Love is the way!(episode-54)


The episode starts with Ishu asking  Raman about Shagun
Raman: I’ll explain  everything to u..
FB shows
Before 3years
Ishu was doing the final year in college but Raman had already graduated and got into business. One day Shagun comes for an interview to join at Raman’s company.
Shagun sees Raman and falls in love with him at the first sight. She was later appointed as the accounts manager at the office. She grew so very possessive of Raman and wanted to confess her feelings. But he never noticed that as he loved Ishu deeply.  Once Ashok meets Shagun at a meeting. (Raman&Ashok had a good relationship between them then) He also falls in love with  her.
Ashok meets Raman one day
Raman: What happened Ashok? Why did u want to meet me so urgently?
Ashok tells him about his love.
Raman: Wow yaar! That’s great. So when are u telling her?
Ashok: Now that’s what the problem is! I don’t know whether she would accept me or not.
Raman: You don’t worry she is a very nice girl and will love u..So I’ll make arrangements  for u both.Tomorrow come to my office and..
Ashok: But it isn’t  that simple..
Raman: Yeah..But even I’ve done this
Ashok looks on

Next day
Raman calls Shagun to his cabin
Raman: Shagun, come with me there is something special waiting for u..
Shagun (thinking ): Oh god is Raman gonna propose to me?  I’ve been waiting for this since so many days!
Shagun: I know what it is..
Raman: But how?
Shagun: By your expressions. .
He laughs
Raman: Just come with me to the store room na..
Both of them go to the store room
He opens the door and she gets shocked seeing all the decorations. The room was filled with heart shaped balloons
Shagun gets overwhelmed and hugs Raman
Shagun: Thank u so much.. And I’ll tell it to u first..
Raman(confused):What are u doing?
Shagun: I love u so much Raman!!
Raman gets shell shocked
Just then Ashok comes there and hears it
He claps
Ashok: Wow Raman! What an called me hear to show this?? U cheat! How can u do this to me? And u already  have a girl friend right?
Raman : Ashok calm down..I’ll explain it to u.
Ashok: Just shut up..And Shagun I always loved u more than myself but this idiot has come between us.
Shagun: What??
Raman: Yes and I did everything just for him.But u proposed to me?
Ashok: Just stop your acting Raman! I’m leaving hereafter don’t try and call me
He leaves angrily
Shagun: Raman what’s going on?
Raman: Let me make it clear to u.. If I love somebody then it’s only Ishita! Did u get that?
She gets shocked
Shagun: What are u saying? You never loved me?
Raman: Never in my life!
She cries bitterly
Shagun: So now I’m the looser! Nobody loves me..But Raman you still have a chance please accept me..
Raman: What the he’ll! Just get out of here.
Shagun(crying): I’ll not leave u both(Ashok&Raman)live peacefully..I’ll take my revenge for my each tear !
Raman: Now u get lost from here!
FB ends

Ashok : Even though I then came to know about everything. We remained as rivals to each other.. But now she has crossed all her limits
Ishu gets teary eyed and rushes to her room
Raman follows her
Ishu cries
Raman: I’m sorry for not telling this to u earlier. I know u would get upset that’s why..
Ishita: I am upset because u never told me about such a person at all!
Raman: But I always loved u..
Ishu : I don’t need any proof for it but she was also right from her side..
Raman : You are supporting her?
Ishu: It is very hurtful when you love somebody so much and in return they don’t even like u!
Raman : Then what should I do? Go and marry her in place of u?
Ishu looks on

@Birla house
Suhani&Yuvi reach home
Dadi: What did the doctor say?
Yuvi: There’s nothing to worry about. The child is all comfortable
Suhani smiles
Dadi (thinking): There is something to worry about Yuvraj..But I can’t say that to u..
Yuvani goes to their room
Suhani was sitting with a tensed look
Yuvi : What happened to u?
Suhani : Nothing. .
Yuvi : Don’t lie to me!
Suhani: I am actually not feeling good..
Yuvi: Why?
Suhani:  I feel like something bad is gonna happen to..
Yuvi keeps his finger on her lips
Yuvi: Why do u always think in the negative way?
Suhani: Par mujhe kuch ajeeb lag raha hai..(I feel something strange)
Yuvi: Nothing is going to happen of that sort! And if u continue to say this then i won’t talk to u
Suhani holds her ears
Suhani: Sorry!
Yuvi: OK fine..But don’t repeat this.
Suhani: Pakka..
She hugs him. He smiles

Next day morning
Ishu was working on the laptop while Raman was taking bath
Raman’s phone rings, Ishu sees that it was an unknown number. She goes near the washroom door and says
Ishu: Raman there is a call for u from an unsaved number,.
Raman: U pick it up.. Maybe it’s Abhishek I didn’t save his number
Ishu: OK..
She attends the call
Ishu: Hello..
There was no answer
Ishu: Hello who is this?
A Lady: Is this Raman Bhalla’s number?
Ishu: Yeah.. I’m his wife Ishita.
Lady(with full attitude): Oh..So u are Ishita.
Ishu: Do u know me? And who are u at the first place?
Lady: I’ll let u know who I am..How dare u take my place?
Ishu: Your place? What is your problem!?
Lady: You will suffer a lot for coming in between me& Raman!
Ishu(shocked): Are..Are u Shagun??
Shagun: U got it right! Yes I am Shagun. Look what I do to u.
Ishu gets astonished
Ishu: What ? Hello..
Shagun ends the call
Raman comes from the washroom
Raman: Who was it Ishita?
Ishu does not say anything but starts crying
Raman: Kya hua?
Ishu hugs him tight. He pacifies her.
Raman: Relax Ishu..Tell me what’s the matter.
She explains him everything
Raman(angrily): I won’t leave her alive! U don’t have to worry as long as I’m there I won’t let anybody harm u.
He hugs her. Just then Romi comes rushing to Ishu’s room
Romi: Bhai!
Ishra break the hug
Raman: Kya hua?
Romi: Bhai, actually Shagun called me now and guess what she told me??
Ishra: What?
Romi: She told me that she’s coming to our house..
Raman: What the hell!
Ishu: But why?
Romi: I don’t know bhabhi.. But she sounded so confident
Ishu: I hope she does not create any drama.

Precap: Shagun walks into Bhalla house with Yuvani, Sharad & Bhavna.

Credit to: Neethu

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