Love is the way!(episode-52)

The episode starts with Suhani going to her room
She sees Yuvi sitting on the bed angrily
Suhani shuts the door and goes to him.
Suhani: Yuvraj..
Yuvi: Please don’t talk to me..
Suhani(looking at her belly): Your papa is very arrogant that he is not forgiving your mom..At least u make him understand.
Yuvi: What is all this Suhani?
Suhani: Suna tumne wo mujhe daant rahe hai..
Yuvi goes and holds Suhani
Yuvi: What are u teaching to my child?
Suhani: He is gonna beat me now..
Yuvi closes Suhani’s mouth with his hands and gets closer. Suhani moves back but he continues to go near her.
Yuvi: Now what will u say to our child?
Suhani(in a low tone): Yuvi leave me I’ve got some work.
Yuvi: But you’ve just returned from work.
Suhani tried to free herself and go but he holds her tighter and pulls her towards him.Her hair covers her face.Saaware plays. He slowly rolls his fingers through her face and makes the hair aside. Suhani does not look into his eyes. He holds her waist and kisses her all over the face& neck. He is about to kiss her on the lips when there is a knock at the door. Suhani pushes Yuvi and opens the door.
It was Sharad.
Sharad looks at Suhani and sees that she was nervous and Yuvi was on the floor
Sharad: Yuvraj what happened to u? Why are u lying on the floor?
Yuvi looks at Suhani angrily
Yuvi: Nothing.. I just slipped
Sharad(naughtily): Accha? Par mujhe to kuch aur hi laga tha..
Yuvi: Sharad??
Suhani blushes
Sharad: I actually came to call u both for dinner..
Suhani: Jiju u go..We’ll come
He leaves
Suhani: Sorry Yuvi!
Yuvi: That’s OK..
She smiles
@ Bhalla house
All of them are very tensed
Raman(is talking over the phone): I’m telling u the truth I can never do such a thing! Somebody has trapped me for sure.. But please listen
Raman throws his phone on the bed
Ishu sees that
Ishu: Who was it Raman?
Raman(very angry): All of them are calling me and telling that they don’t wanna do any projects with me as I’m a cheat!
Ishu: Kya?
Raman sits down
Raman: Our company is going on loss! What shall we do now? All because of that Ashok
Ishu: There would be a solution for everything.. Never loose hope I’m with u.
She hugs him
Ishu: Tomorrow we will go to the police and file a complaint.
Raman nods
Its morning
Ishra along with Ashok reach the police station
A constable: Why have u all come here?
Raman: We had to file a case..
Ishu: Is the ACP here?
Constable: All of u wait here I’ll bring him.
He goes
Just then a voice is heard
A man: Make sure he accepts the crime or else I’ll kill him..
The man appears before them. He is none other than Abhishek,ACP(As all of my fans wished to have abhika pairing I’ve included him also in the ff. Hope u guys like it)
Abhishek( to Ishra): How can I help u?
They explain the whole incident to him
Raman: I swear I didn’t do this..
Ashok: Yeah..Even I agree to this but we’ll have to find out the person who wanted to trap us..
Raman gets shocked as Ashok also supports him
Abhishek: Hmm..OK i’ll try and find out the hacker till then all of u make sure that u don’t utter a word about coming to the police even to your best friends OK?
They agree
Raman: Thank u sir..
They leave
Ashok(to Raman): I’m…Sorry. Because of me even u got into trouble
Raman: U don’t apologize for this. It is even my priority to find out the hacker.
Ashok nods
Ishu(thinking): Thank God! These guys are not fighting..
Ishu: Do u guys have doubt on somebody?
Ashok: My one&only enemy was Raman
Raman: My enemy was Ashok.. And I never had any other personal problems with anyone..
Ishu: Then who could it be?
Raman: Ishu we should go to our house now..Actually Bala(Vandu’s husband) called me to say that both Vandu& Shravu are at Bhalla house.
Ishu: we should go home.Bye Ashok
Both of them leave
They reach Bhalla house and see Vandu,bala, Shravu &Mihika there
Ishu: Hello Shravu!
Shravu: Hi chitti! Waise your choice is awesome..
Ishu: Choice?
Shravu: Yeah..Chithappa(Raman) looks so cool! He is your choice right?
All laugh
Vandu: Shravan! Why do u talk such things?
Raman: Its OK Vandu. He was telling the truth only na.
Ishu fumes
Bala: Tum jaake khelo beta..
Shravu: Appa there is nobody here to play! I’m bored
Raman: I’ll play with u..
Shravu: But u aren’t a kid!
Vandu: Don’t be stubborn! At least go watch T.V
Shravu: Chitti u are very bad!!
He goes
Bala: Shravu.
Ishu: What did I do? I’ll go& see him
Ishra goes to Shravu to change his mood
Raman: Shravu I know chitti is bad but come with me I’ll buy ice cream for u!
Ishu hits Raman
Shravu: Fine! But u two have to promise something to me.
Ishu(smilingly):OK we will obey whatever u say Sir! Shravu: Good girl. Now listen..Next time when I come here I need a..
Raman: A play station?
Ishu: A toy car?
Raman: Or a..
Shravu: Shut up! Not toys but I need a small sis or bro from u to play with..Is that OK?
Ishra gets shocked, and they look at each other
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays
Ishu: Beta but children can’t be brought when u need them..They are god’s gift
Shravu: Please chitti!! Chithappa aap unhe samjhao na..
Raman: Fine..
Ishu: Raman have u gone mad?
Raman(naughtily):Why yaar? It’s a small child’s wish and we cannot deny it as we have promised him.
Shravu: Thank u! And I love u..
He goes happily. Raman was also about to go when Ishu holds him
Ishu: What are u up to?
Raman: For what my nephew told me to do..
Ishu: Raman?
Raman: What’s wrong with that??
Ishu: I don’t wanna talk to u!!
She fumes and leaves
He looks at her with a happy face

Precap: Abhishek finds out the hacker; Dadi’s worries about Suhani’s child.

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