Love is the way!(episode-50)

Guys it’s the 50th episode of ‘Love is the way!’ Thank for your love and support without which I could not have been able to write so much episodes. And some of the supported for Romi-Mihika but the majority is for Abhika so I’ll think about introducing Abhishek also in this ff.Keep reading,commenting &inspiring me!

The episode starts with Ashok&Ishu talking
Ishu: Actually Ashok, Raman dropped me here and I thought of going home by auto..
Ashok: That’s OK..We’ll go in my car..
Ishu: Alright…
They leave from there and reach ishu’s house
She rings the bell and Mihika opens the door and does not notice Ashok
Mihika: Akka!!
They hug
Ishu: How are u Mihiku?
Mihika: I’m good..And how is jiju?

Ishu: He is fine too..
Mihika sees Ashok
Mihika: U here?
Ishu: He is my friend Ashok..
Mihika: But we just met before sometime..
Ishu: He told me..
Madhu: Ashok, please come in beta..
Ashok&Madhu have a talk
Ishita takes Mihika inside with her
Mihika: Why is this guy here?
Ishu explains her everything
Mihika: What? He took a pic of me?
Ishu: Shh..He would hear u. Just be careful I know him since my childhood he has always been a flirt but he is kind hearted.
Mihika: Oh..But he hasn’t spoken a word to me till now.
Ishu(in a cheerful tone): He will try his best to impress u..But don’t fall for him.
Mihika: OK akka done!

They laugh
@Birla house
It’s evening
Pratima: Bhavna have u informed Pankaj&Lata about Suhani..
Bhavna: Yes ma in fact there are in Kolkata for attending a function they would be returning in 2 days. They wanted to meet Suhani so badly.
Pratima laughs
Sharad: Mausi ji I think most probably Yuvi would be returning tonight.
Pratima: Really?
Sharad: He told me yesterday that not to tell Suhani that he is coming.
Bhavna: So today both are gonna get surprises..
Suhani: Ma I’m hungry..
Rags&Saurab: Look what we have brought for u!

Suhani: No salads!!
Rags: Ek baar dekh to lo kya hai..
She sees samosas and gets overwhelmed
Suhani: Thank u!
She starts eating them
Menka: Eat slowly Suhani! Just imagine if Yuvi sees u eating this then…
Suhani: Oh please Menka! I’m loosing interest to eat when u say about him…
All laugh
@Ishu’s house
Ishu& Madhu are talking in her room while Ashok tries to flirt with Mihika at the hall
Ashok: Where do u work at?
Mihika: Infosys..
Ashok: Oh..Don’t u have interest in business?
Mihika: No..
Ashok: Why do u give one word answers for everything?
Mihika: I answered for what u asked..
Ashok: Why don’t u ask anything to me?

Mihika: Coz I don’t wanna know about u..
Ashok(thinking): OMG! She is full of attitude. How do I talk with her?
Mihika is busy with her phone while Ashok interrupts again
Ashok: Is this the latest version of Lenovo(phone brand)?
Mihika(gets irritated): What’s your problem?
Ashok: My problem? Why don’t u talk girl?
Mihika: Hey u I have a name!
Ashok: OK Ms. Mihika..I’m your guest and u have to keep me satisfied but u are not even looking at me!
Mihika: But I didn’t invite u here! If u are getting bored then u may leave..
Ashok: I came here with my friend and who are u to tell me to go from here?
They argue
Raman comes there.Ishu&Madhu also come there

hearing them argue.
Ashok & Raman keeps staring at each other
Mihika: Come on now shout at me!
Ashok: But u started everything!
Raman gets angry seeing Ashok.Ishu takes Raman to a room
Ishu: Raman, actually I came along with him as he wanted to meet Amma..
Raman: Did I ask u for any explanations? I know yaar its OK..But I can’t control my anger on seeing him.

Ishu: Do u know he was flirting with Mihika?
Raman: I know about him.. I thought we could go to Birla house today.
Ishu: Even I thought the same but Mihika came unexpectedly so i had to come here.
Raman: We’ll go tomorrow.. But I’m telling u Ishu me&Ashok cannot remain under the same roof even for a minute!
Ishu: OK we’ll leave then..
They come out of the room
Raman: Amma,Mihika we are leaving now..
Madhu: But Raman u have just come.Have some coffee and go..
Ishu: It’s OK Amma he has some work so we’ll come some other day..
Mihika(pointing towards Ashok): Aren’t u taking him with u?

Raman: We don’t take unwanted things u know..
Ishu hits her head
Ashok: I don’t want your lift! I have my own car and I’ll go in that.
Raman: What on earth are u waiting for then?Leave from here..
Ashok: Bye Mihiku..
Mihika does not look at him
They all leave
Its night
Saurab: Anuj why hasn’t Yuvi come yet?

