Love is the way!(episode-39)

The episode starts with Suhani& Menka getting ready for the marriage
Suhani: Menka what’s there in this makeup?
Menka: Suhani u won’t understand.. You’re jealous of me looking more beautiful today!
Suhani: Jealous? U look like a ghost!
Menka: What? Bhavna di is she saying the truth? Am I looking horrible?
Bhavna: No you both are looking very beautiful! Yuvraj and Anuj won’t take their eyes off you..
They laugh

@Ishu’s home
Madhu: Ishu..Vandu..Jaldi Chalo
Ishu: Amma, there is still an hour left! And I’m not done with my hair yet!
Madhu: Vandu u help her otherwise today she won’t reach the marriage at time..
Vandu: What kind of hairstyle do u want Mam?
Ishu: Uh…By looking at my hair Raman should be mesmerized! I want that kind of a hairstyle..
Vandu hits her head
Ishu laughs

@Birla house
Pratima: Boys …Come soon.What’s taking u so long?
Yuvi: We are not done yet!
Pratima: Not done? Rags beta can u go and bring them?
Rags: Yeah mummy ji..
Rags goes to their room
Rags: Guys it’s time..Look all the girls are ready but u guys.
Saurab: Come on Rags..Let them take their own time.It’s their last moment together as a bachelor
Rags smiles

Saurab takes Riya from Rags
Sharad: Bhavna called me seems they have just left from the house
Yuvi: And what about Raman&Ishu?
Sharad: Ishu has also left..Don’t know about Raman..
Anuj: I’ll call him..
Dadi: No need of calling..Toshi just called me and informed that they have also left..We are gonna be late for sure..
Anuj: Then we will leave…
They all leave

Shivastavs reach the mandap first
Bhavna: Wow! Such a big hall..
Suhani: It’s very beautifully decorated..
Menka: Yeah I agree..
Pankaj: So both of you are excited in getting married?
They nod
Pankaj gets teary eyed
Suhani: Papa no crying.. U can meet us anytime u want..
Menka &Suhani hug Pankaj
Iyers also reach there
Ishu comes
Suhani: Ishu looking great!
Ishu: Thank u..And Suhani you’re gorgeous!
Menka: And me?
Ishu: U are also..
Shravu: U look like a monkey!
Vandu: Shravu! I’ve told u not to talk like this to elders..
Menka acts like crying
All laugh

Lata: Menka don’t behave like a child..
Menka: But he called me a monkey!
Vandu: I’m really sorry for that Menka..
Menka: It’s OK..
Bhallas reach
Suhani: Oh Raman has arrived..
Ishu blushes
Raman comes
Toshi: Oye! Where are u going now? It’s not a picnic that u will go and talk with your friends..
The girls laugh

Raman and Ishu keeps seeing each other
Birlas arrive there
All of them gets down from the car
Yuvi and Anuj looks at Suhani & Menka
Dadi: Sorry for being late now we’ll enter the mandap
All enter the hall
Dadi: Pandit ji..Kya hum shaadi shuru kare?
Pandit: Haan..Theen shaadiyan hai isliye hum ek ke baad ek karenge..
Dadi: Ji…First Menka&Anuj then Suhani &Yuvraj at last Ishita &Raman..Is that fine?
All agree
Menka: Dadi I’ll marry at last please!
Lata(audible to Menka): Menka please show little maturity.. What will people think about u?
Menka fumes
Suhani,Ishu and Anuj laughs
Pandit: So we will start the first marriage..
Pratima&Dadi takes Anuj to the mandap
Anuj sits

Pandit: Now u may call the bride..
Rags&Lata takes Menka to the mandap
She sits beside Anuj
They take pheras and Anuj makes Menka wear the mangalsutra and puts sindoor.They exchange garlands.
All shower flowers on them
They take everybody’s blessings
Pandit: Now this marriage is completed.
Dadi& Pratima brings Yuvraj to the mandap
Bhavna &Lata brings Suhani to the mandap
Pankaj gives Suhani’s hand in Yuvraj’s for marriage
Suhani sits beside Yuvi
The rituals start
Suhani (audible to Yuvi): Yuvi I’m telling u.. never stop me from eating samosas.
Yuvi (audible to Suhani): At least today can’t u stop speaking about food!
Suhani makes a frowning face
Yuvi: OK OK…I won’t say anything. U can eat samosas but with limitations
Suhani smiles
Suhani: I love u!
Yuvi smiles
They take pheras

Pandit: An aap inhe mangalsutra pehnayiye..
Yuvi takes the mangalsutra and makes Suhani wear it. All shower flowers on them.Bhavna lifts the maang tika and Yuvraj puts sindoor.They exchange garlands.Yuvani gets happy.
Yuvraj &Suhani takes blessings from their parents as well as Dadi
Anuj: Next is the hero’s and heroine’s shaadi!
All laugh
Raman&Ishu stare at Anuj
Toshi takes Raman to the Mandap
Vandu&Madhu takes Ishu to the mandap
Mr.Iyer gives Ishu’s hand in marriage to Raman
Ishu sits besides Raman
The rituals begin
Ishu(audible to Raman): Ha ha ha…Now u are going to be under my control!
Raman: Oh is that so?
Ishu nods
Raman: Don’t forget that I’m your boss! Mein tumhe naukri se nikaal saktha hun…
Ishu: Agar itni himmath hai tho nikaal ke dikhaa!
Raman: I’m your husband and I’ve more rights over u
They talk In a louder voice

