Love is the way!(episode-45)


The episode starts with Saurab spinning the bottle
Saurab: This time I have to question and Suhani answer..
Suhani: Now I pick Dare..
Saurab: Then Suhani u have to act like Yuvraj..
Suhani: Oh no!
All laugh
Yuvi: Bhayya!
Suhani: OK I’ll act..

Suhani (acts like Yuvi): Ohho Suhani! Look u have messed up the entire room..It looks like a garbage bin.And u haven’t washed your hands too..I can’t tolerate unhygienic people around me!
All clap and laugh except Yuvi
Yuvi: I tell that for your hygiene only!
Suhani taunts him
Suhani sits near Yuvi. He puts his on her shoulder and sits.
Saurab spins it again
Saurab: Now its Rags turn to question Sharad..
Rags: Fine..Truth or Dare?
Sharad: I’m always daring..So Dare..
Rags: Sharad u have to now go&bring Bhavna here and u must hug her..
All laugh
Suhani: Oh look at jiju’s face..He is getting shy..
Sharad: Is that really necessary?
Rags nods
Rags: Hurry up.. We don’t have the whole day to waste!
Sharad hesitantly goes
All taunt him
He goes to a room where Bhavna is sitting with Golu
Sharad: Bh..Bhavna..
Bhavna: Yeah Sharad do u need something?
Sharad: Can u just come with me to the Hall?
Bhavna: Why? And Golu..

Sharad: He is sleeping right? So just second come with me na..
Bhavna: Alright..
He brings her to the hall
All cheer for them
All the boys in a chorus: Sharad! Sharad u can do it!
Bhavna gives a confused look
Suhani: Jiju! Jiju!
Bhavna: Could u just explain what’s happening?
Rags: Sharad jaldi karo na..
Sharad suddenly hugs Bhavna
Bhavna gets stunned
All of them clap
She breaks the hug and goes inside smilingly
Toshi: Chalo sab aakhar khaana khaalo..And Rags all of them have woken up Riya!
Rags: It’s OK aunty.Thank u for taking care of her.
Toshi: Don’t say thanks..Until Ishita&Raman has a baby Riya&Golu are like my grandchildren
Ishra gets embarrassed
All laugh
Raman: Ma what’s all this?
Toshi: U shut up! And what’s wrong in that?
Raman: We are just newly wed couples and you are saying all these now itself
Yuvi: Raman cool down yaar..
Ishu serves parathas for everybody
Suhani: Aunty you are just an awesome cook! It’s really tasty..
Toshi: Thank u puttar! Here have one more..

Yuvi: Suhani hold on..U will burst if u eat more than this..
Suhani: Aaj tum kuch nahi kahoge Yuvraj! I’ll eat to my heart’s content..
Yuvi: But..
Raman: Yuvi kya farak padtha hai yaar..Let her eat..
Suhani: Raman u teach him some good qualities.
Ishu: Suhani never commit such a mistake in your life!
All laugh including Toshi
Raman: Maa aap bhi? Mujhse koyi pyaar nahi karta..
Toshi: Bas karo!
Raman: Suhani do u know something this madrasan does not eat or take medicines properly..
He tells them about Ishu fainting
Menka: Ishu u should take care of your health yaar.
Bhavna: Yes and I know work is important but if u don’t eat then you’ll become weak..
Ishu looks on
They hear the sound of thunder
Bhavna: I think there is going to be a storm tonight
Anuj: Yeah and so I think we will leave before it starts raining..
Raman: U guys came by car na then what’s the problem?Stay for some more time..
Yuvi: Raman we will come on some other day because if it starts raining then ma will get tensed..
Raman: OK then..
Ishu hugs Suhani &Menka
Suhani: Both of u come to Birla house some day..
Ishu: We’d surely come..

Bhavna: And take care of your health Ishu..
Ishu: OK di..
They leave
All reach the house
Pratima: All of u had fun?
Menka: Yes ma of was such an enjoyable day!
All in a chorus: It was enjoyable until you had sung!
Menka: Bhavna di aap bhi mujhe tease karoge?
Bhavna nods
Menka: Sharad jiju it’s all because of u that Bhavna di has spoilt..
Bhavna: Menka u dare not blame my husband for that!
All laugh
Pratima: Now all of u go to your rooms.It’s getting late u all take rest..
All nod suddenly Suhani remembers something
Suhani: Oh no how did I forget that!
Rags: What Suhani?
Suhani: Anuj u too forgot? We used to play so much during college right?
Anuj: But what is it that I’ve forgotten?
Suhani: Arre yaar tomorrow is Holi!
The boys,Bhavna&Pratima remain silent
Menka: We have to buy colours and there is so much to be done tomorrow!
Suhani: Yuvi, Anuj aren’t u guys excited?
Bhavna signs to Suhani

