Love is the way!(episode-53)

Hi guys! I hope all of u are liking the progress and I assure u that some high-voltage drama episodes are yet to come. So stay tuned and I request all including my silent readers to comment every time when I post an episode. Now I’ll go on with the episode….

Its night
The episode starts with Ishu going to bed. Just then Raman comes out of the washroom and sees Ishu. Ishu gives him an angry stare and was about to go to bed when Raman says
Raman: Madrasan now why are u getting angry with me?
Ishu: U know the reason very well, don’t u?
Raman: Oh! So that was my mistake.. I have decided to fulfil Sharvu’s wish
Ishu: What do u mean???
Raman winks at her

Raman: Come on yaar.. U know what i mean
Ishu: This can’t only be decided by u Mr. Bhalla!!
Raman: I too have the rights Mrs. Bhalla!
Ishu turns away her face angrily
Raman: Zid mat karna Ishu!
Ishu: Zid tum kar rahe ho..Its just been a month since we’re married and why do want to rush up things?
Raman: I’m not rushing up anything! Then what about Suhani?
Ishu: But that’s different.. I’m not ready for this please try & understand.
Raman gets sad. Ishu cups Raman’s face
Ishu: I myself would tell that to u at the right time. Till then u have to wait..
Raman: OK..Maybe its me who doesn’t know the seriousness. Take your own time. Now let me go to sleep..
He sleeps
Ishu (thinking): So sorry Raman.. But you’ll have to wait unless I’m ready for it.
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Its morning
@ Birla house
Pratima: Suhani come quickly beta we have to go for your check up
Yuvi: Ma she is so lazy to get up also..
Pratima: She would be tired beta..That’s why
Suhani comes
Suhani: Chale?
They were about to leave when Dadi stops them
Dadi: I’ll also come with u..
Pratima: Its OK Maa ji. We’ll manage.
Yuvi: Yes Dadi and u have fever also so u take rest.
Dadi: At least tell me which doctor are u gonna consult to?
Yuvi tells her the hospital’s name and about the doc
They leave
Dadi (thinking): Now I’ll call the doc& ask…

She calls the doc
He picks up the call
Doc: Hello..Who is this?
Dadi: I’m Chandrakala Birla
Doc: Oh mam.. Please tell me
Dadi: Actually my bahu Mrs.Suhani Birla is pregnant and she had fixed an appointment at your hospital.
Doc: Do u need any help for that mam?
Dadi: Doc I had some doubts..
Doc: Please tell me..
Dadi asks about pregnancy diet and health tips to the doctor
Dadi: And one more thing. Actually all were curious to know it that’s why..How can we know the gender of the baby?
Doc: Gender can’t be determined in the first month..It would be developed in the foetus only by the 5th or 6th month. Even thou

    gh it is determined it’s illegal to inform it..

    Dadi: I don’t care..But as and when u get to know about it please let me know..
    Doc: But mam I can’t do that!
    Dadi: U will get paid for that..And would u still deny doing it for me?
    The doc looks on
    @Bhalla house
    Raman: Ishita, Abhishek had called me and he told that he’s coming home now…Maybe he has found out the person
    Ishu: I hope so..I’ll inform this to Ashok.

    Meanwhile Mihika was on the way to Bhalla house to meet Ishu.
    Mihika had parked her scooter& went inside a shop
    Just then Abhishek also comes there in his car. He was in a hurry to reach Bhalla house. He collides with Mihika’s scooter which was parked.

    Mihika sees that and comes rushing
    Mihika: Hey u! Don’t u have any sense? Can’t u see that I’ve parked my scooter here..
    Abhishek: I’m extremely sorry! I’ll give u a compensation for this. Have this(gives money)
    Mihika: How can u go so easily? Let me see if there is some other damage..
    She sees that there was only a small scratch and she also finds that the tier was punctured.
    Mihika: Oh no! Now how will I go?
    Abhishek: This is not because of me..

    Mihika: Yeah I know.. U leave and I don’t need any money.. There is not even a single shop here to get this tier fixed..
    Abhishek sees her worried and thinks to help her
    Abhishek: Where do u want to go?
    She tells them the same of the apartment
    Abhishek: Oh great! I’m also going there. Would u mind if I drop u?
    Mihika thinks
    Mihika: If u don’t have any problem then OK..
    She gets inside and they leave
    They reach BH

    Mihika was about to go inside when she sees abhi also coming with there
    Mihika: Why are u coming here? This is my akka’s house
    Abhi: I’ve come here for my work.. Is this Raman Bhalla’s house?
    Mihika nods
    Abhi: I’m ACP Abhishek..I’ve come here for a case purpose.
    Mihika gets shocked
    Mihika: Oh! I’m sorry I scolded u and..
    Abhi: That’s OK..
    Both enter the house and sees that Ashok was also there
    Raman greets him. Ashok gets happy seeing Mihika
    Ishu: Have u get any info Sir?
    Abhi: Yes in fact we have found out the person. But we couldn’t figure out her name..
    Raman: Then how will we know who she is?

    Ishu: Its a lady?
    Abhi: Yeah.. We found out her number and I got a pic of her from whatsapp..I’ll show u. Maybe u might know her already.
    He takes his phone and shows the pic to Ishu
    Ishu looks at the pic and says
    Ishu: No I don’t think so I’ve seen her..
    Raman& Ashok sees that and gets shell shocked
    Ishu: Do u guys know her?
    They look at each other

    Raman(angrily): She knows everything is over now and what does she expect from me?
    Ashok: I’m really gonna kill her. How can she do so much to me???
    Ishu: U both know her..Who is she?
    Ashok: Shagun! (I know u guys won’t be happy after hearing this name. But there must be a villain for the plot to be interesting!)
    Ishu: How do u know her?

    Raman looks on

    Precap: Raman& Ashok tell Ishu about Shagun

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