Love is the way!(episode-28)


Hello guys ! I’m really sorry for hurting your feelings yesterday.Thank u for always supporting me.I’m continuing this ff because of all your requests..
The episode starts with the wedding decorations going on in Birla house the next day.
Pratima: Ramesh! Look those flowers are not properly hung.
Ramesh: Mausi, it’s properly fixed
Pratima: I don’t want this sort of colour combinations.. I asked u to get some blue roses and look u have bought these yellow ones!
Ramesh: But only this was available in the shops!
Pratima argue with Ramesh

Yuvi: Ma ,Kya farak padtha hai jaane do na!
Pratima: Aise kaise jaane du? Sharad mera bhi beta jaise hi hai.Haina Meenu?
Meenu: Of course he is!
Ramesh: But mausi what should I do now?
Pratima: Hmm…I’m giving u a last warning don’t repeat this again
Ramesh nods and leaves happily
Meanwhile at Suhani’s home
Ishu: Suhani the beautician whom we arranged is not picking up the call at all…
Suhani: Hai Bhagwan! Now what will we do?
Menka: Suhani why don’t u ask Yuvi to arrange somebody?
Ishu: Menka is right! They will have contacts with many beauticians..
Suhani: I’ll call Yuvi..
Suhani calls Yuvi.He picks up the call
Yuvi: Tell me Suhani..
Suhani: Yuvi actually the beautician whom we arranged is not taking the call so do u know somebody else?

Yuvi: I’ll ask Dadi and let u know..Bye Suhani
Yuvi cuts the call
Suhani: Look he has messaged the number…
All get relieved
Lata: Bhavna beta u go and get changed..Meanwhile Suhani will call the beautician..
Bhavna goes and changes her dress
Menka: Di u look fabulous without make up..Jiju will get mesmerized..
Bhavna hits Menka
Bhavna: Shut up now!
The calling bell rings a lady comes in
Lady: Is this Suhani Shivastav’s house?
Lata: Yes! And if I’m right then u are the beautician?
Lady: Yes I’m Nita.. Mam I think I should start the make up now itself
Lata: Sure please come in…
Nita goes and does make up for Bhavna and she looks very pretty
Suhani: Nita u are great yaar! U have done it really well
Nita: It’s not just my talent it’s also the fact that Bhavna is beautiful.. And may I do make up for all the three of u too?

Ishu&Menka: Definitely!
Nita: And for u Suhani?
Suhani: No..I never wear make up.Actually I just don’t like to…
Pankaj: Come on girls it’s time get in the car..
Pankaj suddenly stops seeing Bhavna
Pankaj goes near Bhavna
Pankaj: I just can’t believe Bhavna that it’s your marriage which is gonna happen..Years have passed on really soon..I still think that just yesterday U and Suhani were playing happily..
Pankaj gets teary eyed
Bhavna hugs him
Lata: Ab Papa-Beti ke pyaar ho gaya to hum chale?
Bhavna nods smilingly
They all reach Birla house
Dadi welcomes them

Suhani goes to Yuvi
Suhani: Waise tum kafi handsome lag rage ho..
Yuvi: Handsome tho mein pehle se hi tha..
Suhani hits him
Meanwhile Menka & Anuj also start their usual fight
But Ishu stays away from Raman and stands besides Vandu..
Raman: Oye Anuj! Look at her she is avoiding me!
Anuj: It’s good…
Raman: What??
Anuj: I mean at least she avoids u but this Menka always she is torturing me..
Menka: Hey! I don’t have any intention in torturing u.. Par tumhi hamesha mere aage peeche ghumte rehte ho…
Anuj: Kya kaha tumne?
Raman: What the hell Anuj?
Anuj holds his ears
Anuj: Sorry! Wait I’ll help u out

Raman: But how? Anuj wait yaar..
Anuj goes and holds Ishu’s hands and brings her to Raman
Anuj: Is this enough?
Raman hits his head
Ishu: Anuj?
Anuj: Raman told me to call u…
Anuj goes
Raman: But Anuj…
Ishu stands near Raman
Raman: Why won’t u speak to me?
Ishu: Raman I’m feeling shy…that’s why
Raman laughs
Raman: U and feeling shy? Impossible!
Ishu: Don’t taunt me now..
Raman: OK OK…gussa mat karna..
Ishu smiles
Pandit:Ab mauhrat ka samai ho gaya..Dulha aur Dulhan ko bulayiye
Meenu brings Sharad and Lata brings Bhavna
They sit
The marriage rituals begins

Sharad smiles at Bhavna she smiles back
Pandit: Ab aap dono phehre lena shuru kijiye..
Bhavna &Sharad take the rounds
All shower flowers.
They sit
Pandit: Ab ye mangalsutra uhne pehnayiye..
Sharad takes the mangalsutra and makes Bhavna wear it. Sharad takes the sindoor and Suhani lifts Bhavna’s maang tika and Sharad puts sindoor.
Pandit: Ab ye shaadi sampann ho gaya..
All get happy
Bhavna &Sharad takes blessings from Dadi as well as from their parents and Pratima.
Dadi: Chalo ab Bhavna ka grahpravesh krava lete hai…
Bhavna& Sharad stand at the door
Dadi does aarthi for Bhavna and Sharad

Bhavna pushes the kalash and enters the house
All get happy
Bhavna hug Suhani, Ishu, Menka and her parents
Bhavna gets teary eyed
Lata: Don’t cry now…It’s a new start of your life be happy
Bhavna hugs Lata

Precap: The leap

Credit to: Neethu

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