Love is the way!(episode-32)


The call episode starts with the sun rising the next morning
Menka: Suhani get up please!
Suhani (still in sleep): Shut up Menka…
Menka: Call Anuj and tell him that I wanna talk to him
Suhani(in sleep): U won’t let me sleep also wait….
Suhani takes her phone and calls Yuvi by mistake
Suhani: Menka wants to talk to u so come to the park
Yuvi (in a sleepy tone): What does she wanna talk with me..
Suhani presses the speaker mode in sleep
Suhani: How do I know that? And also ask Yuvi to come along I wanna talk to him about the marriage
Yuvi gets confused
Yuvi: Suhani? It’s me Yuvi!

Menka takes the phone and sees that Suhani has called Yuvi.She hits her head.
Menka: Suhani look you’ve called Yuvi!
Suhani comes out of her sleep
Suhani: Oh!
Yuvi: Why do u trouble me @5am in the morning? Whatever I’ll come..
Yuvi cuts the call
Menka: But Anuj?
Suhani: Shhh..Let me sleep
Menka gets angry
It’s 8:30 am
Ishu comes along with Vandu &Shravu to Suhani’s home
Lata: Vandu,how are u?
Vandu: I’m good aunty.Where is Suhani &Menka?
Lata: They are in their room.But I’m sure that they are up to something…Hi Shravu!
Shravu: Hello..
Lata: He’s so cute!
Vandu smiles
They go to Suhani’s room
Suhani: Menka why don’t u call idiot?
Menka: No I won’t u monkey!
Suhani throws a pillow on Menka but she bends and Vandu catches it..
Vandu: What’s going on girls?
Menka: All because of Suhani!
Suhani: What did I do?
Ishu: Enough Enough! Any problems?

Menka tells about Suhani calling Yuvi by mistake
Vandu: Just for this silly reason u r fighting?
Ishu: Menka I’ll message Anuj don’t worry
Shravu: Hey guys!
Suhani &Menka turns to see Shravu
Suhani: Guys??
Shravu: You’re looking cute..Wanna dance with me?
They laugh
Vandu: Shravu! Call her Akka!
Shravu: Mom,You’re too boring..
Suhani: Shravu do u know something this akka has gone mad(pointing to Menka)
Menka: Acha?
Shravu: I know that earlier..
Suhani laughs
Vandu: Shravu u should not speak like this to elders!
Shravu gets angry
Shravu: Hmmm…I like only Lata aunty I’m going to her…
He walks off
Somebody knocks at the door
Menka opens and it is Raman
Menka: Oh Raman! Come in na..
Raman rushes inside
Ishu: Raman, what are you doing here?

Raman holds Ishu’s hand and takes her out of the house
Ishu: Raman,kya hua?
Raman: My parents are searching a bride for me!
Ishu: But why??
Raman: Paagal! To get me married only..
Ishu: Then I should also start searching for a bridegroom…
Raman: Ishu??
Ishu: Idiot can’t u tell them about me?
Raman: But how do I?
Ishu: Oh! U are just good for nothing! Come we will go to your house…
Raman: But…. Wait!
Ishu makes Raman sit in his car and she drives to his home
Raman: Madrasan what are u up to?
Ishu: Wait and watch…
Meanwhile @Suhani’s home
Vandu: Where has Ishu gone?
Suhani: Akka she would have gone with her bf
Vandu: This girl na…OK then I’m going bye girls
Suhani &Menka: Bye!
Menka: Now we have to go to the park!
Suhani: Chalo..
The girls reach the park.They see Anuj &Yuvi waiting for them.Suhani&Menka goes to them.
Anuj & Menka stare at each other and stand
Yuvi: Suhani come here I’ve got to talk to u

Yuvani moves a bit away from Menka and Anuj
Yuvi & Suhani sits on a bench
Suhani: Yuvraj….
Yuvi: Tell me.
Suhani: I don’t know how to say but I feel somewhat awkward for the marriage
Yuvi: Same here! But Suhani I love u and I want to be with u for my whole life but this marriage is happening suddenly and…
Suhani: And I don’t understand whether I’m ready for this..
Yuvi: Correct! But we have to make ourselves ready for this because we have a very strong bond between us,right?
Suhani nods
Yuvi: I promise u Suhani that I will always be with u in all circumstances of life
Suhani holds his hands
Suhani: Yuvraj, I will also do the same..I love u!
They hug
@ Raman’s house
Ishu& Raman reach his house
Raman: Ishu,I don’t think my mom would be here now.We will come some other day..
Ishu: Oh so u are trying to avoid me? I won’t let that happen Mr.Raman…
Raman(thinking) : What is she gonna say?
Ishu knocks the door
Romi opens the door
Romi: Hello Ishita bhabhi!

Raman hits his head
Ishu stares at him and goes in
Raman: Idiot!
Romi: Par Meine kya kiya?
Raman also stares at him and goes
Romi stands confused
Ishu: Aunty ji!Aunty Ji!
Raman: Ishu please don’t create a drama!
Ishu: Shut up!
Romi laughs seeing Raman’s expressions
Toshi(Raman’s mom) comes running
Toshi: Kya hua Ishita puttar?
Ishu: I wanna tell something to u..
Toshi: Bolo..
Raman: Please Ishu!
Ishu: U don’t interfere in this Raman. From today I’ll call u as Mummy ji only
Toshi: What do u mean?
Ishu: I meant that I wanna become your bahu!
Raman gets scared
Toshi: But…. Raman.
Ishu: Not because of Raman it’s because I like u Mummy ji.I will be the luckiest person if I become the bahu of this house
Romi controls his laughter
Toshi laughs
Raman: Ma?
Toshi: Ishita kitna jhoot bologi?
Ishu gets shocked
Toshi: Anyways I’m searching for a bride for Raman why don’t u become his wife?
Raman gets stunned
Ishu: Of course I will!

Toshi hugs Ishu
Raman: How could u ma?
Toshi: Not because of u Raman, it’s because I like Ishita!
They laugh
Raman: Ishu I’m impressed! How easily u convinced a tigress
Toshi holds Raman’s ears
Raman: Ahhh! Sorry sorry!
Toshi: And Ishu I know u love Raman more than me..
Ishu blushes
Raman taunts her
Romi: Ma both of them scolded me!
Toshi: Romi,u are in need of another scolding! I asked u to go buy a packet of milk and u are still standing here dreaming…
Romi: I’m going…I’m going…
He leaves
Toshi: Ishita Puttar…
Ishu: Call me Ishu…
Toshi: OK Ishu come and have some parathas
Ishu: Sure!
They all have a nice time

@the park
Menka: Now u tell me why did u say yes in marrying me?
Anuj: Just for fun…
Menka: Fun? Oh so u are playing with my life?
Anuj: No Menka…
Menka: Then tell me what made u agree for this??
Anuj: Love made me agree to this!
Menka gets stunned
Menka: But…how?
Anuj: U are such an idiot … I love u Menka!
Menka: I can’t believe this!
Anuj: Don’t over react. I never thought that I will fall in love with u but it was all fate…
Menka: Oh is it? Then I love u too!
Anuj: So soon?
Menka: Nope..actually i was the one who fell for u first.
Anuj: Then it’s great!
They hug

Precap: Rags& Saurab comes to Birla house

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Credit to: Neethu

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