Love is the way!(episode-27)


Hi guys! I’m getting very less response from all of u.I think I’m boring all of u with my story.Anyways I’ll make sure that I end it soon.

The episode starts with the Haldi ceremony beginning
Pratima: Anuj I asked u to bring the Haldi right?
Anuj: Oh! I just forgot it 2mins I will bring it..
Pratima: Anuj why do u forget things all the time?
Yuvi: Ma don’t take tension..
Pratima fumes
Anuj brings Haldi
Everybody apply Haldi on Sharad

Meanwhile at Suhani’s house
Lata applies Haldi on Bhavna
Pankaj, Ishu,Suhani and Menka also apply
Ishu: Suhani..
Suhani: Yeah Ishu…
Ishu: 1 second come here na…
Ishu takes Suhani to her room
Suhani: What?
Ishu: Suhani I actually….wanted to confess to Raman so…
Menka: U need our help right?
Ishu nods
Suhani: Today evening during Mehendi we will arrange for that..Happy?
Ishu hugs Suhani &Menka
Suhani: Now come on your Amma,Akka and appa has come
Ishu: But they told me that they aren’t coming?
Suhani: I convinced them to come..
Ishu goes to the hall
Madhu: Ishu are u happy now that I came?
Ishu: But u came here because Suhani told only know? Nobody loves me…
Vandu: No u are my cute little sis.
Menka(audible to Ishu): Waise one more person loves u..right Suhani?
Suhani: Yeah, just wait till its evening.
Ishu blushes

It’s evening and all reach Birla house for Mehendi
A woman puts mehendi for Bhavna
Ishu: Sharad jiju, now we will know how much Bhavna di loves u..
Bhavna: Ishu, u just wait till the mehendi gets dried up I’ll show u…
Sharad: Why is it so Ishu?
Ishu: Jiju if the mehendi gets really dark in colour then she loves u..
Sharad: If not?
Yuvi: Sharad just chill yaar.Why do u believe in all these stuff?
Suhani: It’s because everybody are not Sadu like u..
Yuvi fumes
Menka(to the lady who is applying mehendi for Bhavna) : U should write Jiju’s name in such a place so that he never finds it..
Anuj: Menka, Sharad has a very good vision he is not half blind like u..
Menka: What did u just say? I’m gonna kill u now
Menka runs behind Anuj.Menka slips and is about to fall when Anuj holds her.They have an eyelock
Raman: Excuse me Anuj if it’s over then u may let her go..
Anuj&Menka come back to their senses
Yuvi(audible to Suhani): Suhani why don’t u write my name in your mehendi?
Suhani: No thank u…Yuvi, ladies write their husband’s name in the mehendi
Yuvi: That’s OK..I can’t wait till the marriage..
Suhani: I can’t help it.U have to wait no other go.
Yuvi makes a puppy face
Suhani laughs:-)
Ishu: Suhani is everything ready?
Suhani: Yes i suppose it is…Yuvraj??
Yuvi: It’s ready I think u take him there now..
Ishu: But what shall I say to him?
Menka: Ishu u are asking ideas to me? Tell him there is something important to say..
Ishu: I’m getting nervous!
Anuj: Ishu relax yaar..
Raman: What’s going on here? Any evil plans against me?
All get shocked

Suhani: Not at all..How can we plan against u? Right Ishu?
Ishu: Uh…Yeah…Raman I wanted to say something would u come along with me for a minute?
Raman: OK..
Ishu takes Raman with her
Suhani gives a hi-fi to Yuvi
Bhavna: Suhani? What are u guys up to?
Menka: I’ll tell u di..
Menka tells everything to Bhavna
Bhavna: Oh great!
Vandu hears everything
Vandu: Suhani tum log kamse kam mujhe batate…
Suhani: Hi Akka how are u now?
Vandu: I’m OK now.
Meanwhile Ishu takes Raman to the guest room.The lights were off in the room.
Raman: Madrasan what are u up to?
Ishu: Wait…
Ishu switches on the lights.Raman gets overwhelmed by seeing the room decorated with roses and heart-shaped balloons.
Raman: What’s all this?
Ishu: Raman u are so stupid.. Can’t u see why I called u here?
Raman taunts Ishu by saying
Raman: I don’t know why…
Ishu: Idiot.Anyways…Raman, look I don’t know to express such things but I’ll tell u in my own way…
Raman: Go on..
Ishu goes on her knees
Ishu: I Love U Ravan Kumar!
Raman gets astonished
Ishu: Will u marry me?
Raman laughs
Ishu: What’s your problem?
Raman: Get up first!
Raman makes Ishu get up
Raman still continues to laugh
Ishu: U won’t listen na? I hate u! I’m going!
Ishu is about to leave when Raman holds her hands and says
Raman: Wait Wait… U are right , u don’t know how to express such things.. But I know..
Ishu looks on
Raman goes on his knees
Raman: I Love U Ishita Iyer! Will u marry me?
Ishu: This is what I said too..
Raman: Ishu please yaar.At least try to be romantic.
Ishu: OK..I Love U Raman!
Raman hugs Ishu
Ishu: Tell me how to be romantic?
Raman: There is so much time left.I’ll teach that to u.
Raman kisses Ishu on her forehead
Ishu blushes
They hug

Raman: Ishu tell me u arranged all these?
Ishu: No..Our friends did .
They hear claps
Raman&Ishu turns to see all their friends including Vandu& Romi standing there
Ishu feels shy
Menka: Ohho! Somebody is feeling shy here?
Vandu: Ishu!
Vandu hugs Ishu.Romi and the others hug Raman
Pratima: Yuvraj, Anuj, Raman where are u?
Yuvi: It seems like Ma is calling us.Come let’s go.
They all go to the hall
Meenu: So all of u guys were upstairs..
Lata: Suhani look u still did not get your mehendi done! Menka, Ishita u too
Suhani,Menka and Ishu applies mehendi
Anuj: Menka don’t fold your palms mehendi will get spoiled then..
Menka: I don’t need your advice in that!
Anuj fumes
Bhavna: Ishu everything went well?
Ishu: Yes di..But this Ravan Kumar always finds fault on me!
Raman: Did anyone mention my name here?
Ishu: No..I was talking about the original Ravan not u!
Menka: That original Ravan is Anuj!
Anuj: Menka today I’m not gonna spare u!
Pratima: Anuj! Don’t be childish..
Menka: Ma, Children will remain childish only!
Anuj: I’ll kill u Menka!
Lata: Menka, what’s all this?
Yuvi hits his head
Yuvi: Please stop this nonsense Anuj &Menka! My head will burst now!
Anuj& Menka stare at each other angrily

Precap: Bhavna&Sharad’s marriage

Credit to: Neethu

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  1. Hey don’t stop it yaar…………Its Really superb………….. Plzzzzz continue………. Don’t break our hearts by saying that u will end the story……………..??

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    1. Komal I know that u love my ff very much.I’m extremely sorry for what I asked. Tum hi batao mein ff sirf 2 or3 log me liye to nahi likh sakthi na? Ab mujhe pata chal gaya ki mere ff meri ff ke liye bohoth saare silent readers bhi hai.Now I will not end this ff unless u tell me to..And sorry once again

      1. there is no need of sorry friends me chalta he and ya you continue your writing

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  11. Sorry guys if I hurted anybody’s feelings.I just wanted to know if you guys are interested in reading this ff or not.And if not writing an ff for just 2or3 people who read it is meaningless. Now I understood that u guys have always been my side and I was wrong. Don’t worry I won’t end this until u guys tell me to…

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