: Abhishek tum?
Romi: Bhabhi he is Saaru’s bro..
Ishu(teasingly): Accha.. So he is ‘Saaru’s’ bro..
Saromi feels shy
Raman(audible to Romi): Tumhe sharam bhi aata hai?
Romi stares at ram. Toshi, Aruna&Mr. Bhalla have a talk.
Toshi: So I think we should agree to this marriage.. Haina Bhalla ji?
Mr.Bhalla: Yeah..We agree to this.
Aruna: I’m so happy to get a handsome daamad like Romi..
All laugh. Saromi smile at each other.
Aruna: From the time Saaru’s father passed away I took care of both of them as a single parent. Nobody were there to support me. I’m happy that now my daughter’s life is getting settled and next is your turn(looking at Abhi)
Abhi: I’m not getting married so soon!
Mihika comes in. Abhi looks at Mihika.
Raman: Aunty ji, let him enjoy his bachelor life little more and then then let him suffer..
Ishu(angrily): What do u mean by ‘Suffer’?
Raman: Oh come on I was just joking yaar..
Aruna: Tho Raman bhi Ishita se darta hai..
All laugh. Romi leans his head on Raman and laughs. Raman pushes him

Ishu(still laughing): Sarika, I’ll teach you those tips when you come here after marriage.
Sarika nods. Romi stares at her.
Raman(in a low voice): Bade aayi sikhane waali..
Ishu(audible to Raman): Kuch kaha aapne?
Raman does not answer
Aruna: Ok then I’ll get the marriage mauhrat from Pandit ji at the earliest.
Toshi: Teek hai..
They leave. After coming out of Bhalla house,
Aruna: Abhi, please beta talk to that girl..She is so sweet and I want her as my bahu..
Abhi: No ma!
Sarika: Bhai at least ask her about this..
Abhi: Now u too started Saaru? U mom&Daughter do whatever you want..I’m least bothered
He goes
Aruna: Now u make him understand..
Sarika looks on

Suhani: I’ll not!
Yuvi: U should!
Suhani: I won’t!
Anuj&Menka comes there hearing their argument
Menka: What’s going on guys??
Suhani: Help me Menka!
Anuj: Yuvraj, why do u trouble her?
Yuvi: She should eat these salad..
Suhani: I can’t eat raw veggies..Yuck!
Yuvi: It’s healthy!
Suhani: I won’t!
Yuvi: This is not for you! This is for my baby..
Suhani: The baby tells me that he likes only Indian food and not your salads..
Yuvi: Accha??
Anuj hits his head
Yuvi gets a call from doc. He attends it.
Yuvi: Yes doc please tell me..
The doc’s voice is not heard
Yuvi gets very shocked after hearing the news. He gets teary eyed and sits on the bed
Suhani (tensed): Is..everything.. OK?
Yuvi looks at Suhani with a pale face
Menka: Bolo na Yuvi kya hua?
Yuvi: The doctor told that….There are.
Anuj: There are???
Yuvi: There are many complications in Suhani’s pregnancy so..
Shawana,Saurab, Rags,Pratima&Dadi also comes there and hears it.
Suhani gets shocked.

Pratima: So?
Yuvi(emotionally): Only the baby or the mother will survive at the delivery time and because of that we should..
Suhani hears it and understand what Yuvi was about to say
Suhani(with tears rolling down her cheeks): Nahi aisa kuch nahi hoga!!
Dadi smiles
Pratima: But Yuvraj when you went to the hospital the doc didn’t tell anything about this right?
Yuvi: Actually some of her reports was not ready at that time..But how can we do any harm to the child?
Suhani: You’re right Yuvi… We shouldn’t harm the child but he should live..I’ll leave the baby to you and I will..
Yuvi closes Suhani’s mouth
Yuvi(crying): I won’t let you go away from me..
Suhani(angrily): Par mera baccha ka kya?? Koyi bhi ma apne bache ko marne nahi de sakthi..Chaahe use apni jaan bhi kyun na dena pade.
Yuvi: Par Suhani tumhara kya?
Suhani breaks down. She falls her knees and cries bitterly
Bhavna, Rags&Menka go near Suhani and hugs her
Rags(crying): Can’t we do something about this?
Yuvi: We will go to the hospital now.. I can’t see Suhani crying like this..
Pratima: Oh god! Please help my family cross all the hurdles..
Yuvani, Bhavna, Saurab &Rags go to the doc

Inside the doc’s cabin
Doc: I’m sorry to say this but she is weak to deliver a child.. But if you need the baby then there is only 10% chance for the mother to survive
Suhani: It’s OK but my baby should live..
Bhavna: But doc there must be some way..
Doc: No I’m sorry.. But the only option you have is to abort the child..
Suhani gets furious hearing this and suddenly gets up
Suhani: I won’t do anything of that sort..
Saurab: I know it’s tough for you..But we don’t have another option
Suhani: No Bhayya!
Suhani cries and goes out Bhavna &Rags follows her
Yuvi &Saurab also comes out and get worried seeing Suhani’s state.
Yuvi: We’ll go to BH now and then talk about it..
All the boys go to the car.
Bhavna: Hum chale?
Suhani: U go..I left my phone inside the doc’s cabin.
Rags: Fine..
Suhani was about to open the cabin door fully but she stops hearing the doc talking to somebody and also she hears him mentioning Dadi’s name(Chandrakala Birla)

Precap: Suhani confronts Dadi.

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Credit to: Neethu

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