Love is the way!(episode-46)


The episode starts with Ishra getting tensed looking at Mr&Mrs. Iyer with full of colours
Ishu(audible to Raman): Raman what have u done?
Raman: Why did u bend down idiot!
Both of them approach towards Ishra
Madhu(smilingly): Thank u Raman for a colourful welcome!
Raman gives a sarcastic smile
Mr.Iyer: Happy Holi beta!
Ishu: Happy holi appa& Amma
Madhu: Where is Toshi?
Raman: She is inside the house Amma..
Madhu goes in

Ishu: Raman what magic have u done to change my Amma. I mean she just hated colours!
Raman: I have a power of mesmerizing everyone by my looks.Even u loved me for the same reason.
Ishu: Oh really?
Raman: Yeah and Ishu do u remember how u proposed to me @Bhavna di’s mehendi?
Ishu laughs
Ishu: Yes I do..
Raman: U never knew how to propose also..
Ishu: Yeah and u had practice in doing these right?
Raman nods and Ishu stares at him
Raman: Mazaak kar raha tha yaar..

@Birla house
Suhani: Menka,Rags di,Bhavna di… Come fast
All come there
Anuj: Now we will start playing holi!
Menka: OK..

All apply colours on each other
Balam pichkari jo tune miujhe maari song plays
Yuvi: These colours are over.Is there any colours remaining?
Menka: It is kept in the hall Yuvi..I’ll bring it.
Dadi sees that.She quickly brings some chilli powder
and mixes it with the colour
Dadi(Thinking): Now this is the result if u try to beat Chandrakala Birla!
Suhani &Menka see that
Menka: Dadi what are u doing with the colours?
Dadi: Nothing. I was just looking at it.
Suhani (thinking) But i’m sure that she was mixing something in that..
Rags: Suhani what are u dreaming?
Suhani: I…
Rags: Anyways u come with me..
Suhani: But di..
Rags drags Suhani and goes
Menka takes the colours and is about to go out when Dadi stops her
Dadi: Menka wait..Look there Suhani is standing with Rags..
Menka: So what Dadi?
Dadi: Menka u go behind her and apply it on her face.It would be fun.
Menka: OK Dadi! Suhani has totally coloured me now its my chance.Thanks Dadi!
She goes

Dadi: Thank u Menka! Suhani I’m taking my revenge with the help of your sister..Let’s see what happens
Rags&Suhani are having a talk and do not notice Menka coming.Rags is carrying Riya with her.
Menka slowly tiptoes and goes behind them when Riya turns and sees Menka and smiles
Menka signs her to not make sound but Riya pushes the plate of colours in menka’s hand and it falls down and some falls on Menka’s hand.
Both of them turn and see Menka
Suhani: So this was your plan right Menka? But unfortunately u have lost this time also to me!
Menka: U Shut up! Rags di its because of your daughter that my plans have failed.
Rags&Suhani laugh
Dadi sees that
Dadi(very angry): Iss Menka se tho koyi bhi kaam dhang she nahi hotha!
Suddenly Menka feels a burning sensation in her hand
Menka: Ahh! My hand!
Bhavna: What happened Menka?
Menka: I’m feeling a burning sensation..Ouch!
Suhani: Is that because of the colours?
Yuvi: But how can that happen? We all applied colours but nothing happened to us..
Menka: But I brought these colours from the hall.Maybe its of some bad quality. But its unbearable!
Anuj takes Menka inside
Suhani notices the fallen plate and she picks it up and smells it. She sneezes.
Suhani: OMG! This is the smell of chilli powder..But how is that possible?
Saurab: Chilli powder?
Suhani: Yes Bhayya!

