Love is the way!(episode-51)

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The episode starts with the sun rising the next morning.
Suhani is still asleep and Yuvi comes there and wakes her up.
Yuvi: Suhani get up soon!
Suhani slowly opens her eyes
Suhani(in a sleepy tone): Kya chahiye tumhe?
Yuvi: U look at the time..
She looks at the clock and gets shocked
Suhani: Hey bhagwan! It’s 9:30am.. How did I sleep for so long? I’ll have to leave for office. Can’t u wake me up earlier?
Yuvi: Cool down Suhani… U don’t have to do any work from today..
Suhani: Why shouldn’t I? I know I’m pregnant but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t go for work.
Yuvi: But Menka has already left!
Suhani: She left? How could she go leaving me?
Yuvi: I told her to go..That’s OK u take some rest. I didn’t want to wake u up also, but u should drink this juice which I specially made for u!
Suhani: U made it?
Yuvi nods

Suhani takes the juice
Yuvi: Wait! U don’t have any hygiene. First brush your teeth and then have this.
Suhani unwillingly gets up and brushes her teeth
Suhani: I’m done. What juice is this?
Yuvi: Mixed fruit..
Suhani makes a frowning face
Yuvi: Piyo!
She drinks it to the half
Yuvi: Finish it fully!
Yuvi holds the glass and makes her drink
Yuvi: How was it?
Suhani: Not bad.. Now I’m getting late.
Yuvi: U aren’t going anywhere!
Suhani: Yuvraj today there is inspection so I’ll have to be there for sure..
Yuvi: Fine I’ll drop u there..
Suhani: That’s OK I’ll drive the car..Bye
Suhani leaves
Yuvi: Wait Suhani!! Don’t be stubborn I’ll take u..
By then Suhani has left

Sharad: Where is she going Yuvi?
Yuvi: To the office..
Pratima: Kya? U left her alone?
Yuvi: She was not ready to listen to me at all!
Pratima: I hope she reaches there safely..
[email protected] house
Toshi(very angry): Oye u better tell me who was that girl or else.
She holds Romi’s ears
Romi: Mummy ji please that hurts!
Toshi: Tell me the truth!
Romi: I don’t know her..
Toshi: Then why was she with u??
Ishu &Raman comes down hearing the fight
Raman: What’s going on here?
Toshi: U ask it to your beloved Brother!
Romi: Ahh! Mummy ji leave me..
Ishu: Mummy ji relax..First u leave him.

Ishu makes Toshi sit down.Romi holds his ears and wails in pain.
Raman(to Romi): Kya kiya tumne ?
Romi: Bhai yesterday I just gave a lift to a girl on my bike.Unfortunately mom saw that.
Toshi: Shut up! I know she is your girlfriend.
Romi: No! Sarika is just my friend..
Toshi: Just now u were telling me that u don’t even know her but now u know her name, and u are good friends too!
Raman hits his head
Raman(audible to Romi): Do u love her?
Romi looks down and smiles
Raman: So things have reached till here..
Romi: If u can love Ishu bhabhi then why can’t I love somebody.
Raman: U don’t know how much I’m going through after doing that mistake…
Ishu: Raman, were u talking about me?
Raman: Yeah. Actually I was telling him that if it is a sweet girl like u then its OK for us..
Ishu gets suspicious
Toshi: I will decide that!
She fumes and leaves

