Love is the way!(episode-55)

Hi guys it’s my 55th episode of Love is the way! And I still hope u guys like the ff. Please do support me by posting comments. Because each comment means a lot. Feel free to give suggestions regarding anything. Enjoy reading!

The episode starts with Sharad&Bhavna playing with Golu
Sharad: Dekho beta papa tumhare liye kya laaye hai(he shows some toys that he bought for Golu)
Bhavna: Offo Sharad! Why have u bought so much toys?
Sharad: He is my son so I can buy right?
Bhavna: Already he has lots of stuff and I don’t know where to keep them and now u bought these too..
Sharad: Arre rehne do na..(Leave it )
Bhavna: Kya rehne do?
They get into an argument
Yuvani come there hearing their fight
Suhani: Di what is this? Golu is crying and u both are fighting like kids..
Shawana notice that Golu was crying
Bhavna pacifies him
Yuvi: Sharad u told me not to argue and now look at u!
Sharad was about to say something when he gets a call
Sharad: Hello.. who is this?
Shagun: Come on Bhayya how can u forget me so soon..
Sharad: Oh Shagun! Sorry yaar I couldn’t recognize u…
Yuvi gets happy hearing Shagun’s name
(Shagun is both Yuvi’s and Sharad’s cousin)
Yuvi: Put it on speaker
He puts on speaker

Shagun: Yuvraj kaise ho tum?
Yuvi: I’m good..When did u return from Russia?
Shagun: Just the last week..I had some work to be done here so I came. I got to know that u are gonna become a father?
Yuvi: Yeah..
Shagun : Congrats!! Can I come to BH now? I gotta tell u guys something important,
Yuvi: Why do u ask permission for that? U are always welcome.
She ends the call
Shagun(Thinking): Am I doing right?…Yes I am he has made me cry for all these years and I can’t let him live peacefully..
She reaches BH
Pratima welcomes her
Shagun: There are lot of changes in this house!
Yuvi: U haven’t come here for 10 years right?
Shagun nods
(I forgot to mention one thing guys when Shagun was working in Raman’s company the main office was in Mumbai. So she stayed there and hence she did not come to BH)

Suhani: Hello Shagun!
Shagun: Oh hi bhabhiji! How is my niece(the baby)?
All smile
Suhani: Very fine..
She meets all of them and after some time
Shagun: Where is Anuj?
Pratima: Actually he and Menka went for an outing..
Shagun : Oh..
Pratima goes
Sharad: U told that u wanted to say something imp..
Shagun: Yeah.. Actually I was cheated by somebody
All gets shocked

Yuvi: Who cheated u???
Suhani: Yeah tell us..
Shagun cries and explains them everything but does not mention the name
Sharad: How dare he do such a thing!?
Yuvi: He will repent for everything he has done.
Shagun: We had also done a register marriage..
Sharad: Take us to him at once!
Shagun(thinking): Good to see their affection towards me but I’m sorry for lying..
Shagun: I’ll take u there..
She takes them to Bhalla house
Suhani: Shagun why did u bring us here??
Shagun: This is where he stays..
Yuvi: What?? But who..
Suhani: I think its Romi..
Shagun: So u know them already?
Yuvi: Yes..Raman is my college friend
Shagun gets shocked
Shagun: It is Raman Bhalla who cheated me!!!
All get very shocked

Suhani: No that can’t be possible!
Shagun: I’ll show u.. Come with me.
They enter the house
Ishra and the others were in the Hall they see Yuvani &Shawana along with Shagun and gets shocked
Raman: Yuvi tum yaha???
Yuvi: Wo actually..
Shagun: I’ll tell u..
Raman: Enough of your drama Shagun!!
Shagun: U stop acting Raman!
Yuvi: So u guys know each other..
Raman: Yeah.. But listen to me everything was a misunderstanding and..
Yuvi: Shagun are u sure Raman..
Shagun: Yes and I have the proof..
She shows some papers
All take a closer look at it and learns that they are marriage registration papers of Shagun &Raman
Ishu gets shocked

