Love is the way!(episode-38)


The episode starts with many relatives and friends arriving at Suhani’s home
Lata welcomes them
Bhavna: Ma, I have made parathas..Is this enough?
Lata: Make some more beta many of them are yet to come. And tell me if u can’t make them alone I’ll order from hotel

Bhavna: OK mummy..
Lata gets a call
Lata: Ok..I’ll bring it to u in sometime
Suhani: What happened Mummy?
Lata: Suhani Poornimaji(Their neighbour) has forgotten her purse here.And I can’t leave these guests and go there
Suhani: It’s OK I’ll give it..
Lata: But..
Suhani: I’ll give it and come in a minute..
Menka comes there when Suhani was about to go
Menka: Suhani,Yuvi told u not to go alone anywhere!
Suhani: Menka come on yaar I’m not a small child!
Menka looks on
Meanwhile @the godown
Karthik goes to Vikram
Karthik: So Vikky…Having fun?

Vikky does not answer
Karthik: Whatever.. I just came to tell u that I’m going to Suhani’s house now..
Vikram: For what?
Karthik: To kidnap her only…
Vikram: Don’t u dare do that!
Karthik:What if I do?
Vikram: I will kill u!
Karthik: Oh Oh….Relax Vikky.After all I’m your friend right?
Vikram: Friend..Do u know the meaning of friendship?
Karthik: Don’t act over smart.. Oh it’s time. Bye.Next time when u see Suhani, she would have become Mrs.Karthik.. Ha ha ha…
Vikram fumes
Karthik leaves
Vikky: I have to do something….
He looks around and sees a knife lying down.He manages to grab the knife.And with great difficulty he unties the rope
Vikky: Yes! Now I’ll have to look for my phone..
@Bhalla house
Raman is sitting in his room and is tensed about Suhani
Romi: Bhai ma is calling u!
Raman: U just go I’ll come..

He gets Ishu’s call.He picks up the call
Ishu: Hello Ravan Kumar..Excited for the marriage?
Raman: No..
Ishu: But why?
Raman: Because u are the dulhan!
Ishu: Oh! So u wanted a better girl than me?
Raman: Please Ishita I’m not in a good mood..
Ishu: Is everything alright?
Raman: No Ishu. But don’t ask me anything now.I can’t tell u the reason.
Ishu: But at least tell me whose problem is it?
Raman: Suhani&Yuvraj
Ishu: What? Raman tell me na please..
Toshi: Oye! How many times should I call u Raman.And u are talking with your Ishita!
Raman: Ma!
Toshi grabs the phone and says
Toshi: Ishu, anyways you r gonna come here only na.U both can talk peacefully at night I won’t disturb OK?
She ends the call
Ishu: But mummy ji..Hello? Now what’s their problem?
Vikky finds his phone and without wasting a second he calls Yuvi
Yuvi: It’s Vikram’s call!
Anuj,Saurab&Sharad in a chorus: Pick it up!
Yuvi attends the call,He puts it on speaker

Vikky: Yuvraj it’s me Vikram..
Yuvi: Vikky please tell me what’s Karthik gonna do with Suhani?
Vikky: How did u know that?
Yuvi explains everything
Vikky: Karthik came to know that I was about to tell u the truth so he locked me up in a godown..But I somehow managed to untie my rope..
Anuj: Now tell us Karthik’s plan..
Vikky: OK listen.. Karthik told me that he’s gonna kidnap Suhani now!
All in a chorus: What???
Vikky: Yeah guys so please hurry up! I’ll also try to escape from this place..
Sharad: We don’t have a second to waste!
Saurab: Sharad u call Bhavna and ask about Suhani..
Meanwhile I& Yuvi will go to her house
Anuj: I’ll come along..
Saurab: No Anuj if all of us go then ma will get tensed..And u please inform this to Raman
Anuj nods
Yuvi: Come we will go soon…
They leave
Karthik is on his way
Suhani goes to her neighboring house and returns their purse
Sharad calls Bhavna

Bhavna: Yeah Sharad tell me..
Sharad: Where is Suhani?
Bhavna: She has gone to the neighboring house only..
Sharad: Oh! Bhavna why do u leave her alone? Damn it!
Bhavna: What happened?
Sharad: U go and bring her back now!
Bhavna: But..
Sharad: Just listen to me!
Bhavna: OK..
He ends the call
Bhavna is about to go
Lata: Tum kaha ja rahi ho?
Bhavna: Ma I’ll bring Suhani and come..
Lata: Arre she would come by herself.Beta please give these tea&snacks to the guests..
Bhavna hesitantly goes
Anuj calls Menka
Menka: Anuj I told her a 1000 times not to go but she never listened!
Anuj: At least u could have gone along! OK now at least u go to her please!
Menka: So something is really serious?
Anuj: Shut up&go!
Anuj cuts the call
Menka: Mausi I’ll bring Suhani and come
A relative: Where r u going Menka? Suhani will come..Come on sit I’ve to talk to u..
Menka: But I’ll come in a minute!
Relative: Bet jao na…
Menka hesitantly sits
Anuj informs everything to Raman
Yuvi &Saurab are about to reach
Yuvi: I’m getting so tensed…
Saurab: Relax..We will reach on time.
Karthik reaches Suhani’s house

