Love is the way!(episode-33)

The episode starts with Suhani &Yuvi seeing both Menka&Anuj hugging each other
Yuvi coughs
Both of them break the hug
Suhani: May I know what’s going on?
Menka: I was hugging my fiancée..Is there something wrong in it?
Yuvi nods in negation
Anuj: And I know u two were also doing the same!
Yuvani blushes
Suhani: OK then if all your hugging is complete we will go now..
Menka: Teek hai..Bye darling!
Anuj: Bye!

Suhani: Bye baby!
Yuvi feels shy
Anuj laughs
They leave
@Raman’s house
Ishu comes out of his house
Raman: Ishu well done yaar!
Ishu: Thank u! Now I need something from u…
Raman: Chocolates??
Ishu: No! Something else..
Raman: U had many parathas already and if u have more then u will become a fatso during the marriage
Ishu: How dare u call me a fatso!
Ishu hits Raman
Raman: OK sorry! Tell me what u want..

Ishu(in Raman’s ears): A kiss!
Raman: I can’t give u!
Ishu: Then I’m not leaving from here!
Raman: Madrasan, I’ll give u afterwards u go now..
Ishu: Then I’ll give u!
Ishu kisses Raman and runs away
Raman: Hey wait!
Raman smiles
After 1 day
Anuj: Ma!
Pratima: What is it Anuj?
Anuj: Ma Saurab bhayya and bhabhi are on the way home…
Pratima: Why didn’t they inform this earlier?
Anuj: He messaged me just now
Pratima: Ramesh ,Aarthi ka thaal tayyar karke rakhna! Jaldi…
Ramesh: Ji Mausiji…
Bhavna: Ma, Mummy and Papa are also coming here now..
Pratima: OK.
They hear a knock at the door
Pratima: Maybe it’s Suhani…
It’s Raman
Raman: Hello ma..

Pratima: Hi..come in Yuvi is in his room
Suhani,Ishu,Menka,Lata and Pankaj also reach Birla house
Lata: I’m gonna meet Rags after 5 years I’m so happy today..
Bhavna hugs Lata
Raman: Ishu! I have to tell u something come here…
Ishu goes to Raman
Raman: My mom&dad will come to your house today for discussing about the marriage..
Ishu: My parents are at home only they can come at any time..
Raman: I’ll inform them to come at the evening..
The door bell rings
Dadi goes rushing and opens the door
All see Saurab,Ragini and their baby at the door
Saurab: Dadi!
He hugs Dadi.Rags takes blessing from Dadi.
Pratima,Menka,Suhani,Bhavna, Lata and Pankaj goes to them
Lata: Oh mera chotu! Nani me paas aao…
Lata takes the baby from Rags
Rags: Meenu,Suhani, Bhavna,Ishu!

All hug Rags
Anuj,Yuvi, Sharad and Raman hug Saurab
Pratima: Saurab look at’ve become very lean.I think u don’t eat properly at all!
Saurab: Yes ma it’s because I don’t get food cooked by u..
Rags: Saurab that means I’m not a good cook!
Saurab: It’s the truth Rags!
Rags: Ma look at your son he has been troubling me since 5years!
Pratima: Now u guys don’t argue come in…No wait.Ramesh!
Ramesh: Mausi have this arthi thaal..
Saurab: Ramesh tum bade handsome ho gaye ho!
Ramesh: Bhayya vo tho hum pehle se hi the..
All laugh
Pratima does Arthi for Saurab and Rags and they enter the house
Dadi: Saurab I never meant to say that I won’t let your marriage happen.But instead because my sister fell ill I wanted to postpone the shaadi..
Saurab: I know Dadi it was all my mistake….I took it in a wrong sense and decided to leave this house.But after going only I came to know about my mistake.. But I didn’t have the guts to face u and so 5years passed..