Ishu: That’s not correct! U will get to see that who will control whom!
Raman: Oh so u are challenging me?
Ishu: Yes! Got frightened?
Raman: Huh…Frightened of u never! Challenge accepted!
All laugh
Suddenly Ishra come back to their senses
Raman: Why are all of u laughing?
Toshi holds Raman’s ears
Toshi: What are u both doing? Have u forgotten that it’s your marriage now!
Raman: But she started everything!
Ishu: How dare u!
Madhu: Ishu bas karo!
Yuvani ,Anuj& Menka laugh to the core
Anuj: So much fighting before marriage means just imagine what will happen after marriage?
Yuvi gives a hi-fi to Anuj. Menka falls on Suhani and laughs
Pandit: Mauhrat nikal raha hai!
Toshi: Now be good children don’t fight!
Both stare at each other

They take pheras. Raman takes the mangalsutra and makes Ishu wear it.All shower Flowers. Raman puts sindoor.They exchange garlands
Pandit: Ab ye shaadi sampann hua…
They take blessings from all elders
Dadi: Now we will take the brides home..
Lata &Pankaj hugs Suhani &Menka
Lata gets teary eyed.Suhani wipes her tears
Menka: Mausi u don’t cry..U can meet us anytime.
Ishu hugs Vandu &Madhu
Raman: Yuvi look at these girls yaar..
Yuvi: Why what happened?
Raman: I heard that all girls cry when they go to sasural leaving their parents.But they are happy!
Anuj: It’s good otherwise who can control if they start crying!
They laugh

Pankaj comes to the boys
Pankaj(he says looking towards Yuvi &Anuj): U both will make my daughters remain happy right?
Yuvi: Uncle u don’t have to worry about that..They are our responsibility.
Anuj: Yes uncle and we would take some training from Saurab bhayya and Sharad to look after your daughters
Pankaj laughs
Pankaj: Look how lucky I am! All of my 4 daughters married in the same house..
Toshi: Madhuji hum chalte hai..
Dadi: We will also leave right Pratima?
Pratima nods

Lata(to Suhani&Menka): Apna khayal rakhna…
Suhani hugs Lata and they leave
They reach Birla house
Pratima: Rags Aarthi thaal leke aao..
Rags brings aarthi thaal
Pratima: As Ragini is the eldest daughter-in-law of this house she will do the aarthi..
Rags does aarthi for both the couples
Suhani pushes the kalash and enters the house followed by Menka
They take blessings from Pratima&Dadi

@Bhalla house
Ishu also does the grahpravesh
Toshi: Raman take her to your room..Ishu u take some rest and then come and have dinner
Ishu goes along with Raman
The room is fully decorated
Ishu: Nice..
Raman: I didn’t’ do all this..Maybe it’s Romi.
Ishu sits on the bed.Raman sits besides her
They don’t talk to each other
Raman: Madrasan what happened? Why don’t u talk to me?
Ishu: Why should I?
Raman: I’m your husband!
Ishu: So what?
Raman: Arre what’s your problem now? I’m going downstairs!
Ishu holds Raman’s hand
Ishu: Wait Wait! Sit here na..
Raman: By the way u look a bit beautiful today..
Ishu: Only a bit beautiful?
Raman: Yeah..
Raman gets closer to Ishu.She gets shy. There is a knock at the door
Raman: Damn it! Who the hell is it?
Ishu: Raman we have our whole life left.Then why do u get irritated
Raman angrily opens the door.It’s Romi
Raman: Idiot! What do u want? Don’t u know I’m busy here?
Romi peeps into the room and looks at Ishu and says
Romi: Sorry I didn’t know u were this busy!
Raman: Besharam! Tell me the what’s the matter?
Romi:Bhai, mummy was asking if Ishita bhabhi likes paneer or mushroom
Ishu: Anything would do Romi..Thanks for asking
Raman: Why do u ask all these? She would eat even a piece of wood now go!
Ishu frowns
Romi(audible to Ramam): Sorry Bhai! Carry on Carry on….
Raman: Idiot!
Raman slams the door
Ishu: Don’t be too angry Raman..It’s not good..
Raman: Now u don’t teach that to me!
Ishu stares at Raman

@Birla house
All have dinner and Yuvi goes to his room
Yuvi (In a loud voice): Suhani!!!!!
Suhani is in his room arranging her clothes in the cupboard.The room is very messy with all the clothes
Suhani: Why do u shout like this?
Yuvi: Then what should I do? Look at all the mess…I hate the room being untidy!
Suhani: Shut up! Always cleanliness…. Can’t u see that I’m arranging my clothes.
Yuvi: Yeah.. but can’t u do it in a proper way?
Suhani: This is my way of doing it! If u have any problem then wait outside for 10mins until I finish my work..
Pratima,Rags,Bhavna,Sharad and Saurab come rushing
Pratima:What’s the matter why did u shout Yuvraj?
Yuvi: Ma look at your bahu! She has ruined my room..
Suhani: Don’t u utter a word Yuvi! Ma look at your son he is not doing any work nor he lets me do any work!
Bhavna: Suhani cool down…
Yuvani stare at each other
Pratima: Suhani u could’ve told to Ramesh or done it tomorrow… U would be tired today right?
Suhani: That’s OK ma…Saurab bhayya please look after your brother for sometime..
Saurab: Sorry sis..I can’t control him..I mean none of us can do that other than u.
All laugh
Pratima: Acha teek hai..Yuvi sit in the hall for sometime.Come…
Pratima takes Yuvi

Precap: Masti @Birla&Bhalla house

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