Love is the way!(episode-29)


Hi guys it’s Neethu! Sorry for the delay in updating I have my exams going on.But don’t worry I’ll update it regularly..
In today’s episode the leap is gonna take place as I had mentioned earlier.
After 4 years…
Raman is the owner of a company and Ishu is it’s CEO
Yuvi &Anuj are continuing their family business of beauty products( They were in the U.S for one year for job purposes)
Suhani &Menka are CA in a private bank

After they have finished their college they have no contact with Karthik or Vikram.
Vandu gave birth to a male child whose name is Shravan(Shravu).Shravu is 4 years old.
Bhavna also has a baby boy whose name is Ananth(Golu) who is just 2 months old.
The episode starts with Suhani who is on great anxiety (Suhani is at her work place along with Menka)
Menka: Suhani…slow down yaar.They will wait for us.
Suhani: Menka u r such an idiot..I’m gonna meet Yuvi after one whole year…
Menka: Oh really? I don’t think so..Both of u always keep talking on skype and u r telling me as if u did not even speak to him for a year..
Suhani: How could I speak to him? U and Anuj always keep fighting through Skype also.Menka tell me the truth u like Anuj right?

Menka: Suhani!!!! No never!
Menka fumes
Suhani: Acha teek hai..Now don’t over react! OMG! It’s 4:30 already the flight will arrive at 5:00pm
Menka: I’m done with my work..Come we will go..
Suhani: Chalo!
Both reach the airport
Suhani: Menka will she come?

Menka: Yes.She messaged me that they both have left from the office.
Suhani: Both?
Menka: Yeah both..She will come with her Boss only na?
Suhani: Hmm..
A car stops in front of the airport and a girl gets down
She is none other than our Ishu
Ishu holds Menka’s ears
Menka: Ouch! It hurts Ishu..
Suhani: Lo Shaitan ka naam liya aur shaitan haazil..
Ishu: Suhani u always keep taunting me..
Menka: Where is your Boss?
Suhani: Oh yeah..Ishu always u be with him only na?

Ishu: Yes! Here he is..
A man comes there with wearing sunglasses
Suhani: Hello Mr.Raman.. Remember me?
Raman: Suhani how can I forget u? We just met in the last week..
Suhani smiles naughtily
Menka: It’s 5:10 now where is Anuj?
Ishu coughs
Ishu: Menka I think Anuj is not coming alone..Yuvi is also coming along..
Menka gets shy
They see Yuvraj and Anuj coming out the airport
Ishu: Look they’ve come!

Suhani: Yuvraj!!
Suhani runs towards him and hugs him
Yuvi: Oh! Cool down Suhani..
Suhani still hugs him
All laugh
Yuvi: Suhani please yaar! After all it’s a public place..
Suhani breaks the hug
Menka: Hi Anuj!
Anuj: Raman how r u?
Raman: I’m always good..
They hug
Menka: Anuj??
Anuj does not even look at Menka
Menka gets angry
Ishu&Suhani notice this
Raman hugs Yuvi

Yuvi: Ishu how is everyone at home? And Shravu?
Ishu: They are good..Shravu easily mingles with everybody.Now akka is at Jiju’s house
Yuvi: OK..
Anuj: Guys No surprises for us?
All in a chorus: No!
Yuvi: Suhani u too?
Suhau nods
Yuvi: Really bad..
Menka: But u have one surprise at your house…
Anuj: What?
Menka: It’s our superhero Golu(Ananth)!
Yuvi: Yeah! I didn’t even see his pictures..
Raman: OK guys then we will do something.. What about all of us going to Yuvi’s house?
Ishu: Yup! I’m definitely coming..
Menka: Me too!
All reach Yuvi’s house
They ring the bell

Pratima opens the door
Yuvi: Ma!
Yuvi &Anuj hug Pratima
Pratima: Beta..Sorry I was not feeling well so I couldn’t come to the airport..
Anuj: It’s OK ma..But what happened to u?
Pratima: Nothing much..A slight fever
Yuvi: Ma then come u have to take rest..
Pratima: Come in all of u…
All go in
Bhavna: Anuj, Yuvraj?
They both hug Bhavna and Sharad
Yuvi: Sharad where is Golu?
Sharad: I’ll bring him..
Anuj takes Golu in his arms and plays with him
Yuvi: He looks like a carbon copy of Bhavna..
Bhavna smiles
Suhani: Yuvi why don’t u play with Golu?
Yuvi: Suhani i’m not that good in managing children
Suhani (audible to Yuvi): Then there has been a mistake in my selection.. I don’t like people who don’t like children..
Yuvi: But when did I say that I don’t like?
Suhani: Shut up!
Yuvi: But Suhani?
Dadi: Yuvraj, Anuj tum kab aaye?
Yuvi: Bas abhi Dadi…
Dadi hugs them

Dadi: How was the meeting?
Anuj: Dadi we are sure to get the approval from them..
Dadi: Good job..
Yuvi smiles

Precap: Dadi: Pratima I think it’s high time we get Yuvraj married. What do u think?
Pratima: Yes Maaji..I’ll talk with Suhani’s parents
Yuvraj &Anuj looks on.

Credit to: Neethu

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