Love is the way!(episode-34)


The episode starts with Yuvi and Suhani telling about the Shaadi to their family
Lata: Suhani.. We don’t have any problem in this but it’s our courtesy to ask Pratima Ji..
Suhani: Mummy u don’t worry about that..Yuvi will handle it.
Meanwhile Yuvi also tells the same
Dadi: Mujhe koyi problem nahi..We will do all three marriages together..Isn’t it Pratima?
Pratima: Yes maaji..Otherwise u guys will also feel sad for not attending your friend’s shaadi..
Anuj: Thank u ma!
They hug Pratima &Dadi
Saurab: Tum Sab ko shaadi karne mein itni jaldi hai?
Yuvi: Ha kyun nahi..U also were the same.
Saurab fumes
They laugh

The next day
The Bhallas Iyers&Shivastavs come at Birla house
They all greet Dadi&Pratima Anuj,Yuvi,Menka,Suhani,Rags,Saurab,Raman,Ishu,Bhavna Sharad goes to the terrace
Toshi:We have to start the preparations as there are 3 marriages..
Lata: Yes..and Pratima ji we should arrange a big hall also.
Pratima: I’ll arrange it Lataji u don’t worry..
Madhu: But we want the marriage in south Indian style only..
Toshi: But we haven’t agreed for it still!
Madhu: What’s there in thinking?
Mr.Bhalla: OK OK..we agree to this..
Toshi: Bhalla ji how can u agree without asking me? I won’t agree!
Madhu: But why?
Toshi: We are Punjabis so no Tamil style!
Madhu fumes
Meanwhile @the terrace
Ishu: I can’t believe that I’m getting married!
Raman pinches Ishu
Ishu: Ahhh!
Raman: Now do u believe it?
Ishu: Yeah…

Yuvi: But guys just imagine all of our marriages together in the same place.. It will be awesome!
Suhani: Yes Yuvi.. Now I can’t wait to get married
Menka: When did u change so much Suhani? I mean u were not ready for this right?
Suhani: U right but now I’m ready..Right Yuvi?
Suhani &Yuvi remembers the incident in the park and smiles.Saware plays.
Bhavna: There is lots of shopping to be done!
Rags: I love shopping!
Menka: But u are not going anywhere di u have to take rest!
Rags: No Meenu! I will come..Come on yaar it’s 3 of my sister’s marriage and I can’t sit idle..
Saurab: OK Rags u can go shopping but take care..
Romi comes rushing upstairs
Romi: Bhai!
Raman: what happened Romi??
Romi: Bhai,Bhabhi, I think that your marriage won’t happen!
Raman: What the hell! But why??
Ishu: Is everything OK?
Romi: Nothing is OK! I mean our mothers are just..Just come with me all of u I’ll show u..
Yuvi: But what’s going on Romi?
Romi: Come downstairs u will understand..

All go downstairs they see Toshi&Madhu fighting
Ishu: Oh!
Madhu: Why are u so arrogant?
Toshi: How dare u say that to me? U are arrogant why can’t u do it in Punjabi style?
Pratima: Aap dono shaanth ho jayiye..Hum aaram se baath karenge..
Toshi: No Pratima ji! I want to know what this madrasan is up to!
Madhu: U shut up!
Ishu: Amma!
Raman: Ma!
Madhu&Toshi in a chorus: U don’t interfere in this!
Ishu: Amma please try to understand what’s the problem if it is in Punjabi or Tamil style..
Madhu: I have problem!
Raman: Ma please don’t create a drama here it’s not our house
Toshi: Tumhe kuch bolne ki zaroorat nahi hai!
Raman: Teek hai aap dono nahi maanege na..Then Me and Ishu will go alone somewhere and get married peacefully!
All gets shocked

Madhu: U won’t do anything of that sort!
Ishu: I agree with Raman.If u don’t stop fighting then..
Dadi: Kyun itna shor macha rakha hai yaha?
Yuvi: Dadi Wo…
Yuvi tells everything to Dadi
Dadi: Teek hai tho….The marriage will be nor a Punjabi or a Tamil it will be in Birla tradition..
Toshi: But we..
Dadi: This is my final decision!
Dadi leaves

Toshi &Madhu stare at each other and stand
Raman hits his head
Madhu: Pratima ji we will leave now..
Pratima: OK..We will go shopping tomorrow for the brides
All the boys in a chorus: Then for us?
Pratima: Day after tomorrow for u..Yuvraj we have to buy dresses for our relatives online only as we are running short of time..
Saurab: I’ll take care of that ma..
The Bhallas,Shivastavs and Iyers leave
Anuj: Raman we have to make your mom and Ishu’s mom to join hands or else this may end in great trouble..
Raman: U’re right..Something has to be done.But only after our shaadi.
Anuj nods

Raman: OK bye see u guys tomorrow..
Raman leaves

The next day all go for shopping
Suhani: Ma I liked that saree..
Lata: No Suhani that doesn’t suit u..Maybe it suits for Menka
Menka: Yeah I liked this one..
Suhani: What about that red one?
Rags: Uh..Suhani u have such a bad taste!

The baby cries
Rags: Don’t cry..We’ll do shopping for u also…
Rags pacifies the baby
Ishu: My shopping is done!
Suhani: Itni jaldi?
Ishu: Actually I select my dresses soon as I don’t like to waste time in shopping..
Rags: Ishu how could u say that it’s a waste of time!
Ishu: U like it because u are a fashion designer!

Lata: Girls please we have to select dresses soon i have many other works..
Suhani: Mine is also done!
Menka: Mine too!
Lata: Then come we will go home..
Madhu: But I have to buy a necklace for Ishu!
Lata: Then we will go after buying that..
They enter a jewellery shop
All are busy selecting a necklace for Ishu while Suhani goes away from there and looks at the jewellery
Suddenly she bumps into someone.

Suhani: I’m sorry!
Guy: It’s OK..
Suhani looks at the guy and recognises him
Suhani: Karthik?
Karthik: Suhani! Oh how are u? We haven’t met since 5years
Suhani: I’m fine but where were u all these years?
Karthik: I was in Europe and did P.hd..
Suhani: Oh good..
Karthik: And what are u doing here?
Suhani: Oh yeah I forgot to tell that to u! I’m getting married this week.Not only me Menka and Ishu also.All on the same day..
Karthik: Hmm..To whom are u guys getting married?
Suhani: Don’t u know that obviously to Yuvraj, And Ishu to Raman and Menka to Anuj..
Karthik feels sad
Karthik: OK we will meet some other day now I’ve to leave..
Suhani: Wait….Here take this invitation of our marriage. U have to come there definitely!
Karthik: Ok I’ll try to..
Suhani: Can’t u meet Menka and Ishu they are here only I’ll bring them..
Karthik: It’s OK they must be busy selecting I’ll met them at the marriage.. Bye
Suhani: Bye.. But why is he behaving so strange? Whatever..
Menka: Suhani where were u all this time?
Rags: Talking to Yuvi ah?
Suhani: No no..I met Karthik now.
She explains them everything
Ishu: Good to hear it.. At last he has moved on in life.
Suhani nods
Karthik hears this
Karthik (thinking): I haven’t moved yet! And I’ll take the thing which belongs to me..
He leaves

Precap: Naamkaran ceremony of Saurab’s child and Haldi ceremony

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Credit to: Neethu

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