Shagun: Ab kya sabooth chaahiye tumhe?(What proof do u need further?)
Raman goes near Shagun
Raman(angrily): What do u want from me?? U want my money, property or my business?
Shagun: None of them! I just want u Raman, I love u.
Ishu cries. Suhani pacifies her
Yuvi: What the hell are u saying Shagun? Don’t u know that he’s already married.
Shagun: Yes I know and he is married to me..
Raman: Stay in your limits Shagun!!
Shagun: U don’t forget that we are married and u(seeing towards Ishu) who do u think u are.
Suhani comes in between
Suhani: Don’t u dare take another step forward. I know u are Yuvi’s cousin but remember that u are talking to my friend and if I had to choose someone between u two I would definitely support my Ishu!! I don’t know about these papers and how far it is true.
Sharad: Shagun we know Raman ,and he can’t do such a thing u have some misunderstanding.
Just then Ashok comes
Ashok: Yes.. And Shagun, I still love u so if u agree then..
Shagun: Oh please don’t start this drama from the first..
Ashok: OK as u wish! But u should answer me for what u have done.. U hacked my account?
Shawana&Yuvani gets shocked
Yuvi: What?? She can’t do that.
Ashok: Is it? Then u ask it to her yourself…
Yuvi looks towards Shagun and says
Yuvi: Is this true Shagun?
She gets tensed

Shagun: No Yuvi he is lying.. I didn’t do anything
Raman: How dare u lie!
Raman is about to slap her when Yuvi holds Raman’s hand
Yuvi(in an angry voice): Don’t u dare try to harm my sis!
All gets shocked
Raman: Yuvi why is it so that even u don’t believe me! Do u think that I have loved anybody else other than Ishu in my life??
Yuvi does not say anything
Raman: I need an answer for that Yuvraj!
Yuvi: I don’t know what’s happening here!! I’m totally confused.
Just then Abhishek comes there
Abhi: Raman, Shagun has not done any mistake.
Ashok: Then what about the hacking??
Abhi: It’s true that I saw her pic as the whatsapp dp but that doesn’t mean that she’s behind all this.
Raman: But u said that she..
Abhi: The name of that sim card’s owner is Rahul so we don’t have any proof against Shagun
Raman: But how is this possible and (seeing shagun)I’m sure that u are behind this!
Yuvi: Enough is enough Raman!! I can’t tolerate this anymore. I am ashamed to call u as my friend.
Ishu: Yuvraj listen I know that Raman can’t do all this! So please try and understand. We are not directly blaming Shagun for this but I swear Raman did not cheat anybody. It was Ashok who loved Shagun and he still does..
Ashok: Yes.

Shagun: Shut up all of u!! Bhai u don’t believe them they are lying.
Yuvi looks on and gets perplexed and thinks whose side to take
Shagun: And one more thing this is my sasural so I’ll stay here only
Ishra gets shocked
Raman: U won’t do anything of that sort! This is my house and I’ll decide who has to stay here and who has to leave..
Yuvi: I can understand your feelings sis but we will go to BH and u don’t stay here.
Shagun: I won’t come with u!
Suhani: Why are u so arrogant? U have hatred towards Raman right, then why do u trouble Ishita?
Shagun: I hate all of them!!
Yuvi: Calm down..
Suhani gets drowsy and is about to fall when Raman holds her
Yuvi: Suhani.. Wake up.
Raman: I’ll call the doctor
Yuvi: No thanks..I will take her to the clinic.
Ishu: I’ll come along
Sharad: No Ishu u stay here..
Yuvani&Sharad leave. But Shagun still remains there.
Romi: Aren’t u leaving?
Shagun: Why should I go leaving my sasural ?
Ishu: What do u mean?
All look on

What do u think about the new twist? Is the current track Interesting? Let me know your opinions. Drop in your comments.

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