Love is the way!(episode-43)


Hi guys it’s Neethu.I’m sorry for the delay in updating as I was @Kerala there was no proper internet connection.So I was unable to update.Hope u guys still like my ff.Please drop in your comments and I need some ideas about the further story.Please share your ideas.

The episode starts with Ishu talking over the phone
with Arun
Ishu: But how can that be possible? Ours was a very good presentation,how can they deny it?
Arun: Mam, may be they are expecting more from us..We have to put on more effort on it. Since Raman sir does not stay in the office more than an hour its becoming tough for all of us here to handle things..
Ishu: What? Raman does not stay there for more than an hour? OK u don’t worry I’m coming there now.
Arun: And mam one more thing..We have another chance to bang that project.The CEO of that company has offered us time until the forthcoming Friday.
Ishu: Wow that’s a great opportunity and this time we can’t loose it..OK then I’m ending the call.
She ends the call
Ishu(Thinking): Why didn’t Raman tell me about this earlier? I will have to speak to him…

@Birla house
Dadi: Yuvraj, Anuj,Sharad,Saurab! Come here..
All of them along with Suhani, Menka, Bhavna &Rags go to the hall
Yuvi: Ji Dadi…
Dadi: I actually wanted to tell u that I have an idea of sending all of u for your honeymoon to France.Are u guys OK with that?
Anuj: Yes Dadi I always wanted to visit France..
Saurab: Dadi but why me and Rags?
Sharad: Yeah Dadi and why should me&Bhavna go?
Dadi: U guys also just go and enjoy with Riya&Golu.
Bhavna nods
Rags: Yes Saurab please…We will go.
Saurab: Alright as u wish..
Rags: Thank u!
Dadi: And u could take Raman&Ishita also along with u..
Suhani: Yes Dadi that’s a great idea..
Yuvi: I’ll call up Raman and ask..
Yuvi calls Raman
Raman: Hello..Tell me Yuvi
Yuvi: Actually Raman Dadi had an idea of sending us to France for honeymoon. I’m sure u would join us too..
Raman: Why wouldn’t l? Definitely I’m coming.Ishu will be very happy.
Yuvi: OK then I’ll talk to u later..
Raman ends the call
Ishu comes searching for Raman
Ishu: Raman,I’ll have to tell u something..
Raman: Before that I’ll tell..
Ishu: No first me! It’s important.
Raman: This is more important now listen..
Raman tells about the honeymoon to France
Raman: Ishu aren’t u happy?
Ishu: No way! Raman how could u be so careless about your job?
Raman: What do u mean?
She tells about what Arun said to her
Ishu: So now u tell me where do u go after spending an hour at office?
Raman: So this was my mistake I went shopping for u only paagal!
Ishu: But work is more important! And look we will have to get this project at any cost.So we should work hard.And when it comes to honeymoon we have our whole life left so let them go..And don’t try to force me!
Raman: But it’s after Friday only na we will finish the presentation and then go..
Ishu: Hmm…I’ll have to think about it.Now bye!
Raman: Where are u going?
Ishu: To the office…There is a lot of pending work.
Raman: But wait I’m coming too..
Ishu: Then hurry up I’m getting late..
Raman: I seriously have a doubt whether its you or me who is the boss..
Ishu: What to do u don’t behave like a boss so I have to take over your position..
Raman is about to catch her when she moves away
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays
Ishu makes faces
Raman: I’ll take care of u later madrasan..
Ishu puts her tongue out and taunts him

@Birla house
Suhani&Bhavna are preparing food at the kitchen when Yuvi and Sharad passes by
Yuvi: So what are u preparing?
Suhani: Today it’s south Indian food.I’m preparing it for the first time. Taste this and see..
Yuvi tastes sambar
Yuvi: Not bad..
Sharad: This one smells good..
Bhavna: I made these vadas.
Sharad: Oh that’s why..
Suhani &Yuvraj laugh
Suhani: Ohho Bhavna di Jiju loves u a lot!
Bhavna: Enough enough!
Sharad: Then what about u two? U guys are very much ahead of us in all these right?
Sharad &Bhavna laugh
Suhani & Yuvi look at each other and recalls their romantic moments of last night
Bhavna: Kya hua? Ab hogayi na bolti band..
Suhani blushes
Suhani: I have got some work..
She goes to her room
Sharad: Sharmagayi! Ab tum yaha kyun khade ho Yuvi, jao jao..
Yuvi also goes to the room and sees Suhani standing there.He smiles.

