Love is the way!(episode-49)

Thank u for showing that u still love my ff! As everybody has requested I’m not ending and some had suggested to write their honeymoon in detail. So I shall show the FB in the later episodes. And please to spare sometime to comment!

The episode starts with all going inside Suhani’s room
They see Suhani sitting there with a big smile.Bhavna&Rags hugs her from behind.
Bhavna: Congratulations my dear sis!
Rags: I’m so happy for u Suhani!!
Suhani smiles
Pratima: Mein phirse Dadi banne waali hun!
She hugs Suhani.Dadi is a bit shocked to hear the news.
Sharad: We have to inform it to Yuvi..
Anuj: Yeah! He’ll die of excitement!
All laugh
Sharad takes his phone
Suhani: No jiju..Don’t call him now!
Saurab: But why? He should know this.
Suhani: We’ll give him a surprise when he returns!
And also if we tell him this now then he won’t concentrate on his project..
All agree

Pratima: I’m so happy..And because of that I’m gonna prepare special food for Suhani.
Suhani: Thank u ma!
Pratima: Maa ji aren’t u happy?
Dadi: Haan..It’s after all Yuvraj’s child so I have to be happy. Now all of u leave from here let her take rest for sometime. I’ll be with her.
All go
Dadi: Suhani u know that Yuvraj is my beloved grandson and so I would love his child too..U tell u whether u like getting a male or female child?
Suhani: Dadi, children are God’s gift to us so whatever maybe the gender I would love them.
Dadi: OK, u take rest..
Dadi leaves and gets thinking

@ Bhalla house
Ishu is not in a good mood and recalls Raman’s words
Ishu(thinking): Why doesn’t he try to understand me?
She gets Suhani’s call and picks up.
Ishu(in an unhappy tone): Haan Suhani bol..
Suhani(very happy): Ishu I have a great news for u! But before that tell me the truth u had a fight with Raman right?
Ishu: I can’t hide anything from u..Yeah u you’re right.Arre u leave that.Tell me the news
Suhani: I’m pregnant!!
Ishu(shell shocked): WHAT???
Suhani: Yeah. But why are u this shocked?
Ishu: Oh wow Suhani!! I can’t believe this..Its just awesome..Congrats..
Suhani: Relax..Ishu..
Ishu: I’ve to inform this to Raman! Bye take care.
She ends the call.

Suhani: Hello..But wait.This girl na..
Ishu is about to open the room’s door to go downstairs but just then Raman enters.
Ishu: Raman!!!
Ishu hugs him very tightly
Raman(confused): Ishita?
Raman(thinking): I thought she was angry with me..
Ishu breaks the hug remembering Raman’s words
Ishu: Actually Suhani is pregnant..
Raman: Wow that’s really great!!! We must go meet her.
Ishu nods and is about to leave when Raman holds her hand and pulls her towards him
Ishu(angry): Now what? I’m not interested in another argument..
Raman: Shhhh..Just listen to me.
Ishu looks into his eyes
Raman: I’m sorry Ishu..I shouldn’t have said that to u.I was so desperate after loosing the project yesterday that I started showing my anger on u.
Tears roll down from her eyes
Ishu(crying): But how could u compare yourself with him? He is a very good friend of mine but u are something beyond that Raman.. Please trust me I always love u and I will support u.
Raman: U don’t have to say anything.. I know me and Ashok may have enmity but u both are friends
Ishu: I won’t speak with him if u want me to.But please don’t feel insecure.
Raman cries and hugs Ishu
Raman: Romi was right I’m not happy with what in have but instead I go after things which is beyond my reach.
Ishu: Nothing is beyond your reach..We can get anything in life but we must work together with unity only then a relationship lasts…
Raman: Sorry for everything! I love u.
Raman kisses Ishu on her cheeks.
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays

Its night.
Suhani was about to sleep when she gets Yuvi’s call
She picks up
Yuvi: Hello Suhani. How could u forget me so soon? U didn’t even mind to call me at least once..
Suhani: No Yuvi I had much work today that’s why..
Yuvi: So u forgot your husband right?
Suhani: No actually Yuvi..
She stops saying and thinks that she should give him a surprise and not say it now.
Yuvi: What were u telling now?
Suhani: N..nothing.I was saying that I’m gonna sleep now as I’m tired.
Just then Pratima comes to her room
Pratima: Beta ye doodh pi le..
Suhani: Maa please I don’t like milk!
Pratima: Don’t argue over this.
Yuvi hears that

Yuvi: Suhani, why is ma insisting u so much to drink milk?
Suhani: Uh..actually today I wasn’t feeling well that’s why..
She signs to Pratima that it is Yuvi on the phone
Pratima(in a low tone): Chup chaap ye peelo..I’m going
She leaves.Suhani frowns.
Yuvi: But what happened to u?
Suhani: I had a little headache..
Yuvi: Oh..take care of your health.
Suhani: And u also come here soon..
Yuvi: OK..But is there something special for me there?
Suhani(smilingly):No.. U don’t expect any surprise this time.
Yuvi: U are too boring Suhani..
Suhani: Whatever! U concentrate on your work.
Yuvi: And I had to tell one more thing to u..There are some possibilities of me coming home within a day it depends upon the meeting…
Suhani(excited): Really??? Please do try and come soon.I can’t wait.
Yuvi: Are u missing me so much?
Suhani: Yes…
Yuvi: OK then u go to sleep..Bye
Suhani: Bye..And one more thing.. I love u!
Yuvi: Love u too!!
She ends the call
Suhani(thinking): I can’t wait to tell him that he’s gonna become a father…
Saware plays

