Love is the way!(episode-36)


The episode starts with the sun rising the next morning
Lata: Suhani, Menka,get up! It’s 9am
Suhani: 5mins more mummy!
Menka: 10mins more mausi!
Lata: Not even a second is there to waste..It’s your mehendi today remember?
Suhani: Mummy pleas!
Lata: Suhani,2din baad tumhari shaadi hai aur waha jaakar aisa karogi tho..
Suhani: Mummy,Yuvi will wake me up..U don’t worry..
Lata hits her head
Lata: Then both of u do whatever u want I’m going!
Lata leaves
Menka: Yeh mausi bhi na…

Suhani: Menka let’s get up..
They get up and take bath.Both of them go to the hall
Pankaj(looking at the clock): Good morning girls!
Suhani&Menka in a chorus: Good morning…….. Oh it’s 9:30
Lata: That’s what I was telling u!
Suhani &Menka look at each other
@Karthik’s house
Vikram: Karthik were u serious yesterday?
Karthik: About what?
Vikram: About Suhani…

Karthik: Yes! I really meant what I said..
Vikram: So what’s your plan?……I mean what would u do to stop this shaadi..
Karthik: Anything!
Vikram: Karthik but tell me..
Karthik: What’s your problem? I don’t need your help in this,so u just wait&watch..
Vikram: OK i have an important work..I’ll leave now
Vikky leaves.Karthik gets thinking.
@Birla house
Pratima: Yuvraj,Anuj where are u two?
Ramesh: Mausi ji both of them are in that room.
Pratima: OK..
Pratima goes into the room
Yuvi: I won!
Anuj: U cheater! This is not fair!
Yuvi: Just shut up if u don’t know to play..
Anuj: OK then let’s play once more…
Yuvi: If u like loosing so much then we’ll play!
Anuj fumes

Anuj: Let’s see…
Pratima: Both of u are playing PSP! Don’t u know it’s your mehendi function today..
Yuvi: Ma it’s in the evening only na..Let me relax for sometime..
Pratima: Hmm..Anuj at least u go take bath. Yuvi has bathed already..
Anuj: OK ma…
@Bhalla house
Raman is talking with Ishu over the phone
Ishu: Raman please try to understand!
Raman: Alright we will make our mothers join together.. And do u know ma has not yet agreed for the shaadi in Birla tradition. And she says that she will do our marriage again in Punjabi style…
Ishu: Oh! Please stop her from doing so..Otherwise my Amma..Oh murugan what shall I do now?
Toshi: Raman,u can talk later come here now..
Raman: OK I’ll call u later bye..Love u!
Ishu smiles
@Birla house

Yuvi gets a message
Yuvi: This message is from the same number from which I got many calls yesterday.. Let me see the text..
Yuvi reads the text: Yuvraj,this is me Vikram. I was trying to call u from yesterday but we couldn’t speak.I have to tell u an important thing about Karthik.So I’ll be waiting in front of your house after an hour.Please do come.
Yuvi: What does he have to tell me about Karthik? I think that Karthik might have again.. But how can that happen Suhani told me that he has changed. Now I’ll have to definitely meet Vikram..
After an hour
Vikram reaches Birla house.He waits for Yuvi.
Yuvi also is about to come out when some of his relatives stop him and talks with him.
Vikram: Why isn’t he coming?
Suddenly Karthik comes there
Karthik: Why are u here Vikky?
Vikram gets shocked seeing him.

Vikram: Me?….Actually Suhani invited me so I just..And why are u here?
Karthik: For the same reason only.But I came to know that the function is in the evening so we will go now..
Vikram: U go..I’ll meet Yuvi&come
Karthik: For what?
Vikram:Uh…..Just to talk..Since we haven’t met for many years..
Karthik: We will talk in the evening. Come with me now..
Vikram: But Karthik I…
He takes Vikky and goes
Meanwhile Yuvi comes out and sees nobody there..
Yuvi: Vikram hasn’t come yet..or has he went back?
Sharad: Yuvi what are u doing here come Dadi is calling u..
Yuvi: Ok Come..
They go in
Karthik takes Vikky to a godown

Vikram: Why did u bring me here??
Karthik: Just for fun..
Vikram: What do u mean?
Karthik: Come we will play.
Vikram: Have u gone mad Karthik?? I’m going!
Vikram is about to leave when Karthik holds his hand
Vikram: What now?
Karthik: Hmm..We will play hide&seek u go count and I’ll hide..
Vikram: What??
Karthik: What did u think that I won’t know anything?
Vikky gets tensed
Karthik: Kya hua tumhara chehra uthar kyun gaya?

Vikky: Leave me I’m going!
Karthik: Ah ah..Now u won’t go anywhere till my work is complete..
Vikram: What work?
Karthik: Don’t act smart Vikky! I know that u were about to tell everything to Yuvraj. Right?
Vikky: Yes! Why do u do this? Don’t u have any shame?
Karthik: How dare u double cross me? I thought u were a good friend of mine.But u are a cheater!
Vikky: U r a cheater! Why do u torture Suhani all the time?
Karthik: Because I love her! She also loved me.And she still does!
Vikky: No she won’t such a besharam like u!
Karthik: Hey! Mind your words.Now u are not going anywhere till I marry Suhani. Samaaj seva karne ka bohoth shauk hai na..Now let me see how do u rescue your friend Suhani!
Vikky: I’m not scared of u!
They both fight. Some goons come and beat Vikky and they lock him in a room there
Karthik: Now let me see who stops me!

No precap

Hello guys! I just wanted to inform u that till April 12th I’ll most probably not be able to update as my exams are starting tomorrow (1st April)

Credit to: Neethu

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