Love is the way!(episode-57)


The episode starts with Raman coming downstairs,he sees Shagun cooking and gets annoyed
Raman: Shagun what are u trying to prove by doing all these?
Shagun: I wanna prove the fact that I love u!
Raman gets angry Ishu holds his hand and signs him not to say anything
He goes and sits in the dining table
Raman: Ishu, get my breakfast..It’s getting late. And aren’t u coming to office?
Ishu (audible to Raman): I told u na mummy ji has arrived so Shagun would tell them everything. So its better if I remain here.
Raman: Fine.
Ishu was about to serve but just then Shagun stops her
Shagun: U don’t have to do all this..This is my work
Saying that she serves food to Raman
Raman controls his anger as he is forced to
Just then the door bell rings
Ishu: I’ll see.
Ishu opens the door and gets shocked seeing Yuvraj &Anuj there
Ishu: U guys here?
Anuj: Yeah Ishu.. We have come to take our sis with us. So we called him too. Maybe he could help
Ishu: Whom are u talking about??
Yuvi: Ashok..
Ashok also comes there
Ishu: U still love her?
He nods

Yuvi and Anuj enter the house. Yuvi gets furious seeing Shagun serving Raman. They don’t notice them
Yuvi (angrily): Shagun!!
Both of them turn and see the duo
Shagun: Yuvi tum yaha kyun aaye ho?
Yuvi: I had to ask this question to u! What on earth are u doing at BH?
Shagun: Oh please Yuvraj.. U know why i’m here. This is my sasural so I.
Anuj: Just stop this! We know everything about what happened. So just come along
Shagun(angrily): Noo!! I’m not coming anywhere with u guys
Yuvi: U will have to come! Don’t be so adamant
Toshi&Mr.Bhalla come out of their room hearing the argument
Toshi: What’s going on here?
Mr.Bhalla: Yuvraj tell me what’s the matter
Both do not say anything
Shagun: I’ll explain everything
Saying this she goes inside and brings the marriage papers
Shagun: Look at this mummy ji. This proves your son has cheated me. I’m his wife
Raman: Shagun!!!

Both of them see the papers and gets shocked
Toshi: No Raman can’t do this!
Shagun: It’s the truth..
Yuvi: Band karo ye sab!
He grabs the papers from Shagun’s hand and tears it into pieces and throws it on her face
Yuvi: I’m ashamed to call u my sister! U made me doubt on my best friend and also u cheated the whole family!
She bursts into tears and cries bitterly
Shagun(crying): I don’t know what happened to me…
From the day I met Raman, I loved him very much. And u guys know since childhood i wanted to get everything which I wished. I was too ignorant then. I’m still the same. I know I cannot marry Raman because it’s too late now and I know Ishita&Raman are made for each other but still I wasn’t ready to accept the fact..I’m extremely sorry Raman &Ishita for what I’ve done. I know that u guys will not forgive me for my doings
Ishu: It’s OK Shagun.. We forgive u. Sometimes mistakes happen by people but most of them won’t have the guts to apologize buy u have it. U still have time to find a person who loves u too
Anuj: And the person is already here.
Just then Ashok enters
Shagun: Tum?
Anuj: He was the person who loved u more than himself
Ashok: Please Shagun give me a chance I won’t let a tear drop down from your eyes hereafter. I love you Shagun.. Will u marry me?
She gets stunned
Shagun: Yeah..

Ashok(very happy): Is it true??
Shagun: Haan..U are right Ishita I should have chosen a person who loved me. But now I’m happy
Ashok gets excited and hugs Shagun, and she hugs him back
All laugh. Raman coughs. Both of them break the hug
Just then Romi comes.
Romi: Oh oh! What’s happening Here?
Raman: Now its a happy ending!
Romi: Hmm.. I missed out the fun
Shagun: U think the pain in others lives is fun
Romi: I didn’t mean that..
Shagun smiles
Toshi: Good.. My heart nearly stopped beating after seeing those papers
Shagun holds her ears
Shagun: Sorry mummy..I mean aunty ji
Toshi: Tats Ok puttar..
She hugs shag
Raman: Waise Shagun.. The parathas u made were very tasty.
Shagun: Thank u..
Raman: In fact u should teach Ishu also to make such tasty stuffs.
Ishu: Somebody is definitely gonna be murdered today..
All laugh
Raman gives a sarcastic smile
Yuvi: OK now come on sis we have lots of work to do!
Anuj: What work?
Yuvi: Abe gadhe it’s our sister’s marriage so we have to get prepared
Anuj: Oh yes!
Yuvi: Bye guys!
They leave

Ishu(angrily):Raman I gotta talk with u personally!
Raman: Maa..Please save your son from this witch
Ishu: What did u call me?
Raman: A witch!
Toshi hits her head
Ishu chases Raman and he runs to their room.
Ishu hits him badly.
Raman: Oye enough I’ll die if u beat me further.
Raman falls on the bed and pulls Ishu also towards him. She is over him. He slowly takes his hand near Ishu’s face and makes the hair aside which had fallen covering her face. He then pulls her still closer. Ishu was getting really nervous.

Ishu’s Pov:
I couldn’t understand what was happening as my Ravan Kumar was becoming very romantic. He then slowly made me sit beside him and came closer to me. I closed my eyes as tight as I could. He then started brushing his face with mine and kissed on my neck as much as he could.

Raman’s POV:
I couldn’t control myself from admiring her beauty. I held her waist tightly and approached towards her lips. She tried to slip away but I held her tight. I kissed all over her face and we could feel each other’s breath. I again went near her lips this time she had no other go than tolerating my deeds. I kissed her lips. To my surprise she too responded to my kiss and we had a long lip lock. It was very romantic. I then tried to stop the kiss but she wasn’t ready and this time she kissed me hard. Then I slowly broke the kiss and went to her ears and whispered: At last I think we’re gonna fulfil Sharvu’s wish(baby). I could feel she was blushing too hardly.
And then she gained some confidence and said: Yeah..I think so. I was too happy to hear those words from her. I slowly crawled my fingers over her shoulder and untied the dori of her saree. A tear fell from her eye. Then I was curios in opening the buttons of her blouse and I did so.. I removed my shirt.( Then u know what would have happened)

Ishu POV:
We were asleep but then we were awaken by a knock at the door. It was mummy ji. She asked whether we are going down for lunch or not. Just then we realised we were doing this in broad daylight. I said to mummy ji in a soft voice: We r coming now.. I went inside the washroom then leaving Raman behind.
Raman also gets ready and goes down followed by Ishu.

Sorry guys, for not including YuvAni moments. I assure u that you’d get to see cute arguments and fights of YuvAni and also there would be another major twist as I’m taking another short 5month leap in the next episode. I hope u enjoyed this episode. Please do comment and support me because each comment means a lot!! Keep reading.

Credit to: Neethu

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