Love is the way!(episode-30)


The episode starts with Suhani playing with Golu.
Golu starts crying. Bhavna comes there and takes him from Suhani.
Bhavna: What happened Golu? Don’t cry my baby..It’s your Mausi.
Bhavna pacifies Golu
Yuvi laughs aloud
Raman: What’s your problem Yuvi? Why are u laughing?
Yuvi(controlling his laughter): Somebody was saying to me that I don’t know how to manage children..
Suhani (in a angry tone): Yuvi this time u are gone for sure..
Suhani chases Yuvraj
Anuj gives Hi-fi to Menka

Anuj: Very good..U guys always taunt us right? Now u are fighting and not us..
Menka: Yeah..Suhani don’t leave Yuvi.
Yuvi stares at them but he still keeps running
Yuvi runs and was about to bump into Pratima but he escapes
Pratima: Yuvi, Suhani? What’s going on?
Yuvi: Sorry ma..Your bahu is torturing me!
Suhani: I’m not gonna spare u this time!
Suhani chases him and bumps into Dadi
Dadi&Suhani falls down
Suhani: Oh! Dadi I’m really sorry..
Yuvi &Suhani help Dadi in getting up
Dadi: What’s all this? This is not a playground or something..
Suhani: I’m very sorry Dadi…
Dadi: Don’t u know to behave descently in others house?
Suhani gets sad

Everybody looks on
Yuvi: No dadi it was my mistake.. I was taunting her and all this happened…
Dadi stares at Suhani and leaves to her room
Suhani feels bad
Ishu: Suhani it’s OK yaar now don’t keep a frowning face!
Yuvi holds his ears
Yuvi: Sorry Suhani!
Suhani: It’s OK.. I think that we should leave now..
Sharad: Stay for some more time Suhani..
Suhani: No jiju we have to leave it’s getting late..
Menka: OK bye guys
Yuvi: Guys I’ll drop u..

Suhani: That’s ok we will go by rickshaw..
Suhani, Menka &Ishu leave
Yuvi: She felt very bad for that…
Bhavna: Yuvi don’t worry.After all she’s my sis and she will be alright..
It’s dinner time
@Birla house
All are having dinner
Yuvi: Dadi I’m sorry for what happened..
Dadi: It’s OK Yuvraj.. I shouldn’t have scolded Suhani so badly.
Yuvi smiles
They finish having dinner
Dadi: Pratima please come here..
Pratima goes to the hall
Pratima: Ji Maaji…

Yuvi, Anuj,Sharad and Bhavna are also in the hall
Dadi: I wanted to tell something important to u..
Pratima: Boliye Maaji..
Dadi: Pratima I think it’s high time we get Yuvraj married.What do u think?
Pratima: Yes Maaji..Even I was thinking about this
Yuvi: But Ma so soon?
Pratima: Yes yes… And u don’t argue with me at this. I’ll talk with Suhani’s parents tomorrow. Bhavna inform them that i’m coming to your house tomorrow
Bhavna: Ji Mausiji..
Dadi: Pratima I’ve to attend a marriage at my friend’s house so I won’t be able to come tomorrow..
Pratima: OK Maji..

All get happy
Yuvi stands in confusion
Anuj: Yuvi what’s your problem? U don’t wanna marry Suhani or what?
Yuvi: No no nothing that way…But I’m not ready for this I suppose
Sharad: Yuvi I also thought the same when I married Bhavna.But now look we are happy aren’t we Bhavna?
Bhavna: Of course we are!
They smile
It’s morning
Pratima: Bhavna? Where are u? It’s getting late
Bhavna: 2mins Mausi I’m getting ready
Yuvi: Ma is this so urgent? Can’t u wait for 1 year at least?
Pratima: Anuj,u tell your bro not to argue with me..
Anuj looks at Yuvi
Yuvi : Ma?

Bhavna: Mausi I’m ready..We’ll go now..
Pratima: Ok..Yuvraj just come along!
Yuvi,Anuj,Pratima, Bhavna and Sharad reach Suhani’s house
They knock at the door and Suhani opens the door
Suhani: Ma,Bhavna di all of u here?
Bhavna: Bevkoof! I had informed Mummy yesterday itself..
Suhani: What?
Lata: Pratima ji, Andar aayiye aap Sab..
Pratima greets Pankaj and Lata
They all sit
Suhani (audible to Bhavna): What’s the reason behind all of u coming here suddenly?
Bhavna( audible to Suhani): Oh I forgot u stayed at Ishu’s house yesterday right? That’s why Mummy forgot to tell u..

Suhani: I just arrived from Ishu’s house.Menka u tell me na..
Menka: Mujhe kya pata? I was also with u yesterday..
Pratima: Suhani I’ll tell u..We have come here to talk about Yuvi and your shaadi..
Suhani: Ah? But I…
Lata: Suhani now don’t give me excuses u are already 23 years old..
Anuj&Yuvi laugh
Suhani: Mummy!
Pratima: Suhani u don’t wanna get married to Yuvi?
Suhani: It’s not that way but..
Pankaj: But I had promised to Menka’s parents that I’ll conduct both Suhani’s and Menka’s marriage together..
Lata: Yes Pratima ji and since her parents have passed away it’s our duty to keep up the promise.
Pratima: I understand… But Yuvi’s Dadi wanted to get him married soon.
Lata: Pratimaji we will definitely make Suhani marry Yuvraj but now we have to search a bridegroom for Menka also..
Menka gets tensed
Pratima: Yes Lataji..I think then it will be better if Menka gets married to Anuj if u don’t mind…

Anuj&Menka gets shocked
Anuj: Menka? As my wife?
Pankaj: Pratima Ji we know about Anuj.. So I think that’s not a bad idea anyways..
Menka: Are u joking?
Lata: No Beta I also agree with Pankaj ji.What about u Anuj?
Anuj: Uh…
Yuvi(audible to Anuj): Anuj tell after one year… Please otherwise even I have to marry
Anuj: OK Ma I’m ready for this marriage
Yuvi,Suhani &Menka gets shocked
Menka: Anuj? Are r u serious?
Anuj: Yes Menka!
Menka slightly faints on Suhani
Suhani: Menka!
Menka: I cannot believe my ears!
Lata: Menka don’t behave childish.. Pratimaji now u can find out the Mauhrat from Pandit ji..
Pratima: Definitely! I’ll let u know..
Pankaj: It’s good that I’m getting two good son-in-laws at a time..
Sharad: Uncle that means I’m a bad Son-in-law
Pankaj: I didn’t mean that…
Yuvi: U are bad Sharad!

Sharad hits Yuvi
Pratima: OK then we will leave now
Lata: OK bye..
Yuvi smiles at Suhani and they leave
Menka (thinking): But how did he agree in marrying me?

No precap

Credit to: Neethu

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