Love is the way!(episode-44)


The episode starts with Ishu getting everything ready for the presentation

@the office
Arun: Mam u can check these files I have taken all the printouts as u instructed…
Ishu: Just a second Arun…ohho this laptop also does not start at the right time…
Arun: Mam don’t worry Raman Sir also have saved the presentation in his laptop so even of this doesn’t start we could use that one..
Ishu: Yeah that’s good..But where is this guy?
Arun: Who mam?
Ishu: Raman only..
Arun laughs a bit
Ishu stares at him,he stops laughing
Ishu goes to Raman’s cabin
Raman: Oh I was about to come to u Ishu…
Ishu: Why?
Raman takes something from his table and takes a glass of water in his hand and goes near Ishu
Ishu: What now?
Raman forcefully puts a tablet into Ishu’s mouth and gives her water
Ishu: Raman what’s all this?
Raman: Agar mein aisa nahi karta, to tum tablet nahi khaogi aur phirse tumhe chakkar aajayega!
Ishu: So u should have told me to have it..Why did u put it into my mouth?
Raman: Bas karo ab..Tumne khaaliya na tho teek hai..
Ishu: Whatever! I need your laptop..
Raman: Why?
Ishu: Mine is not working properly.Now don’t argue just give it to me..
Raman: Here take this..And everything is ready right?
Ishu: Yes and I just hope that we get this..
Raman: We will get it as u have put in so much hard work.
Ishu smiles
Arun: Mam all have arrived and shall we start the meeting?
Ishu: Yeah of course u go I’ll join u..
Arun leaves

The meeting starts
Ishu shows the presentation.She explains it perfectly.
Ishu: So I hope u are satisfied with our presentation sir..
Mahesh(CEO): Of course I am! I’m definitely giving this project to your company and I hope it’s done the way it is explained.
Raman: We won’t disappoint u for sure..
The meeting gets over
Mahesh talks with Raman
Mahesh: Raman, I heard that u are married..
Raman: Yes..Just the last week
Mahesh: OK..To whom are u married?
Raman points towards Ishita
Mahesh: Are u kidding me?
Raman: No…Not at all.She is my wife.
Mahesh: I suppose she worked here before your marriage itself right?
Raman: Yeah..
Mahesh: So its a love marriage?
Raman nods and Mahesh smiles
Ishu comes there
Ishu: Hello Mr.Mahesh..
Mahesh: Oh hi Mrs.Bhalla..
They laugh

Mahesh: So wish u a happy married life!
They thank him
He leaves
Ishu: Raman I’m really very happy!
Raman: So am I! But the credit totally goes to u..This would surely improve your company’s economic condition.
Ishu: Thank u! And for this I need a gift
Raman: A gift?
Ishu nods
Raman: OK then as u wish..
@Bhalla house
All the lights were off as Ishu& Raman entered
Ishu: Raman what’s going on?
Raman: Have patience..
The light gets on and the hall was fully decorated and there stood Yuvi, Suhani, Menka, Anuj,Bhavna, Sharad, Golu,Saurab, Rags&Riya
All say in a chorus: Congratulations Ishu!
Ishu gets surprised
Ishu: Wow! All of u here! And let me make it clear, it was not only my victory but also Raman has a major part to play…
Yuvi: congrats Mr.Raman!
Raman hugs Yuvi and the others
Ishu: Suhani, Menka, Di!
All hug each other

Ishu takes Riya
Ishu: She’s too cute!
Rags smiles
Saurab: Aakhir beti kiski hai..
All laugh
Toshi: Welcome all of u..
All greet her
Toshi: Come on have some snacks&juice
All have a great time together
Suhani: Ishu we are meeting for the first time after we got married..
Ishu: Yeah Suhani.. So how is your sasural?
Menka: It’s awesome to stay there!
Anuj: Menka, Ishu is not asking u about the infrastructure of the house..
Ishu laughs

Menka: You don’t teach me!
Saurab: Guys it’s becoming boring.. Let’s play something.
Raman: Yeah sure..
Bhavna: Guys u play this Golu won’t sit quietly at all..
Saurab: And what about u Rags?
Rags: I want to play,But Riya…
Toshi: Leave her to me I’ll take care of her..If she cries then I’ll call u..
Raman: Then Bhavna u can also join us..
Bhavna: That’s OK bhayya..Toshi aunty will not be able to manage two kids together.
Saurab: OK..
Suhani: But tell me what are we gonna play?
Anuj: Hmm…
Anuj,Yuvi &Raman in a chorus: Truth or Dare!
They look at each other
Rags: I like it..It would be much fun..
Yuvi: Raman do u remember we used to play this during our school days?
Raman: Yeah Yuvi.. And u always had different girlfriends..
Yuvi smiles but suddenly he remembers something and sees Suhani staring angrily at him
All laugh seeing that
Suhani: U never told me about this! I hate u Yuvi..
Yuvi: But Raman is lying..
Ishu&Menka laughs to the core
Yuvi: Now u girls don’t laugh..Do u know Ishu that Raman had a huge crush over a senior girl named Shelly and Anuj had infinite gf’s..
Raman: Yeah I remember her still..She was so hot..
Ishu: Raman?
All laugh really hard