Suhani: What happened to all of u?
Bhavna: Suhani actually…
Dadi comes there
Dadi: We don’t celebrate holi here!
Suhani: But why Dadi? It brings lots of happiness..
Dadi: Birlas don’t like to make their faces dirty…
Menka: But Dadi its only colours..
Suhani: And it will go once we wash it..
Dadi: Don’t argue..This is my decision if u like it or not u have to follow..
Rags&Suhani: But Dadi that’s not right!
Saurab signs Rags not to argue
Dadi: U shivastavs may celebrate it but we don’t.. I think Bhavna will explain it to u better..
Suhani: But there is no apt reason for not….
Yuvi takes Suhani from her while Dadi still stares at her
Dadi: I think my other bahus are more smart and would understand the matter and not arguing like your sister..
Suhani hears that and she gets angry
Yuvi makes her sit on the bed
Yuvi: Suhani cool down..
Suhani: Yuvi even u guys used to play in college right? Then why don’t u say something..
Yuvi: That was different.. Dadi doesn’t like applying colors so we have to agree with her and not argue..

Suhani: Then I’ll go to my house and celebrate!
Yuvi: Don’t do that Suhani..Dadi will hate u if u do so.. And what will happen if u don’t celebrate?
Suhani looks on
@Dadi’s room
Pratima goes to Dadi
Pratima: Maa ji I think this time we should celebrate holi..
Dadi: I can’t change my decisions for anybody..
Pratima: Let them enjoy and no one will apply colors on u..
Dadi:I can’t!
Yuvi comes there
Yuvi: Dadi please for the first &last time shall we play holi..For my sake Dadi…
Dadi(think): I cannot deny Yuvraj..
Dadi: OK but none of u will come into the house with colors or apply on me..
Yuvi: OK Dadi..
Yuvi hugs her
He goes.All of them were standing beside the door
Yuvi: She has agreed!
All of them gets excited
Yuvi enjoys seeing Suhani smiling
Dadi is seen sitting angrily in her room
Dadi(thinking): This time she has crossed all the limits.And Yuvraj is going beyond my control. I won’t let her live peacefully here!
The next day
Preparations are going on in both Birla &Bhalla house
@Bhalla house

Ishu is speaking to Vandu over the phone
Ishu: Vandu akka aapko aana hi padega..
Vandu: OK Ishu I’ll try..And Amma&Appa are on the way to your house
Ishu: Yeah they called me..And u also don’t waste time get ready soon and come
Vandu: OK…
She ends the call
Ishu: Where is this Raman? I haven’t seen him since morning..
Just then Romi comes
Ishu: Romi…
Romi: Yes bhabhi…
Ishu: Where is Raman?
Romi: I don’t know bhabhi..
Toshi: Ishu puttar jaldi aakar mera help karo sweets banaane me..
Ishu: Yes mummy ji..
Toshi gets a call from Raman
Toshi: Arre Ram..
Raman : Ma don’t take my name! Please do as I say tell something so that Ishu opens the entrance door.
Toshi: But why?
Raman: To apply colours on her only otherwise she would run away..
Toshi ( in a low voice): You ring the bell I’ll take care after that..
Raman: Thank u ma!
Toshi (thinking): Raman has surely gone mad..
The bell rings

Toshi: Ishu puttar can u just see who has come maybe its my friend Pammi..
Ishu: Sure mummy ji..
Ishita opens the door and Raman applies colour on her entire face and it was least expected by her.
Raman: Happy Holi! Now u look beautiful..
Toshi laughs
Ishu: U Idiot! What have u done to my face..I will not spare u..And mummy ji I’ll take care of u later
Toshi laughs again
Ishu runs behind Raman downstairs
She takes the pichkari and sprays it on Raman
Ishu: This is for putting colors on me..
Raman: Madrasan, wait!!!
Romi: Wow what a shot bhabhi!
He gives hi-fi to Ishu
Romi clicks pictures of Ishu and Raman playing
Raman gets irritated and pulls Romi and pushes his face into the tank with colours
As Raman was about to spray colours on Ishu.She bends and it sprays on Mr&Mrs.Iyer
Raman&Ishu gets shocked

Precap: Dadi mixes something in the color powder and Suhani sees it.

Credit to: Neethu

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