Love is the way!(episode-35)

The episode starts with Suhani reaching her house and talking to Yuvi about her meeting Karthik.
Suhani: Do u know Karthik was looking so different with beard and all…
Yuvi: Hmm..Did u invite him for our shaadi?
Suhani: Yeah..
Yuvi: Suhani u r such an idiot..U know t
hat he loved u and now u are inviting him for our marriage. He would feel bad.
Suhani: No Yuvi..In fact now he has changed a lot.He has moved on in life and so do I..
Yuvi: OK..but don’t force him to come.
Suhani: OK..Bye I’ll talk to u later
She ends the call
Suhani(thinking): Maybe Yuvi is right..Karthik was behaving strange after I told him that I’m getting married..
Menka:Suhani r u dreaming?
Suhani comes back to her senses
Suhani: No Menka.. When are we going to Birla house for Naamkaran ceremony?
Menka: I came to tell u that only..Get ready we are leaving now..
Suhani: Teek hai..I’ll come I’m just 2mins
They all reach Birla house
Dadi welcomes them
They see the house is beautifully decorated
Ishu: Waah! The house is looking awesome
Menka: And Rags di is looking more awesome
They go to Rags

Suhani: Di u look beautiful!
Rags: Thank u Suhani! And what about my daughter?
Ishu: She is too cute!
Ishu takes the baby
Lata comes to Rags.Rags takes blessing from her
Dadi: OK now we will start the ceremony!
Rags&Saurab sit along with the baby
Dadi: Bache ke naamkaran uski Dadi karegi..
Pratima comes to the baby and takes her
Pratima names the baby
Pratima: Aajse meri pothi ka naam ‘Riya’ hogi..

All get happy hearing the name
Lata: It’s a good name Pratima ji…
Saurab takes the baby
The naamkaran ceremony gets completed
Dadi: Kal haldi hai…So I’ll come to your house and apply Haldi to my Daughter-in-laws..
Ishu: Raman Mummy ji would come tomorrow right?
Raman: Yeah she will..But please don’t frighten her by doing over makeup!
Ishu: Shut up! After 3 days I’ll rule over u till then u enjoy your freedom..
Raman: We will see who loses their freedom!
Ishu: We will see! And one more thing tomorrow for Haldi I’ll be at Suhani’s house only..
Raman: OK..
Ishu: One more thing…I love u!
Ishu runs away
Raman: Madrasan wait..This girl na…
Raman smiles

Karthik meets Vikram at a bar.Karthik drinks
Vikram: Karthik it’s enough man! Don’t drink more than this!
Karthik: Shut up! Bohoth hogaya..ab me usse nahi chodunga!
Vikram: Look u only left her and moved on in life right? And suddenly u say that u love her…
Karthik: Suddenly eh? I always loved her but she cheated me! Only of that idiot Yuvraj had not interfered in between she would have been mine…
Only mine!
Vikram: Oh really? Don’t forget that we were the ones who cheated them and I still regret for that.But u have not changed yet!
Karthik: U always support those girls! I don’t need a friend like u any more..
Vikram: Bas tumhe bohoth chad gaya..Chalo mere saath..
Karthik: But u wait and see how I will stop Suhani’s shaadi!
Vikram (thinking): This is not good..I’ve to inform this to Yuvraj at the earliest..

The next day
Ishu,Suhani &Menka wear a yellow saree and are ready for the Haldi ceremony
Lata: Madhu ji,we will start the function now
They all agree
Bhavna applies Haldi for Suhani, Rags for Menka and Vandu for Ishu.
Suhani: We will take a selfie!
Bhavna clicks a picture
Rags sees the pic
Rags: Oh I look very fat in this! I’ve to start dieting from today
The girls laugh
Rags: Now u guys don’t make fun of me!
Lata&Madhu applies Haldi for all 3 of them.
Meanwhile at Birla house
Pratima,Dadi ,Saurab,Toshi&Romi apply Haldi for the boys
Yuvi: Ma,please don’t apply on me!
Pratima: Yuvi don’t behave like a child.U’re gonna get married!
Yuvi hesitantly applies the Haldi
Saurab&Anuj taunt Yuvi
Toshi: Ab humein Haldi lekar apni bahuon ke yahan chalni hai..
Dadi: Yes we will leave now..

They reach Suhani’s house
Dadi,Pratima &Toshi apply Haldi to the girls
Toshi:My bahu is looking very pretty!
Madhu fumes.Suhani notices this.
Suhani: Aakhir beti kiski hai!
Madhu smiles.
Menka: Aren’t we looking good?
Pratima: U are looking like angels!
Menka blushes
Rags: Meenu,Ma did not tell that about u.U look like a devil.
Menka: Acha? Then u are s fatso!
Rags: How dare u!
The baby cries
Menka laughs aloud
Lata: Menka!
Menka controls herself
Meanwhile Vikram tries calling Yuvraj
Vikram: Why doesn’t he take the call?
Yuvi is busy talking with all of them and he does not notice the call
Vikram: Damn it! Now what do I do? Shall I go to his house? No,no many people might be there.. This Karthik would go to any extent to stop this marriage.I’ll try asking him what’s his plan…

@Birla house
At night
Yuvi goes to his room and thinks about Suhani
Yuvi:Just after 2days Suhani would become Mrs.Suhani Yuvraj Birla.
He smiles
Yuvi:Let me talk to Suhani now
He takes his phone and sees 5missed calls from an unknown number.
Yuvi: Who can this be? Maybe Anuj’s friends.I’ll ask him
Yuvi asks Anuj
Anuj: I don’t know Yuvi… I’m not familiar with this number
Yuvi: OK u go sleep..
Anuj leaves
Yuvi: I’ll call in this number And see..
Yuvi calls
Yuvi (thinking): It’s switched off! OK maybe somebody would have called by mistake.
Yuvi goes to sleep.At midnight he gets a dream.He wakes up.
Yuvi: Suhani!!
He drinks water
Yuvi: Maybe it was a nightmare..but I’m feeling something bad is gonna happen..
He calls Suhani.She takes the call
Suhani: What is it Yuvi? Is everything fine there?
Yuvi: Suhani just tell me where are u? Are u OK?
Suhani: Have u gone mad? I’m obviously at my house! But Why do u ask that?
Yuvi: Nothing…. I just got a nightmare.So I was ..
Suhani: So u got scared that something might happen to me..
Yuvi: Don’t say that!
Suhani: Yuvi I’m OK…Now u go to sleep.Tomorrow is mehendi..I’ve to get up early..
Yuvi: OK bye..I love u!
Suhani: I love u too Sadu!
She ends the call
Yuvi smiles

Precap: Vikram messages Yuvi to meet him outside Birla house.Karthik sees Vikram standing before the house and goes to him.

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