Next day
All the family members are around Suhani and pampering her
Saurab: Suhani look what I’ve brought u..Organic vegetables..
Suhani: But why?
Saurab: That’s good for health..And from today me and Anuj would cook special salads for u!
Anuj&Suhani in a chorus: What???
Saurab(to Anuj): Arre paagal..We have to do this for Suhani and the baby.
Anuj: But not cooking!
Suhani: Enough! I hate salads and that’s final..
Bhavna: Suhani have these almonds.
Rags: These are really tasty.
Suhani makes a pout face
Menka: Its ok di.I’ll eat these.
Rags: Meenu just stop it.
Menka pulls the plate towards her. Rags&Menka argue.
Anuj& Saurab are also arguing.Suhani gets irritated.
Suhani(in a loud voice): BAS KARO!!
All stop talking
Pratima comes there
Pratima: Don’t take tension Suhani.
She makes Suhani sit.
Pratima: What’s wrong with all of u?
All frown

@Bhalla house
Ishu gets a call
Ishu: Hello. Who is it?
Girl: U forgot me so soon Akka?
Ishu recognises the voice
Ishu: Oh! Mihika..How are you?
Mihika: Akka I’m at Delhi only.I’m going to periyamma’s house now.
Ishu: That’s great! I’ll come there.
She ends the call
Ishu(thinking): I thought of going to Birla house today..Maybe I’ll go there tomorrow
After some hours. She gets Ashok’s call.
Ishu: Yeah tell me Ashok..
Ashok: Ishu I wanted to meet u now..
Ishu: But what’s the matter?
Ashok: We will meet at the Cake spot after 10mins . I’ve got to tell u something very important.. Please do come.
Ishu: Fine..
Raman comes and hears that.Ishu looks at him.
Ishu: Raman..
Raman: I won’t stop u to go meet Ashok..
He puts his hands around her shoulder
Raman: I have faith in our love. U may go.
Ishu thanks him and leaves

@the cake spot
Ishu sees Ashok sitting in a chair.She goes to him and sits,
Ishu: Why have u called me here?
Ashok: Sorry for disturbing u..I had some curiosity to know that’s why.
Ishu: What do u wanna know?
Ashok takes his phone and shows a picture of a girl and asks
Ashok: Do u know her?
Ishu sees the pic and gets shocked
Ishu: Yes I do! Why do u have her pic?
Ashok: Actually today I met her when I was going to office..
FB shows
Ashok is stuck in traffic. He hears somebody arguing in the front. He tries looking at them and sees a girl arguing with a guy.
Girl: Don’t u have sense? U have created damage to my car.
Guy: It was your mistake to come in so much speed.
Girl: U came in the wrong side! So u have to pay for this mistake of yours then u may leave..
Ashok sees her
Ashok: I have seen her somewhere for sure! Maybe at ishu’s house.How bold she is.
He admires her anger. It was none other than Mihika.
Ashok: I’ll ask Ishu..Idea! I would take a pic of her without her knowledge.
He takes a pic.
Ashok: Now I will ask it to Ishu.
He gets down of his car and goes near Mihika.
Ashok(to the guy): What do u think of yourself? If u do some mistake to a girl then nobody will notice and u would escape?
Guy: But it was her…
Ashok raises his hand to beat him but Mihika holds his hand
Mihika: U don’t have to do anything for me.I know how to handle such morons!
The guy gets scared seeing Ashok
Guy: OK wait…Here is the money now leave me..please
Ashok leaves him

The traffic gets cleared
Mihika: Thank u so much for your help!
Ashok: It was my pleasure meeting u..By the way I’m Ashok Khanna..
He stretches his hand for a handshake
Mihika: I’m Mihika Iyer..
She shakes hand with him. Ashok stares at Mihika and stands.By then Mihika had got into her car and left.
A man: Hey u! Don’t u have sense? Why do u park your car in between?
Ashok: Oh..Sorry sorry..
He gets in the car and leaves
FB ends
Ishu: Actually she is my cousin.. Is this the reason u called me here so urgently?
Ashok: Yes..
Ishu stares at him
Ishu: She has come to Delhi today.I’m going to meet her now.
Ashok: Shall I come with u?
Ishu: Yeah…
Ashok: Its been a year since I have met your Amma.
Ishu(thinking): I know that u are coming there to see Mihika..

Precap: Yuvraj returns to Birla house. Ishu&Ashok go to her house.

I want your suggestions for Ashok-Mihika pairing. If u guys aren’t liking their pairing then how about Romi&Mihika. Everyone write which pairing u feel is better and I’ll see the majority and change the track as you like it to be.

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