Ishu: Waise Romi.. Kasie pataya usse?
Raman: Oh! Why do u interfere in his life? Leave it..
Ishu: He is like my bro!
Romi: Bhabhi actually we just met yesterday..
Ishra: What???
Romi nods
Raman: So she doesn’t know u! I thought u both were in love. How can u decide so soon that u love her?
Romi: My mind says to me that I’m in love!
Ishra laughs
Romi: Both of u don’t taunt me! Even u both did the same.
Ishu(still laughing): But Romi we knew each other for a long time. I can’t control my laughter sorry..
Again she laughs
Romi(angrily): Stop taunting me now! I’m going..
He leaves
Ishu: But is he serious?
Raman: I don’t think so..OK now let’s leave to Birla house.
Ishu nods. They leave.
The door bell rings at Birla house
Pratima opens the door and sees Ishra there
Pratima: Oh both of u please do come in..I’ll call Yuvraj.
They take blessings from Pratima.Yuvi, Anuj &Saurab comes
Raman hugs Yuvi
Raman: Congrats Yuvi!
Ishu: Yuvi where is Suhani?
Yuvi: She has gone mad..
Raman: Why?
Anuj: Actually both Suhani &Menka went to the bank as they have inspection..
Ishu: OK..So that’s why u are upset.
Yuvi: No there’s nothing like that.. Both of u come in..
All were happily chatting just then Raman gets a call

Raman: Hello..yeah tell me….What the hell!!(gets angry).. I’ll come there in sometime
Ishu: What happened Raman?
Raman(very furious): Today I will not spare that idiot!
Ishu: Whom are u talking about?
Raman: Your best friend only! I’m going to the office now..
Everybody look on
Ishu: Wait I’ll come along..
Raman: There is no need for that! I’ll handle him..
Anuj: What’s the problem Raman?
Raman: U guys don’t take tension I’ll be back..
He leaves
Ishu: But what’s the matter? Maybe I’ll call Arun and ask..
Rags: Relax Ishu..
She gets tensed. Arun picks up the call.
Ishu: Arun tell me is everything OK there?
Arun: No mam nothing is right.. Ashok is here and he is creating a drama.
Ishu: What did he do?
Arun: Mam he says his accounts got hacked and he is accusing Raman sir for this..
Ishu: What? I’m literally fed up of this..I’ll come there.
Bhavna: Is there something serious?
Ishu: No di..I’ll go to the office.
She leaves and reaches the office and hears them arguing.

Raman: Stay in your limits! How dare u blame me!
Ashok: Just shut up..I got info that u have hacked it.
Raman: I always go in the right path and not like u..
Ashok: Don’t act smart Mr.Raman Bhalla!
Raman: U..
Ishu: Just stop it u two!
Both turn and look at Ishu
Raman: I told u not to come here!
Ishu: U don’t have to tell anything..And Ashok what is wrong with u? How can u blame Raman for such cheap things?
Ashok: Ishita please u don’t come in between this..
Ishu: Ashok! U cannot do this without any proof..
Ashok: I have the proof..Look I’ve found the details with the help of cyber cell..
He shows some papers in which there was Raman’s name
Raman&Ishu reads it and gets shocked
Raman(very angry): What the hell is this!?(holds Ashok’s collar) Won’t u let me live peacefully?
Ishu: Relax Raman…And Ashok, u know very well that even though he is your business rival he will never do such silly things at all!
Ashok: Then u tell me what to do Ishita! How can this report be a false one?
Raman: Because it is intentionally made by u!
Ashok(to Ishita):Ask your husband not to cross his limits!
Raman is about to beat Ashok when..
Ishu: Bas karo! Nothing will be gained by fighting..
Ashok: I have a loss of crores of rupees what do I do for that?
Ishu: I guess somebody else is behind this who is trying to accuse Raman and also making Ashok having a bad time in business..
Raman: But who could that be??

@Birla house
Suhani& Menka returns home
Pratima comes running to the hall
Pratima: Beta why do u go without informing anyone?
Suhani: Ma but I told Yuvi!
Yuvraj comes there and he does not smile at Suhani.
Pratima: But he would have dropped u there na..
Suhani: I have reached safely now..Don’t worry.
Yuvi: And why will u have to worry for this Suhani? Because it was me who was not even able to sit here peacefully… Your bahu is just so stubborn &intolerable ma!
He fumes and leaves
Suhani: Offo! He is such a sadu! Doesn’t know how to smile at all..
Pratima laughs

Precap: Ishra& Ashok go to a police officer in order to know about the hacker.

Credit to: Neethu


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