Love is the way!(episode-31)


The episode star with Ishu coming to Suhani’s house and Suhani telling her about the marriage
Ishu: Oh! So much happened ? And Anuj agreed for the marriage?
Menka: Yes Ishu that’s what is troubling me..Why did he?
Suhani: Menka u don’t eat my head now..Here have this phone and ask it to Anuj himself…
Menka takes the phone from Suhani
Menka gets a call from an unknown number
Suhani: Is it Anuj?
Menka: No it’s an unknown number..
Ishu: Pick the call
Menka receives the call
Menka: Hello
Lady: Hello…
Menka: May I know who is speaking?
Lady: U forgot me so soon? OK anyways I know you are gonna get married now..Won’t u invite me?
Menka: How do u know all this? I think I’ve heard this voice earlier..
Lady: U should have heard this voice.But I just wanted to inform u that I delivered a girl child yesterday.
Menka: But I can’t recognize your voice..
Suhani: Who is it Menka? Put it on speaker na..
Menka puts it on speaker
Lady: Oh that’s Suhani right?

Menka: Yes but how do u know?
Suhani: I know this voice for sure….But I’m not able to remember..
Ishu: I’ve also heard this voice…
Lady: Hi Ishu! That was u right?
Suhani: Yeah but tell us who are u?
Lady: I won’t tell that…U guys find out!
Menka: But….Hello? She has cut the call
Ishu: Who could it be?
They get thinking
Lata: Suhani, Menka and Ishu come I’ve made pakodas for u!
Suhani: Yummy! We will go eat and then think..
The go to the hall and start eating
Ishu: Aunty u are an awesome cook!
Lata: Thank u beta!
Suhani: She is my mom na that’s why!
They laugh

Menka is lost in thoughts
Suhani: Menka!
Menka comes back to her senses and remembers some of her childhood incidents
Menka gets up and rushes to her room
Ishu: Menka what happened!
Suhani: Come we will see her…
They all go to her room
Menka cries holding her phone..
Suhani: Menka kya hua?
Menka hugs Suhani and cries
Ishu:Tell us Menka..
Menka wipes her tears
Menka: Suhani the person who called us was non other than Rags di!
Suhani &Ishu gets shell shocked
Suhani &Ishu in a chorus: What??
Menka: Yes… I’m damn sure it was her voice
Suhani:U r right Menka I also think the same
Ishu: And that’s why she knows everything about us!
Menka tries calling back to that number
Menka: She isn’t taking the call..
Suhani: Relax, she will definitely call us back..
Lata comes there

Lata: Girls is that true?
Suhani: What mummy?
Lata: That Rags called..
Ishu: Yes aunty it was her..
Lata cries
Suhani: Ma u don’t worry she will come back soon. And do u know something she delivered a girl baby yesterday!
Lata: Really? I’m very happy because I became a nani now..
All laugh
Lata:I’ll tell this to Pankaj ji…
Suhani: I’ll tell to Yuvi
Suhani calls Yuvi
Yuvi: Hello Suhani tell me..
Suhani: Yuvi, we spoke to Rags di today!
Yuvi: What?
Suhani explains everything to Yuvi
Anuj: Suhani that means Saurab bhayya is also…
Yuvi: Suhani u just send me the number
Suhani: Ok ..Bye
Yuvi hugs Anuj
Pankaj: Menka call Rags once more
Menka tries calling
Rags sees the call

Saurab: Rags take the call
Rags: They would have recognized me now what do I tell them?
Saurab: Give it to me I’ll speak..
Menka: She is not attending the call…No she is calling back
Saurab: Hello..
Menka: Saurab bhayya?
All gets happy
Saurab: Yeah Menka it’s me.. How are u?
Menka: I’m fine Bhayya..What about baby and Rags di?
Saurab: They are fine..Wait u speak to Rags
Rags: Meenu(Menka)?
Menka: Rags di….
Lata: Rags beta kaise ho tum?
Rags: Mausi mein achi hun.Now u have become nani!
Lata laughs
Lata: It’s true
Pankaj: Beta when are u coming home?
Rags: We will come before the marriage.
Lata: Take care beta..
Rags: Yes mausi..Ishu are u there?
Ishu: Yeah Rags di,it’s been 5 years since we’ve seen u..
Rags: Hmm.I’ll send the pics of baby to u
Suhani: They have u decided a name for her?
Rags: Not yet Suhani..
Pankaj: Rags u come here after 3 days we will do his Naamkaran ceremony from here..
Rags: Sure!
The baby cries

Rags: Baby is crying now I’ll speak to u all later.. Bye
She cuts the call
Lata: I’m very happy today.Now I have to make arrangements for welcoming my pothi.
Menka: I’m excited to see them!
They smile
Pratima, Yuvi, Anuj,Sharad,Bhavna and Dadi talk to Rags &Saurab
Pratima: Beta please come home soon..
Saurab: I’ll come ma.As Rags had some compilations in pregnancy doctor had asked her to take complete rest.
Dadi: Saurab take good care of them till u come here
Anuj: But Dadi all these years he was only taking care..
Dadi: But Anuj, now another guest has arrived na..
All gets happy
Rags and Bhavna also talks for sometime
Pratima: Now everything will be settled after the marriage.

Precap: Menka: What made u agree to this marriage Anuj?
Anuj: Love made me agree to this!
Menka gets stunned
Ishra&Yuvani moments

Credit to: Neethu

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