Anuj: I don’t know Bhayya..
Saurab: Where is Suhani?
Anuj: She is in her room..
Saurab: Make sure she does not sleep till he comes..
Anuj agrees and he goes to Suhani’s room along with Menka&Rags
Suhani was about to sleep when
All the three in a chorus: Suhani!!
Suhani: What happened? Aren’t u guys sleeping it’s 10pm already..
Menka: We are not going to sleep until Yu..
Anuj&Rags close Menka’s mouth

Suhani: What were u saying?
Rags: She was saying that we won’t sleep until ‘you’ are comfortable..
Suhani: But I’m okay..
Anuj: We are taking special care of u until your husband returns..
Suhani: Oh! But something is fishy..
Menka: No no…Nothing at all!
Suhani (suspiciously):Then why do u get nervous Menka?
Menka: Uh..
Anuj: Actually she…
They hear the bell ringing
Rags: Yes!
All run to the hall.Suddenly Anuj comes back to Suhani and says
Anuj: Our duty is over now so u go to sleep and don’t step out of your bedroom..
He shuts the door and leaves
Suhani: But wait.. What are they up to?
All except Suhani are standing at the hall
Dadi opens the door.Yuvi was standing at the door
Yuvi: Dadi we got the project!!
Dadi hugs him

Dadi: I know that u will never fail..
He hugs Pratima. Yuvi’s eyes are searching only for Suhani.
Saurab: She is in her room..Anyways congrats for your project as well as..
Yuvi: As well as..
Menka: U will get to know that soon…
Anuj: But we expected u to take some more time but u..Very bad..
All laugh
Yuvi: What have I done and why are u all laughing?
Rags: Now don’t waste time go to your room..
Bhavna: Yeah two of them are waiting for u there..
Yuvi: Two of them? What’s all this guys?
Sharad: Arre just go inside na..Don’t get shy.
All push him into the room and locks the door from outside.
Yuvi: What are u all doing?
Suhani gets shocked to see Yuvraj there
Suhani: U here?
Yuvi: I thought of giving u a surprise.. But all are behaving very weird.
Suhani gets excited and hugs Yuvi really tight

She gets tears.
Yuvi: Did u miss me so much?
Suhani: Yeah we missed u a lot..
Yuvi: ‘We’?
Suhani(smilingly): Yes can’t u see that two of us are here?
Yuvi(confused): Now u too started! What’s going on?
Suhani: U are such a sadu! Can’t u understand simple things?
Yuvi: Please tell me I’m not able to understand!
Suhani: Bevkoof, I’m pregnant!
Yuvi couldn’t believe his ears
Yuvi(very happy): What did u just say?
Suhani(in a loud voice): You are gonna become a father Yuvraj!
Yuvi couldn’t control his tears
He hugged Suhani as tight as he could. Both had tears. He lifted and circled her in the air.
Yuvi: I really can’t believe this! When did this happen?
Suhani: This happened the day u left..
She explains him the whole incident
Yuvi: U cheat why didn’t u tell me yesterday when I called?
Suhani: Surprise!!

Yuvi: I love u!!!
He goes near her and kisses her on the lips.
She releases herself and goes out of the room, blushing. Yuvraj’s happiness knew no bounds.
All start clapping and congratulating Yuvi.
Sharad: Ohho Suhani you are blushing so hardly..
All laugh
Pratima: Now all of u don’t tease my bahu! Suhani, Yuvraj it’s getting late u go to sleep..
Yuvraj: OK ma..
In the room both Yuvi &Suhani are sitting on the bed.
Suhani is seen leaning her head and Yuvi’s shoulder.
Yuvi: I’m very excited Suhani.. U know what I wasn’t this excited when I was going to propose to u..
She smiles
Yuvi: I’ll give our child the best things in the world..Whatsoever it may be.
Suhani: The best thing u can do is to teach the child to respect everyone and give good education.
Yuvi: I’ll admit our child in the best schools of Delhi.
Suhani: But it’s not how big the school is matters,but it is the teachers who play a major role..
Yuvi: OK meri ma! I give up. I can’t talk and win over u..

Suhani(to her child): Look your papa has declared his defeat so your mumma wins! Hi-five!
She acts like giving a hi-five Yuvi just stares at her.
Yuvi: I think something went wrong with your Mumma we will take her to a good doctor once u come out. OK?
She hits him with a pillow
Suhani: Don’t teach wrong things to my child!
Yuvi: Excuse me..Could u please explain on that how it is only your child?
Suhani: Because my child loves me more!
Yuvi: No he loves me!
Suhani: Me!
Yuvi: OK no arguments! He loves both..
Suhani: OK..
She hugs him
Sorry for the short update as I’m a bit busy with my studies. Next episode would be lengthy.

Spoiler: Dadi: U have to do this for your child Suhani!
Suhani is in tears
Suhani: But u are so cruel!… Fine I’ll leave from here for my child.

What is the reason behind Suhani leaving Birla house?
Stay tuned to the ff..

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