Love is the way!(episode-42)


The episode starts with Ishu going downstairs to have dinner and sees Raman sitting angrily on the sofa
Ishu(thinking): Offo! Ab Mujhe iss Ravan Kumar ko manana padega…
Raman looks at Ishu coming and turns his face
Romi notices that
Romi(audible to Ishu): What happened Ishu bhabhi is everything fine between u two?
Ishu(audible to Romi): No Romi..Your Bhai is so jealous that I’m speaking to my friends and not giving attention towards him
Romi: Oh ! Then bhabhi u make sure that u don’t speak with your friends anymore today otherwise he would get really angry..
Ishu: OK…
Mr.Bhalla: Ishita puttar come we will have dinner..
Ishu nods

Raman does not look at her
Toshi serves food to all
Raman: Wow palak paneer my favorite!
Toshi: Yeah Ish….
Suddenly Ishu gets up
Ishu: Mummy ji u sit down I’ll serve..
Ishu signs Toshi not to tell Raman that it was prepared by her unless he finishes eating
Toshi nods
All have food to their heart’s content
Raman:Ma today I will definitely have to say u are the best cook!
Raman drinks water
Toshi: But puttar it was prepared by your wife..
Raman spits the water
Ishu controls her laughter
Toshi: What happened to u?
Raman: Why didn’t u say that to me earlier? So let me tell u the truth this is the worst food which i’ve ever had!
Raman fumes and walks off
Toshi: Will somebody explain what’s going on here?
Ishu laugh

@the party
Dadi: Sujatha thank u for inviting us today it was a pleasure to be here..
Sujatha: U don’t have to thank me Chandrakala..
Pratima: So we will leave now..
Roshini: Suhani I’ll have to tell something to u..You are really lucky to have Yuvraj as your husband.I mean he really loves and cares for u a lot..
Yuvani smiles
Roshini: Aaj kal koyi humdard nahi milta..Jo bhi milta hai sirf sardard hi deta hai!
All laugh
Suhani: It was my pleasure meeting u Roshini..
Roshini smiles
They greet each other and leave

@Birla house
In Yuvani’s room
Yuvi: So what do u think of me Mrs.Suhani Birla? I am romantic aren’t I?
Suhani thinks
Suhani: Hmmm..I don’t think so
Yuvi: But why??
Suhani: I agree that u played my favorite song but that doesn’t mean you are romantic..
Yuvi: Achha?
Suhani nods
Yuvi gets closer to her
Saware plays
Suhani moves back and falls on the bed
Yuvi lies near her on the bed.He kisses her on the cheek and forehead
They have a romantic time

@Bhalla house
Ishu goes upstairs and sees Raman busy in his work with the laptop
Ishu goes to the room and locks the door
Raman: What are u up to Madrasan? Open the door I’m going downstairs and sleeping on the sofa
Ishu: U are not going anywhere..
Raman: I don’t have time for these silly things.I know that u don’t need me..
Ishu: What the hell! How can u even say so Raman?
Raman: Then what should I say? U don’t want to spend time with me..
Ishu: I never said so…
Raman turns his face
Ishu: Raman please.. I love you!
Raman: But I don’t!
Ishu: OK do whatever u want I’m not bothered!
Raman: Wait.. At one condition I’ll forgive u
Ishu: Forgive me? But it wasn’t my mistake..
Raman: Then u may do anything as u wish..
Ishu: OK fine tell me the condition..
Raman: I want to see a dance..
Ishu: Only so much? U could switch on the T.V and watch..
Raman: Paagal! U have to dance..But not Bharatnatyam or something. Western dance..OK?
Ishu(thinking):So he is taking revenge on me..Now what to do?
Raman: Madrasan ,You are running short of time..
Ishu: Fine! But give me sometime..
Raman nods
Ishu leaves
Raman: Now let me see what she does..
Ishu comes wearing a yellow skirt with short top
Raman gets stunned by seeing her
Ishu: So Mr.Raman shall I start or would u keep staring at me like this?
Raman: U may begin..
Ishu dances for Lovely song(Happy New year)
She dances so very good that Raman could not stop admiring her
Raman: Wow! So u know even such dances?
Ishu: What did u think of me?I know everything.. Have u forgiven me?
Raman: Yes Ishu..
Ishu hugs Raman
Raman: I love u!
Ishu: Me too!
Ishu’s phone rings
Ishu gets tensed seeing Mani calling her.Ishu recalls Romi’s words
Ishu: Don’t worry Raman..I’m not gonna pick up the call.Now nobody will come between us…
Raman: It’s OK yaar..U speak to him.But put it on speaker
Ishu gets shocked to hear Raman’s words
Ishu picks up the call Raman sits beside her
Mani: Hello Ishu.. By the way what happened to your husband?
Ishu: Sorry for that Mani..He wanted to tell me something important that’s why he ended the call.Would u like to speak to him?
Mani: Of course!

Raman: Hello..
Mani: Oh hi Raman..I’ve heard lot about u from Ishu today..
Raman stares at Ishu
Raman: What did she tell about me?
Mani: That u are a very fun-loving angry young man..And she calls u Ravan Kumar
Raman: Ishita!
Ishu: Mani! I won’t talk to u at all..
Raman: Why do u blame him? He said the truth..
Ishu: But..
Mani: Enough enough…I’m really sorry Ishu.Raman don’t be angry with Ishu as u are lucky to get a wife like her..
Raman: Oh really?
Ishu hits Raman
Mani: I mean Ishu being a south-Indian married a Punjabi..Do u know I nearly had a heart attack after knowing that u married a Punjabi..
Raman: So were u planning to marry her?
Ishu: What the hell?
Mani: No no..I had only by been a good friend of her. Don’t worry Raman, Ishu is all yours..
Ishu smiles
Raman: No Mani I thought if u were planning to marry her then I would have escaped right?
Mani laughs

Ishu(in an angry tone): Mani now I’m ending the call as somebody is going beyond their limits!
Mani: OK Ishu…But guys don’t fight!
Ishu: I’ll try not to do that.. Bye..
Mani: Bye
She ends the call
Ishu: What’s your problem? What do u gain by taunting me in front of others?
Raman: I feel happy as only I have the rights to taunt u…
Ishu: Then sorry to say..U have lost those rights now
Raman: It’s ok…Then I’ll have to search for another bride for me.
Ishu fumes
Raman: Sorry meri ma..As u have done so much for me I’ll give something to u..
Ishu(Still angry):What?
Raman: Have patience.. First u close your eyes.
Ishu: But..
Raman: Close na..
Ishu closes her eyes
Raman takes something from the cupboard
Raman: Slowly open your eyes..
Ishu opens her eyes and sees diamond necklace
Raman: How is it?
Ishu: It’s very beautiful! I liked it Raman..But why do u spend so much on these jewellery?
Raman: When somebody gifts something learn to accept it happily..
Ishu: Ok sorry..

Raman makes Ishu wear the necklace
Raman: It looks good..
Ishu: Yeah..But how much does it cost?
Raman: Please yaar..Don’t ask it to me.And tell me if u don’t like I will give it to Suhani..
Ishu: No! Since my husband has gifted it to me with love I’ll keep it..
Raman hugs Ishu

Precap: Honeymoon plans

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Credit to: Neethu

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