Raman: No No…Yuvi meant to say that I had huge respect towards her..
Ishu: Today I’m surely not gonna spare u!
Raman: Ishu please! Sorry yaar..
Ishu hits Raman hard
Anuj: Ishu stop it mar jayega wo…
Ishu: Marne do..
Raman: Kaisi biwi ho tum? Apni pati ko marne ki koshish kar rahi ho..
Ishu: Shut up!
Sharad: Please Ishu be at peace!
Ishu stares at him angrily
Suhani murmurs something in Ishu’s ears
They smile
Raman (audible to Yuvi): They are planning something against us..
Yuvi (audible to Raman): We have to be careful!
Raman nods
Ishu: OK I think we should not waste our time in these.So let’s start playing..
All agree they sit around a table
Saurab: As I’m the eldest I will spin the bottle..
Anuj: OK..
Saurab spins the bottle
The bottle’s top points towards Anuj and bottom towards Menka
Saurab: So Anuj question and Menka should answer
Anuj(thinking): This is a golden opportunity to take revenge from Menka..
Menka: U don’t give that evil smile…
Anuj: OK..Truth or Dare?
Menka: Dare!
All gets stunned

Yuvi: Menka now u are gone for sure!
Rags: Meenu be careful!
Anuj: Now u are trapped! So Menka now u should sing..
All of them in a chorus: Nahi!!!!!!
Menka: Shut up all of u!
Raman: Menka we request u please don’t do this to us..
Suhani: Yeah after all I’m your cousin..
Rags: Menka please if u sing Riya &Golu will cry and I have to quit the game..
Yuvi: Anuj can’t u tell something better than this?
Anuj: No!Menka don’t waste time..Hurry up..
Ishu: Anuj please..We have to live in this house!
Menka: I’m gonna sing..
Menka sings Lakdi ke khaathi…in a very bad manner
All close their ears
Yuvi slightly faints on Raman.Sharad acts like vomiting.Ishu&Suhani hold each others hands. Anuj laughs looking at this.
Toshi comes
Toshi: Oye! Kaun itni shor macha raha hai? Riya uth jaayegi..
Rags closes Menka’s mouth
Anuj: Ab mera badla pura ho gaya!
All laugh very loudly
Toshi:Shhh….I have made her go to sleep with great difficulty so please reduce your volume..
Yuvi: Sorry Aunty..
She goes

Menka: Happy?
Anuj: Yes I have not enjoyed so much in my whole life!
Saurab spins the bottle
Saurab: This time it is Yuvi has to answer and Suhani question
Suhani: But why always couples?
Saurab: Ask it to the bottle..
Suhani Truth or Dare?
Yuvi: Truth
Suhani (in a low voice): Darpok!
Yuvi: Kuch kaha tumne?
Suhani nods in negation
Suhani: OK Yuvraj tell me the truth where are my samosas which Sharad jiju bought yesterday?
Yuvi: Uh…Why do u always talk about food?
Suhani: Don’t try to change the topic! Tell me only the truth!
Yuvi: Alright..I hid it at the top of the cupboard..Now don’t get angry on me as I did it for your healthy diet..
Suhani: Healthy diet? U mean all those green leafy stuff.Yuck! Don’t expect me to eat them..
Yuvi taunts her
Saurab spins the bottle
Saurab: This time Raman question and Ishu Answer
Ishu: I choose truth..
Raman: So tell me did u love somebody else other than me in your life?
Ishu: How dare u ask such a question?
Saurab: Sorry Ishu u can’t question him but u have to only answer..
Ishu: Teek hai..Not love but I had a small crush sort of thing on a boy at school I don’t remember his name also..He used to be a very good friend of mine so..
Raman: Dekha.. U were beating me then, and look now u also have confessed..
Ishu: That was not love!
Raman: Whatever it is! U liked that boy didn’t u?
Ishu does not look at him
Saurab: No fighting guys after all its just a game..
Ishu and Raman does not look at each other.

Precap: Continuation of the game and some masti at Bhalla house

Please give me some ideas on the further story guys..

Credit to: Neethu

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  1. Neethu dea…..a weekend trip or romance of our heroes and heroines……or bring dadi ‘s evil side out…….by Suhani’s and Ishu ‘s plan
    .Asusual a marvelous episode friend

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  2. Nice neethu sissy

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    Its Awesome yaar………loved it…….

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    1. Thanks Yuvni and stay tuned for the further episodes!

  4. Your punishment is accepted neetu and i hope you will not do this mistake again and again and as always say its awesome ffff

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  5. Lovely epu… Neethu… Loved it!!!

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