@Bhalla house
Ishu: Raman are u coming or not?
Raman: Coming Coming!
Raman comes running downstairs and bumps into Romi
Raman: Andhe ho kya? Dekhkar nahi chal saktha tu?
Romi:Par aapne mujhe dhakka diya!
Raman: Don’t back answer me!
Romi gets confused
Ishu laughs
Raman: Oh madrasan come on we will go!
Ishu: Chalo..
Raman goes.Romi goes to Ishita
Romi: Waise bhabhi..Did u follow what I told u yesterday?
Ishu: Hmm..Yes actually I was convincing Raman and at that time Mani called and I was about to switch off my mobile when your Bhai told me to speak to Mani!
Romi: OMG! I can’t believe that..
Ishu: U have to believe! I mean he himself was talking to Mani..
Romi: Really?
Ishu: Yes yaar why should I lie?
Romi: But if this has happened then it’s definitely the 8th world wonder!
Ishu laughs
Raman comes back and he does not notice Romi standing there
Raman: Boss shall we go now?
Romi laughs
Raman(gets embarrassed): What’s your problem?
Romi: Bhabhi, 9th wonder!
Ishu&Romi laughs
Raman: Both of u have surely gone mad!
Ishu: Ok come..
They leave

@Birla house
In Yuvani’s room
Yuvi: Suhani..
Suhani turns and sees him
Yuvi: Why did u run away from the kitchen?
Suhani: Just for fun!
Yuvi: Accha? Ok now u tell me whether u are ok with this trip or not..
Suhani: I like to go there but…
Yuvi: But?
Suhani: I haven’t got the passport yet..
Yuvi: Only so much? We will apply for it tomorrow and I’ll make arrangements for u to get it within 2 days..
Suhani nods
Suhani (thinking): I hope Dadi is not up to something this time..
Yuvi: Now smile!
Suhani smiles.Yuvi hugs her.

@Bhalla house
Ishu&Raman reach the house
Both have dinner and are in their room busy with the presentation
Ishu: Raman can u suggest some ideas for this?
Raman: Let me think.. Before that u have to send an email to the CEO of that company.
Ishu: OK I’ll do that.
Raman: Ishita its already 11pm shall we continue the work tomorrow ?
Ishu: Wait Raman we cannot postpone this work..
Raman: Then u do it I’m going to sleep..
Ishu feels dizzy and holds her head.She drinks some water.
Raman: What happened to u?
Ishu: Nothing.. I’ll just go to the washroom&come
Raman: OK..Till then I’ll send this e-mail
Ishu gets up and is about to open the washroom’s door when she gets dizzy and holds her head
Raman sees that
Raman: Ishita are u alright?
Ishu faints and Raman comes running and holds her
Raman: Ishita! Open your eyes..
Raman lifts her and makes her lie on the bed
He sprinkles some water on her but she does not wake up.He gets tensed.
Raman: Ma! Papa! Come here..
They come there along with Romi
Toshi: Kya hua puttar?
Raman explains them everything
Romi: I’ll call the doctor…
Toshi: Ishu puttar open your eyes..
Doctor arrives.He checks her.
Doctor: Mr.Raman do u know that she already has this sort of problem?
Raman: Yes doc in fact she takes medicines for this also.
Doctor: I suppose she has skipped the medicine for a day otherwise this would not have happened.
Raman: So will she be alright?
Doctor: Yes there is nothing to worry it’s just because of skipping the medicine.. I have given her some strong doses please instruct her to have them at the right time.
Raman: OK..Thank u so much doctor.
Doctor: And she will regain consciousness within half an hour.U please call me after she wakes.
Raman: Yeah sure doc..
The doctor leaves
Toshi: Raman when u know she has to have medicines why don’t u take care of that?
Raman: Ma I thought she would’ve eaten..U all go to sleep I’m with her..
They all leave

Raman caresses her forehead. Dil kahi ruktha nahi plays
Ishu slowly opens her eyes
Ishu: Raman?
Raman hugs her tight
Ishu: Raman I’m alright don’t worry..
Raman: What is wrong with u? Don’t u know that u should eat the tablets..Then why do u skip them?
Ishu: I’m so sorry..There was a lot of work today and I totally forgot about this.
Ishu holds her ears
Raman: Hereafter Don’t repeat this ..
Ishu: Never..
She hugs him

Credit to: Neethu

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