He sees Suhani about to cross the road to go to her house
He goes to her very fast and grabs her hand
Suhani: Karthik u?
Karthik sticks plaster on her mouth and with great struggle he takes her to his car. Suhani tries her best to escape from his clutches but her efforts goes in vain!
Yuvi &Saurab reach there and sees Suhani being pushes in Karthik’s car
They rush towards them
Saurab &Yuvi hit Karthik hard
Yuvi unties Suhani and takes off the plaster. She hugs him tight.He hugs her back.Karthik pushes Saurab and is about to hit Yuvi’s head with a rod when suddenly somebody holds from behind. Yuvani comes back to their senses.It was Raman.
Raman: Don’t u have any kind of shame?
Karthik: Raman,u don’t have to interfere in this.And how did u all know about this?
Saurab: Vikram told us..
Yuvi: If he was not there then..
Vikram comes there
Karthik beats Vikky.Raman stops him from beating Vikky.
Karthik: How did u get out of there?
Vikky: Karthik, don’t u know that truth always prevails? So by God’s grace I was able to free myself and inform Yuvi about your plan..
Karthik: I will not forgive anyone.. But Suhani why do u do this to me? I love u..
Suhani: Don’t ever say that..U are not even fit to say that word.And Karthik if u loved me then u would not do such a thing.I thought that u’ve changed but u..
Karthik: Suhani please give me a last chance to prove myself. Then we can happily marry.
Yuvi holds Karthik’s collar
Suhani holds Yuvi
Yuvi: How dare u!
Yuvi beats him
Suhani: Leave him Yuvi!
Yuvi stops
Karthik: Dekha! Suhani still loves me.Come with me Suhani we will go get married peacefully.
Yuvi fumes
Suhani goes to him
All gets shocked.Karthik smiles
Yuvi: Suhani??
Suhani goes closer to Karthik and slaps hi hard
Karthik holds is face
Suhani: This is for cheating me! And here after don’t ever show your face to me! I hate u to the core!
Saurab: He won’t be able to do that I’m gonna call police..
Suhani: No bhayya..
Yuvi: Suhani but he have to be taught a lesson!
Suhani: We don’t have to do anything for that life will give him punishments for all the evil things he did so far..
Lata,Bhavna &Menka comes out and sees all of them standing
They rush to them
Lata: All of u here? What’s the matter?
Yuvi: Aunty I just wanted to meet Suhani so I came here..
Lata: And u are Karthik right?
Suhani: Yes mummy..So Karthik please do as I instructed…Get out of my life forever!
Karthik fumes and leaves
Lata: Suhani what are u telling?
Bhavna&Menka: At least tell us now guys!
Suhani cries and goes inside her house
Yuvi: Suhani!
Yuvi also goes behind her

Lata: Will somebody tell me what’s going on?
Saurab: Aunty I’ll explain..
@Suhani’s room
Suhani sits on the bed and cries
Yuvi goes to her
Yuvi: Suhani?
Suhani hugs him
Suhani: I’m sorry Yuvraj.. I never listened to u..But u always warned me about Karthik..
Yuvi: Don’t cry and don’t blame yourself for this.And u have to thank Vikram.If only he wouldn’t have informed then I would’ve lost u..
Suhani: Yes I have to thank him..
Yuvi smiles
All come to Suhani’s room
Vikram: Suhani are u okay now?

Suhani: Thank u for everything Vikram!
Vikram: It was my duty..Karthik was my friend but I can’t let him harm u..
Suhani smiles
Bhavna &Menka: Sharad and Anuj informed us but we were so busy in our work..Sorry Suhani
Raman: Now enough of sorry’s and thanks you’s..We have to leave now else..
Yuvi: OMG! Bye I’m leaving..
All of them leave
Lata comes and hugs Suhani
Lata: Suhani u never said a word to me about Karthik and his love..
Menka: Mausi we were gonna say that but what to do Suhani fell in love with Yuvi.And so we thought to close Karthik’s chapter. But he never wanted us to live happily..
Lata: Bhavna u also knew about this?

Bhavna nods
Pankaj: Lataji aap kya kar rahi hai? All the guests are waiting and I saw Yuvraj,Raman&Saurab coming here..What’s the matter?
Lata looks at Suhani
Lata: Pankaj ji I’ll tell that to u later now I’m going.. There’s lots of work.Bhavna come with me..
Bhavna goes

Precap: The trio’s marriage

Credit to: Neethu

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  5. Thank you for your comments Ude,Feel,Shree and Reshma!
    I’ll try to update it as soon as possible.. And please give me your suggestions of story line after the trio’s marriage.

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