Love is the way!(episode-37)


The episode starts with Suhani & family reaching Birla house in the evening

Dadi: Suhani, Menka&Ishita u guys go and apply mehendi
They all go
Bhavna puts mehendi for Suhani,Rags for Menka and Vandu for Ishu.
Shravu: Amma I’ll put mehendi for Ishu chitti..
Vandu: Shravu don’t disturb me..Go there and have samosas.Your appa is over there go to him..
Shravu: No No No! I’m not going anywhere. I will put mehendi..
Vandu: Shravu just go now or else u will get a beating from me!
Shravu acts like crying
Ishu: Shravu smart kids don’t cry!
Vandu: Crying? He is just acting..Enough u go now..
Raman: Shravu come with me we will play..
Shravu: No! I will put mehendi for Ishu chitti..
Raman: Chee Shravu ! Don’t be like girls we will play racing games ..
Shravu goes with Raman
Raman winks at Ishu
Ishu smiles

Meanwhile Yuvi goes to Suhani
Suhani: How is it?
Yuvi: Good one Bhavna.. And write my name also in it not anybody else’s..
Suhani: I won’t write your name!
Yuvi: Then whose?
Suhani: I’ll write Karthik’s name..
Bhavna laughs
Bhavna: Suhani!
Yuvi frowns and leaves
Bhavna: Why do u do this Suhani? Look he got angry at u!
Suhani: This Sadu na never understands jokes! Di 2mins I’ll console him and come..
Bhavna smiles
Suhani sees Yuvi standing in his room
Yuvi (thinking): What was Vikram about to tell me? And now he has not come here nor he has attended my calls..
Suhani: Yuvraj..
Yuvi: What’s it Suhani?
Suhani: I’m sorry I did not mean to hurt u..
Yuvi: It’s OK Suhani u don’t have to apologize. But promise me that u will always be with me…
Suhani: Of course I will!
Yuvi hugs Suhani
Suhani(thinking): What happened to Yuvi? Why is he getting very emotional now..
Suhani: Enough enough.. Now come on smile

He smiles
Suhani: That’s like a good boy!
Saurab: Guys come on all of them are searching for u..
They go outside the room
Bhavna: Suhani looks like your mehendi got dried..
Rags: And look it’s really dark in colour..
Suhani: And this shows we love each other so much.Right Yuvi?
Yuvi is worried and does not hear Suhani
Sharad: Yuvraj!
Yuvi: Yeah..
Sharad: Why are u always lost in thoughts Yuvi?
Bhavna: Sharad here u take care of Golu for sometime..
Suhani (audible to Yuvi): Yuvi is everything alright?
Yuvi: Yeah..
Yuvi goes to the kitchen to have water

Ishu: Suhani, what happened to Yuvi? I mean he isn’t talking properly with anyone..
Raman: U are right Ishu there is something fishy..
Suhani: Raman u try and find out na he is not ready to tell me..
Raman nods
Raman goes to Yuvi who is drinking water
Raman: So Yuvi what’s your plan after marriage.. I mean honeymoon and all.. Actually me&Ishu are going to Singapore
Yuvi: No plans..First let this shaadi happen without any problems then I’ll decide.
Raman: What problems?
Yuvi: Uh…Nothing..
Raman: Come on Yuvi don’t hide anything from me I know you’re lying!
Yuvi tells everything to Raman
Yuvi: This is what happened..And I know Suhani sent u to me now,so u dare not utter a word about this to her.. will u?
Raman gets confused
Raman: O..Ok…Do u really think that Karthik would do something or maybe Vikram was telling u about something else..
Yuvi:I don’t know..But Vikram was very tensed I could understand that from his voice..
Raman: Then we could do something.We will go to his house and find out and if Karthik is blackmailing Vikky about something then we will get to know that too..
Yuvi: Good idea!
Raman goes to Suhani
Ishu: What happened Raman?
Raman: Suhani it’s all because of u!
Suhani: Me?
Raman: Yes u..If u did not taunt him he wouldn’t have got irritated
Suhani: Oh! Is that the reason?
Raman: Yes..
Suhani: He is such an idiot why can’t he understand jokes?

Raman looks on
Toshi: Maaji we will leave now as it’s getting late and tomorrow is the shaadi we have to so some preparations..
Dadi: OK Toshi…Then we’ll meet tomorrow
Raman: Ma u go I’ll come after sometime with Yuvi
Toshi: But why?
Raman: Ma u just go I’ll come..
Bhallas,Shivastavs and Iyers leave
Yuvi:Raman shall we leave now?
Raman nods
Anuj: Where r u guys going?
Yuvi: Anuj I’ll explain to u after returning..
Yuvi &Raman reach a house
Yuvi: Are u sure this is his house?
Raman: Yeah..I had come here in our college days for some project purpose
They ring the bell.A Lady opens the door
Raman: Namasthe aunty is this Vikram’s house?
Rekha(Vikky’s mom): Yes..But I couldn’t recognize u..
Yuvi: Aunty we are his friends.. I’m Yuvraj &he is Raman
Rekha: Oh! Then if I’m not wrong it’s your shaadi tomorrow right?
Yuvi: Yes aunty..
Rekha: U guys here at this hour?
Raman: Aunty we had to meet Vikky for a purpose..Is he there?
Rekha: No..actually since today morning he is with Karthik only. He might be at his house .He had not attended my calls also..
Yuvi: Aunty did he tell u something about Karthik…
Rekha: About Karthik…. Yeah he was.I think he had a fought with him he told me that he isn’t trustworthy and all that…And he also told me about a girl named Su….Suh..

Yuvi &Raman in a chorus: Suhani?
Rekha:Yes Suhani..
Yuvi(in a worried tone): What did he say about her??
Rekha: He told me that Karthik is cheating her or something like that…
Yuvi &Raman look at each other
Rekha: Do u guys know her?
Yuvi: She is my fiancée!
Rekha: Oh!
Raman: OK aunty we will leave now..
Yuvi: And please do inform us when Vikky calls..
Rekha: Sure…
They leave

On the way
Yuvi: This is getting really serious now!
Raman: Yes and somebody must be with Suhani all the time..Or else
Yuvi: I’ll call her now..
Yuvi calls Suhani
She picks up the call
Yuvi: Where are u??
Suhani: At my house! Why do u keep asking this to me all the time?
Yuvi sighs a relief
Yuvi: Suhani don’t go alone anywhere even outside your house..
Suhani: Now something is really serious.. Tell me what’s the matter?
Yuvi: Don’t question me and just listen to what I say!
He ends the call
Menka: Who is it Suhani?
Suhani: It was Yuvi..
Suhani explains everything to Menka
Menka: Tomorrow is your shaadi and maybe that’s why he was worried..
Suhani: No Menka…. Something is not right.

Precap:Suhani is told to give something at a neighboring house.Suhani goes out of the house.A car is seen parked there. Vikram manages to untie his rope and he finds his phone there and calls Yuvi.

Credit to: Neethu

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