Love is the way!(episode-56)


The episode starts with Shagun saying that she won’t go anywhere leaving her sasural
Ishu: What do u mean??
Shagun: I’m gonna stay here. Did u get that?
Raman: Just get lost from here!
He gets angry and again goes to beat Shagun when Ishu interrupts
Ishu(audible to Raman): Raman plz stay calm.. Don’t do anything which would make us weak. We should prove ourselves right before Yuvi.
Raman just gives a deadly stare at Shagun and goes with Ishu to their room
Shagun smiles

In the room
Raman throws down all the pillows in anger
Ishu: Plz control your anger..
Raman: I can’t just sit happily and watch all these drama! Does she expect me to marry her? And Yuvi also doesn’t believe me.
Ishu: Yuvi trusts u Raman. But now he’s too confused as he has to select in between his best friend and sis.
Raman: Yeah.. But u call Yuvi and ask about Suhani.
Ishu: OK.. But this Shagun is just ridiculous! I mean how can she lie to her whole family?
Just then Shagun walks into their room
Shagun: Was someone talking about me?
Raman: Don’t u know that you have to knock the door before entering into others room??
Shagun: I very well know that…But what is the need for me to knock the door of my room?
Raman: This isn’t your room!
Shagun: You’re very funny Raman.. OK I need to take rest now. Good night Ishita.
She opens the door for Ishu to go out
Raman: Why are u so shameless Shagun? U may cheat your family but not us.
Ishu: U sleep here. We will go sleep downstairs
Shagun: As u wish..
Raman: But why should we..
Ishu drags and takes Raman with her
Raman: What’s wrong with u?
Ishu: Let her do whatever she wants. We’ll sleep in the other room. Let me call Yuvi first
She calls him

Yuvi: Haan Ishu bol..
Ishu: How is Suhani?
Yuvi: She fainted as she was stressed..Now she’s fine. And are u fine now?
Ishu: Not actually fine.. U know right this Shagun is so arrogant
Yuvi: Hold on.. Shagun had messaged me that she went to Mumbai..
Ishu: No Yuvi she is here in Bhalla house only!
Yuvi: What the hell!!!
Ishu: So u didn’t know it?
Yuvi: Of course I didn’t! Or else I wouldn’t have let her stay there and create more drama.
Ishu: Can I speak to Suhani?
Yuvi: Sure..
He gives the phone to Suh

Suhani: Ishu, I’m sorry we didn’t know that Shagun
Ishu: That’s OK. But we are happy to know that u still trust us
Suhani: Yes we do. Shagun is sad for whatever happened and that’s why she is reacting this way. Don’t worry we’ll find out a solution..
Ishu: I hope so..
Suhani: And I apologize to u on behalf of Yuvi for his rude behavior towards Raman..
Ishu: Tats OK.. Raman has no complaints over it and he himself told me to call u.
Suhani: Has she slept now? And what about aunty ji?
Ishu: Mummyji and papa had gone for a function and they will return by tomorrow. And Shagun has slept, but in our room.
Suhani: Kya? Why didn’t u stop her from doing that?
Ishu: Wo mein..
Suhani: Oh don’t tell me tat u let her sleep there.
Ishu: Yeah
Suhani: Tumhara kuch nahi ho saktha..
Ishu smiles
Ishu: OK Suhani take care.. Bye
Suhani: Bye Ishu..
She ends the call

Yuvi: Is everything OK there?
Suhani explains him everything
Yuvi: I feel very bad for Ishu..But what’s wrong with Shagun? She was never like this before
Suhani: I think she is deeply hurt as Raman did not accept her..
Yuvi: Whatever..But I’m not letting her stay there anymore. I’m going there tomorrow morning before aunty ji arrives and sees the tamasha..
Suhani gets thinking and Yuvi understand what she was about to tell
Yuvi: Suhani I know about what u are thinking and that won’t happen
Suhani: But listen
Yuvi: Shh.. I will not take u with me to BH tomorrow and that’s it!
Suhani frowns
Yuvi: Chup chaap so jao!
Suhani gets angry and goes off to sleep
Next morning
Yuvi &Anuj starts leaving to Bhalla house
Dadi: Beta where are u both going this early? It’s just 8am..
Anuj: Wo Dadi hum…
Yuvi (audible to Anuj): Don’t tell her anything about Shagun..She would get tensed
Dadi: What are u both murmuring?
Anuj: We are going for jogging Dadi..
Dadi: OK..But please come soon we have to take a family pic today
Yuvi: Ji Dadi..
They leave

Suhani comes rushing
Suhani (to herself): This Yuvi na…He didn’t wake me up before leaving also..I’ll take care of him when him returns
Dadi: Suhani is everything OK? I mean Yuvraj &Anuj..I suppose they are hiding something from me.
Suhani: N..No Dadi there is nothing like that. They have gone for jogging only
Dadi: Teek hai.
She goes. Suhani sighs a relief
[email protected] house
Shagun is seen dressed in a traditional saree and has got up before everyone and is in the kitchen preparing breakfast
Ishu comes to the kitchen and gets shocked seeing her.
Ishu: Shagun why are u doing all these?
Shagun: Oh! Good morning Mrs. Ishita.. Oops I’m sorry Ms. Ishita
Ishu gets irritated
Shagun gives an evil smile
Ishu: Tum rehne do mein karti hun..
Shagun: Oh come on Ishita..U r a guest here so just behave like a guest OK?
Ishu: Whatever..
Just then a knock is heard on the door
Ishu opens the door somebody hugs her before she could realize who was it
Toshi: Ishu beta!! I missed u
Ishu gets shocked
Ishu: Mummy ji aap?
Toshi: Yeah..Do u have any problem?
Ishu: No actually u told that u were coming in the afternoon so I..
Toshi: Yes I told but I thought to give u a surprise!
Ishu gives an unnatural smile

Both Mr. Bhalla and Toshi comes inside. They see Shagun and gets confused
Toshi: I’ve seen u somewhere..
Before Shagun could say something Ishu interrupts and says
Ishu: She was working at Raman’s office before a few years
Toshi: Oh! But puttar why are u doing these work? Ishu will manage u take rest
Shagun was about to speak when Ishu holds her hand tightly and says
Ishu(audible to Shagun): Don’t u dare tell them anything or else(saying that she picks up a knife from the shelf and places it behind her back)
Shagun gets shocked
Shagun: What the hell!
Ishu: Shhh..Otherwise I’ll kill u!
Shagun looks on
Ishu: Mummy ji, Papa you’d be tired..Rest for sometime na
Mr.Bhalla: OK puttar..Both of them go into their room
Ishu leaves the knife down
Shagun: Tumhe to mein..
Ishu: Ah ah..Don’t try and blackmail me. Sorry to disturb u.. Continue with your cooking
Ishu leaves smiling

Precap: Yuvi reaches Bhalla house. And Shagun informs Toshi that Raman cheated her.

Credit to: Neethu

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  7. Thank you Aqsxxh,Shilpa,Sanaa,Nithu,Reshma& Jenny chechi for your heart warming &encouraging comments!! Stay tuned for further episodes of Love is the way!

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