Love is the way!(episode-47)


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The episode starts with Yuvi coming inside the room with an angry face
Suhani(thinking): I should not ask him anything about the incident.. But how do I change his mood??
Yuvi just stares at Suhani and lies down on the bed with his eyes opened. She goes and sits near him.
Yuvi(in an angry tone):What do u want now?
Suhani holds her ears

Suhani: I’m sorry Yuvi..
Yuvi turns his face away
Suhani: Please Yuvraj don’t make faces…I like to see u smiling and not frowning.
Yuvi: I’m not angry with u.But don’t u think what u did today was not right? Dadi is elder to us and how can we blame her for something which she has not done?
Suhani: But she…
She stops saying
Suhani: OK I’ll apologize to Dadi.
Yuvi closes his eyes and goes to sleep
Suhani(thinking): Dadi is not doing right! But how can I expose her? I think its better to remain quiet or else our relationship would get stained..
She also sleeps
It’s morning

Yuvi goes jogging with Sharad when he gets a call from Raman.
Yuvi: Hello Raman!
Raman: Hi..Actually Yuvi I wanted to meet u now.
Yuvi: Now?? OK u come to my house.
Raman: No no..Not to your house.Maybe I’ll come to the park nearby your house.
Yuvi: OK..
They reach the park
Yuvi: What’s the matter Raman?
Raman: Look Yuvraj I have to tell u something but promise me that u won’t get angry after hearing it.
Yuvi: But what is it?
Raman: First u promise me..

Yuvi: OK promise…Now tell me
Raman explains him about how Suhani felt after he scolded her yesterday.
Yuvi: Did Suhani tell this to u ?
Raman: Ishu called her yesterday and she told me that Suhani was deeply hurt and was crying as nobody was willing to believe her.
Yuvi: Raman but do u think Dadi can do this to her?
Raman: I can’t tell it for sure..But u stop thinking about that. You go to Suhani and talk to her peacefully and clear all the misunderstandings. What if Suhani was telling the truth.
Yuvi: Ok Raman..I’ll talk to her.
Raman: OK bye Yuvi see u later..
He leaves
Yuvi (thinking): Raman was right I will have to speak to her.

Yuvi goes home
He searches for Suhani
Pratima: Yuvraj, Suhani is at the backyard.
He goes there and sees Suhani sitting beside a mango tree
Suhani(thinking): I shouldn’t have reacted like this. Now Yuvi won’t speak to me..
Yuvi goes from behind and holds her shoulder
Suhani turns and sees him.She stands up and wipes her tears.
Yuvi: U were crying right?
She denies
Suhani: No something just went into my eyes so I was..
Yuvi: Don’t lie Suhani.. I know u were crying because of me.
Suhani: No..
Yuvi closes her mouth with his hands
Yuvi(with tears in his eyes): I’m very sorry Suhani..I did not stand beside u when u were in need of me.I am a very bad husband.
Suhani: Who told that to u?? U are the best husband in the whole universe!
He hugs her tight she hugs him back
Yuvi: I’m sorry..And u told me that Dadi..

She breaks the hug
Suhani: Let’s forget about that…
Yuvi: But u were really hurt for that yesterday. Were u telling the truth? Because u can never tell such a lie about anyone and I love my Dadi so much that I couldn’t bear when u blamed her.
Suhani: Yes it was done by Dadi and she herself told that to me.. Par Yuvi tumhe meri kasam.Don’t ask anything about it to her.
Yuvi nods
Suhani wipes his tears

Suhani: We shouldn’t think about this anymore. Come we will have breakfast.
They go inside
Later Suhani calls up Ishu and thanks her
It’s night
@Raman’s office
Ishu: Raman, it’s getting late shall we leave now?

Raman: I’ll come..U go downstairs
Ishu: OK I’ll take the car out of the parking area..
She goes down and waits for Raman in the car. Just then she sees somebody about to go inside the office
Ishu(thinking): Who is this guy? And what is he doing here at this time.
She gets down from the car and goes towards that person.
Ishu: Excuse me..
He turns and both gets shocked seeing each other
Ishu: Ashok tum yaha?
Ashok(confused):I too have to ask the same question to u..
Ishu: Ah..I’m the CEO of this company

Ashok: What?? CEO? Are u kidding me?
Ishu: Why should I? I’m working here since 4years.
Ashok: Oh..So u are working under Raman Bhalla..Ishu u don’t know about him that’s why u are still here.
Ishu: What are u saying?
Raman comes there and does not notice Ashok
Raman: Ishu shall we go home?
He sees Ashok
Raman: So now what do u want?
Ashok: I came here as I got to know that u got Mr.Mahesh’s project.. I came here to congratulate u.
Raman: As u have finished congratulating me..U may leave.
Ashok: OK I’m not talking to u..I’ll talk to my friend.
Raman: Friend?

Ishu: Ashok do u already know Raman?
Ashok: Yes of course! He is my business rival..
Raman: And Ishu how do u know this idiot?
Ashok: It is u who is an idiot!

Raman: Now u just shut up and leave from here.
Ashok: Ishu I’m telling u..Resign from his company and come to mine..
They argue
Ishu: Guys wait!!!
They stop arguing
Raman: Is he your friend?
Ishu: I’ll make it clear..Raman, Ashok is my family friend
Ashok: Why do u have to explain it to him?
Ishu: Ashok he is my husband..
Ashok: What the hell?
Ishu looks on.Raman gets angry
Raman: Ishita if u want to come home with me then come or else sit here and talk with this cheat.
Raman goes
Ishu: Ashok I’ll meet u later now bye..
Ashok: But when did u get married?
Ishu leaves
Ashok: Now when did this happen?
In the car

Raman drives angrily
Ishu: Why do u drive so roughly??
Raman: If u are not okay with this u may get down..
Ishu: Raman…
Raman: I wonder how u and your friends(Suhani &Menka) get such cheats as your friends..
Ishu: U shut up! I agree that Karthik was not trustworthy but Ashok is a very good person. How can u tell like this about him?
Raman: Achha? Then why did u come with me?
Ishu: Ashok came to congratulate u but u scolded him..
Raman: And did u forget how he told u to resign from my company??
Ishu laughs
Raman: U don’t have to laugh for that!!
Ishu continues to laugh. Raman fumes.
@Birla house
Suhani is looking for Yuvi
Suhani: Rags di have u seen Yuvi?
Rags: No Suhani..Oh yeah.. He was with Saurab sometime ago
Suhani: OK di..
She asks to Saurab
Saurab: Yuvi was going to Dadi’s room..
Suhani: Oh no!!
Saurab: What happened to u?
Suhani: Nothing…

She leaves from there.Saurab stands in confusion.
Suhani(thinking): I hope that he does not ask about it to Dadi….
She sees Yuvi who was about to go to Dadi and stops him.
Yuvi: What??
Suhani: Are u gonna ask her something?
Yuvi: Yes I have to talk to her about G..
Suhani: Don’t u dare ask her anything!
Yuvi: Suhani how can u forget? It’s Golu’s birthday tomorrow so I’ve to talk to Dadi about the decorations..
Suhani: Oh! I totally forgot that. I did not buy anything for him
Yuvi: Don’t worry Suhani I’ve bought a gift for him.
She smiles.He goes inside.

Precap: Golu’s birthday party& the trip to France

There will be a five/six months leap in this ff on or after the 50th episode. Please do give your suggestions on that.

Credit to: Neethu

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