Love is the way!(episode-58)


Hi guys its me Neethu! Hope u guys find the upcoming track interesting. I want all of my friends to comment today it’s a request .So now we go into the episode..
6 months later: Shagun &Ashok are married
At BH(Birla house)
Suhani is seen with a quite big baby bump and she is seen choosing a dress. She pulls each dress and says: None of these fit me! I should go shopping
Just then Yuvraj enters and sees the bed messy with all the clothes lying around
Yuvi: Suhani!! What have u done to the room!!
Suhani: Don’t scream like a mad person.. I’ll clean it later but look none of these dresses fit me now!
Yuvi smiles at her antics

Yuvi: We’ll go shopping today.. Happy?
Suhani widens her eyebrows and says
Suhani: We will go and eat gol gappas too! OK?
Yuvi: No Suhani! Its unhygienic there and..
Suhani: Tum kuch nahi bologe.. Mujhe jaana hai!
Yuvi: OK.. But before that get ready soon we should go for the regular checkup.
Suhani: And today the ultrasonic video of the baby will also be ready! I’m so excited
Yuvi smiles
At Dadi’s room. Dadi is speaking on the phone with somebody
Dadi: Will it be ready today?
The other person’s reply is not heard
Dadi: Fine.. Please let me know that soon.

She ends the call
Dadi(thinking): I hope everything goes as expected..
Yuvani leave for the hospital
At the hospital
Yuvani are waiting for the checkup just then Yuvi notices Ishu there
Yuvi: Suhani look Ishu is also here..
Suhani: Now what happened to her?
Both of them approach towards Ishu and they also see Raman there
Yuvi: Raman?
Ishra look at them

Raman: Oh hi Yuvi!
Ishu: U came for the checkup?
Suhani: Yeah.. And why are u guys here? Any good news??(curiously)
Ishu looks at Raman and smiles
Ishu(tensed): Don’t know.. We had to confirm that so we came here..
Suhani: Don’t get tensed.. The result would be positive
Ishu: I hope so..
Doctor calls Ishra. Both go inside.
Doctor: So Mrs. Ishita Bhalla.. Your reports are ready. Let me check it out..
Doc opens the cover and reads the report. Ishra are keenly waiting for a good news.
Doc: Hmm.. Your reports are negative, and that means you aren’t pregnant

Ishra look at each other with a sad face
Doc: There’s nothing to worry for that. You guys still have much time. But there’s a good news too as Ishita is healthy enough to bear a child in her womb so don’t get depressed
Raman: OK thank u doc..
Both of them do not talk to each other they walk out of the hospital.Suhani sees them
Suhani: Raman… Kya hua??
Raman(sadly): Wo actually..
Yuvani understands what happened
Yuvi: It’s OK Ishu..Don’t get upset.
Ishu: I’m alright.. And what about Suhani?
Yuvi: The baby is fine..And it seems the proteins in her body is insufficient. So doc has instructed her to take more protein rich foods.
Raman: OK bye guys.. We are leaving
Ishra leave
Suhani : Ishu was too unhappy..
Yuvi looks on.
Dadi waits curiously for something
Saurab: Dadi what happened to u? U look so tensed..
Dadi: Nothing beta..I just had a headache
Rags: Then u should rest for sometime right?

Dadi: Yeah.. But I.
The door bell rings . A delivery boy comes.
The boy: There’s a speed post for Chandra Kala Birla.
Dadi: It’s me..
Dadi goes and signs on the papers and gets the post
Saurab: What is it Dadi?
Dadi: I had donated some money to an orphanage so they have sent a letter to thank me.
Saurab: Oh..
She goes into her room and opens the post quickly
She reads it and gets shocked
Dadi: This can’t happen! Now I should think of something…
YuvAni are enjoying the evening they go to a golgappa shop
Suhani: Now let’s see who eats more!
Yuvi: It’s definitely gonna be you! I’ll eat only 2or3
Suhani: You’re just too boring. I need a tough competitor.
She calls some man who was sitting on a bench for competition. He agrees
Yuvi (audible to Suhani): Have u gone mad? Why are u competing with strangers?
Suhani: U shut up! I’ll eat as much as I want
Yuvi( touching Suhani’s baby bump): I feel so pity on my child.
Suhani: My child is active like her mom. So u don’t have to feel pity.
The man: Shall we start?
Suhani: Sure!
Yuvi hits his head

Both start eating.
Suhani: Bhayya u are a tough competitor indeed!
Yuvi: Bas karo na..Kitna khaogi?
Suhani does bother about anything
The man: Ah! I loose..I can’t eat anymore or else I’ll die
Suhani laughs
Yuvi: Ab chale?
Suhani: No I need kulfi!
Yuvi buys a kulfi
Suhani feeds Yuvraj. Yuvi likes it.
Yuvi applies it on Suhani’s nose. She chases him but just then she was about to slip when Yuvi holds her.

Saaware plays. They have an intense eye lock. A rain drop falls on Suhani’s face. Both look up. It rains cats&dogs. Both of them dance in the rain. A song plays.
Baton mein ho khubsurthi..Khubsurath lagega ye jahaan. Both are lost in each others love and dances, sings and at last Yuvraj lifts Suhani and keeps her in the car. Yuvi sits on the driving seat just then he feels a electric shock passing in his body. Then he realises tat Suhani has kissed on his cheek. He holds her hand and kisses on her forehead. Suhani smiles.
Ishu goes to her room and sits on the bed with a pale face.Toshi comes to her
Toshi: Puttar, Papa ji has bought your favorite sweet Kaju kathli. Come down soon and have it.
Ishu: No mummy ji I’m not coming..

Toshi: Ki hoya puttar?
Ishu: I’m not feeling well..
Toshi checks whether she has fever
Toshi: You aren’t running a high temperature. Then..
Ishu gets teary eyed
Toshi: Why do u cry?
She tells her everything
Toshi pacifies her and hugs her. Raman was standing at the door and noticing all this. He too feels bad.
Raman(very happily): Ishu look, u know who’s coming here today?
Ishu: Who?
Raman: Your Amma&Appa are coming!

Ishu: They returned from Chennai?
Raman: Yes!
Ishu(little happy): I’ll make something special for them..
She goes
Toshi: Good that you changed her mood..Tell me one thing is Madhu really coming?
Raman: No ma..
Toshi: Paagal jhoot kyun bola?
Suddenly Romi comes rushing
Romi: Mummy ji!!!
Raman: Why are u screaming now?
Romi: Sarika’s parents wanted to meet you today..
Toshi: Who is she?

Romi: wo..You remember that girl to whom I gave a lift and u scolded me..
Toshi: Oh yes..Don’t tell me that you’re in love with her
Romi nods. Toshi hits her head
Raman: Wow! Everything happened so soon?
Ishu comes
Ishu: Romi you’re very bad ah..Bhabhi se pehle kehna chaahiye thaa tumhe.
Romi: Sorry bhabhi..
Ishu: Chal maaf kardiya.. I know that my amma and Appa aren’t coming here..
Raman & Toshi smile at each other
Romi& Ishu leave
Raman: Finally she’s happy!
Toshi: Yes..Thank god. Now what to do with this Romi?
Raman laughs

Precap : The doc calls and tells Yuvraj something which makes all of them shocked. Dadi smiles

Credit to: Neethu

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