Suhani remembers Dadi mixing something with the colours.And she remains quiet.
Yuvi: What the hell! I’ll call the shop’s owner and ask him about this.
All go inside
Suhani goes to Dadi.
Dadi: Do u need something?
Suhani: Dadi tell me why did u do this to me?
Dadi: What are u talking about?
Suhani: Don’t act as if u don’t know anything! Maine aapko chilli powder,rang mein milate hua dekha tha!
Dadi: Haan maine hi milaaya kya karogi tum?
Suhani gets shocked
Suhani: But why?
Dadi: Because u are not listening to me and in this house everybody will have to follow what I tell..
Suhani: Dadi all your intentions are wrong. You should not do this.
Dadi: OK then prove that I’m guilty for what happened today.
Suhani: OK!
She leaves
Dadi smiles wickedly
Suhani &Yuvi are in their room
She sits on the bed
Suhani(thinking): So Dadi wanted to apply this on my face and so that I’ll suffer. But why does she do this? I haven’t committed a big mistake.

Yuvi scolds the shop’s owner for his mistake
Yuvi: Suhani why are u so sad?
Suhani(in a sad tone): I’m not sad..
Yuvi: Why do u lie to me? Tell me the truth..
She hugs him&cries
Yuvi: Suhani tell me what’s the matter?
She does not say anything
He breaks the hug and holds her face
Yuvi: Please tell me..
Suhani tells him about what Dadi has done
Yuvi: Suhani I know she has problem with your mindset.But she won’t harm anyone!
Suhani: Believe me Yuvraj. She herself told me now that it was done by her.
Yuvi: Kya?
Suhani: If u don’t believe me ask it to her yourself!
Yuvi: OK….
Both of them approach Dadi who was in the hall.All come to the hall.
Yuvi: Dadi,I’ve to ask u something.
Dadi: Bolo beta..
All look on
Yuvi asks about the chilli powder in colours
Dadi acts like being very heart broken
Dadi: U don’t believe me Yuvraj? How can I do such a thing to Suhani?
Suhani: Dadi please don’t lie! Just now u told me that u had done that.
Dadi: When did I tell that to u? Let me make it clear Suhani I never wanted to harm u but I just wanted u to look beautiful. It’s alright if u don’t put makeup but for that please don’t blame me…I never did anything!
Suhani: Dadi but u…
Yuvraj stops Suhani from saying
Suhani: Fine..Menka u tell me.U also saw Dadi mixing something in the colours right?
Menka: Uh…actually yes I saw her near the colors but how can we blame her?
Rags: Menka is right Suhani please calm down..
Suhani: But..
Yuvi(in an angry tone):Enough Suhani don’t tell anything more about this!
Suhani goes to her room and cries
Suhani(still crying): What kind of a woman is she?
Bhavna, Rags&Menka go to her
Menka: Suhani I’m sorry but..
Suhani: U don’t have to apologize..
Bhavna: What is wrong with u? How can u blame somebody without any proof?
Rags: Yes Bhavna is right.And I don’t think that Dadi is as bad as u say
Suhani gets irritated
Suhani: Please all of u go and leave me alone!!!
All go out

Just then Ishu calls Suhani
She picks up the call
Ishu: Happy Holi!!
Suhani(in a sad tone): Same to u Ishu..
Ishu: Is everything alright Suhani?
She cries and explains everything to Ishu
Ishu: What??? How mean! Suhani first u stop crying we will find out a solution.
Suhani: Yuvraj is very angry with me..
Ishu: Relax..I’ll talk to him.
Suhani: No Ishu he might misunderstand me..
Ishu: He can’t stay angry with u for more than an hour.Just wait till he comes and apologises..
Suhani: But it’s me who has to say sorry..
Ishu: OK..But don’t discuss about this to him anymore..
Suhani: OK Ishu bye..
She ends the call
Just then Raman comes
Ishu: Raman I’ve to tell u something..
Raman: What is it Ishita?
She explains the incident to Raman
Raman: There is nothing to be surprised in this…His Dadi is always like that. Do u know she has played such dirty games even with me but I’ve never told it to Yuvi as he loves his Dadi so much that he would not even hear a word against her.
Ishu: Really? But what about Suhani? She is so upset and nobody believes her..
Raman: I’ll talk to Yuvi..
Ishu: But she told me not to ask anything to Yuvi..
Raman: It’s OK I’ll take care..

Precap: Raman confronts Yuvraj

Credit to: Neethu

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