Dadi: It’s OK beta..Now we are happy because u are with us.Let’s forget about the past
Saurab: Ji Dadi..
Lata: Rags u go & take rest for sometime.
Rags: OK mausi..
Lata: U sleep i’ll take care of the baby..
Rags goes
Menka plays with the baby
Menka: Baby! Look at me I’m your mausi
The baby does not look at her
Anuj: Menka the baby does not want to see your horrifying face!
He laughs
Menka: Anuj! Baby I’ll introduce u to your bro.
Suhani brings Golu there
Golu looks at the baby and smiles
Ishu: He liked his sis!
Meanwhile Toshi calls Raman
Raman: Tell me Ma..
Toshi: Raman did u talk to Ishu about the shaadi?
Raman: Yes ma we can go today to her house..
Toshi: OK then u come home now..
Raman: But Saurab bhayya has just arrived…And Ishu is also here
Toshi: Then u drop her in her house and come..
Raman: OK..

Raman tells it to Ishu
Ishu: But Raman is it necessary to come to my home today?
Raman: It is! U just come along with me…
Raman tells it to all
Suhani: Ishu go yaar..U can talk to Rags di anytime
Bhavna: Yes and from today she is gonna be here only so u leave..
Lata: Jao na beta..
Ishu hesitantly goes with Raman
Menka: Bechari Ishu!
Anuj: Why bechari? Even we have the same problem.Let her also understand our pain
Yuvi smiles.
Raman drops Ishu at her house
Amma: Ishu get ready soon.Mrs.Bhalla will be here any time
Ishu: 5mins amma!
Vandu makes Ishu wear kajra
Ishu: Akka! It’s not my marriage today
Vandu: I don’t care..But I want my sis to look gorgeous
Ishu smiles
Shravu: Hey ladies!

Vandu: Shravu tumse kitne baar kaha hai ki badon se aise baath nahi karte!
Shravu: Whatever! But Patti (Amma)asked me to tell u that Raman has come..
Vandu: Shravu he is your chithappa! Ishu now come soon..
Shravu leaves
In the hall
Toshi: Where is my bahu?
Madhu(ishu’s mom): She is getting ready..2mins.
Raman(thinking): I see her everyday so what is the need of taking time in getting ready…
Ishu comes along with Vandu
Raman looks at her and gets mesmerized
Toshi: Ishu puttar u look lovely..
Ishu: Thank u Mummy Ji!
Ishu serves coffee for all of them
Ishu gives it to Raman
They both stare at each other. They have an eye lock.
Romi: Bhabhi! Coffee tastes really good.
Ishu: Actually Amma only made it..
Raman(in a low voice): That’s why it tastes good..
Romi smiles
Ishu: Kuch kaha tumne Raman?
Raman nods in negation
Omprakash(Mr.Bhalla): We are actually deciding to get him married soon.And we have already verified the mauhrat

Appa(Mr.Iyer): Bhalla ji we thought of doing her marriage in south Indian style.If u don’t mind..
Toshi&Mr.Bhalla look at each other
Toshi: We want some time to think about that. But the mauhrat is on the next Thursday..
Ishu&Raman in a chorus: No!! Not on Thursday..
Toshi: Why not?
Raman: Ma it’s Yuvraj’s and Anuj’s shaadi on Thursday.. And we have to be there!
Amma: So Toshi ji what about postponing the marriage? We are not in a hurry or something.
Toshi: But me and Bhalla ji are going to London the next month because of my uncle who is really unwell and it’s necessary for us to be there..And we can’t tell that when we might return so this marriage has to be done..
Ishu: But Suhani and Menka??
Amma: We will explain the situation to them.They will understand.
Raman: But ma?
Mr.Bhalla: Don’t argue Raman..
Both Raman&Ishu feels sad
Toshi: Madhu,then we will leave now..
They greet each other &leave
Ishu goes to her room angrily
Vandu: Ishu what about arranging all three marriages together?
Ishu: What do u mean?

Vandu: Look Ishu we will talk with the Birlas and we will arrange a big hall and problem solved!
Ishu: Wow! But will they agree??
Vandu: I hope so..U talk to Suhani and ask Raman to talk to Yuvi
Ishu: Done!
Ishu informs this to Raman and they both talk to Suhani &Yuvraj respectively
Suhani: Ishu if this happens na then I’ll be the happiest person.. All of our marriages together. It will be fun!
Ishu: Fun?? Whatever tell to aunty ji and others..
Suhani: OK!
Meanwhile Raman talks to Yuvi
Raman: Will Dadi agree to this?
Yuvi: I will make her agree!
Yuvi cuts the call

Precap: Marriage preparations

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