Love is the way!(episode-26)


The episode starts with the boys,Pratima and Meenu are about to leave the shop when Vandu suddenly faints
Ishu: Akka! What happened to u?
Suhani: Akka open your eyes…
Lata: Yuvraj bring some water…
Yuvi brings a water bottle
Lata sprinkles water on Vandu
Raman: Ishu is this hereditary or something… I mean u also faint very often
Ishu: No Raman akka never had this problem!
Vandu opens her eyes a little
Vandu: Ishita…I’m feeling very drowsy please take me to a hospital
Pratima: Anuj go soon and take the car out of the parking lot…
Lata: Suhani, Bhavna,Menka help her get in the car
They make Vandu sit in the car and reach the hospital
Ishu gets teary eyed

Pratima: Ishu nothing will happen to Vandu..
Lata: Pratima ji u go home.I might have many works
Meenu: Yes we have lot of preparation to be done.U please call and inform us about Vanditha
Suhani: Sure aunty…
Anuj leaves with Pratima&Meenu
Raman: Ishu don’t worry yaar she will be alright…
Ishu cries
Suhani, Menka and Bhavna pacify her
Doctor comes
Ishu: Doctor what happened to my sister? Is she alright?
Suhani: Doctor is there something serious?
Doctor: Not at all! She is 100% fine..I mean she is pregnant
Ishu: Really?
Doctor: Yes.That’s why she fainted now u can take her home. But u have to take good care of her she is very weak
Ishu: Of course doctor!
Suhani, Bhavna and Menka hug Ishu
Lata: Ishu u go to your house along with Vandu.
Ishu nods
They drop Vandu and Ishu to their house

It’s evening
The Shivastav family reaches Birla house for sangeet
Sharad gets mesmerized by seeing Bhavna in lehenga
Yuvi&Raman also are admiring Suhani and Ishita
Raman: U look beautiful Ishita!
Yuvi: U look stunning Suhani!
Ishu &Suhani in a chorus: Thank u!
Anuj is on the stage
Anuj: Guys now sangeet is about to start and I’m hosting this Sangeet
Menka: Who told that to u? I’m also hosting it along with u!
Anuj: Too bad…Anyways First we will have an awesome performance by none other than
Menka: The dashing Anuj!
Anuj: And the idiotic Menka!
All laugh
Anuj and Menka dances for the song Palat.Everyone enjoys it. They clap
Anuj: Thank you everybody!
Menka: Now we will have a fabulous performance by Ishita Iyer and ,
Anuj: Raman Bhalla!
Ishu& Raman dances for the song Sawan aya hai.At the end Raman pulls Ishu towards them and he accidentally kisses Ishu on her cheek.Nobody notices that. Ishu gets shy and runs away
Everyone clap

Anuj: Next is a romantic performance by our love birds
Menka: Suhani and Yuvraj!
Suhani and Yuvi dances for Sanam Re..
All cheer for them
Menka: And now last but not the least.The Dulhan and the dulha
Anuj: Bhavna& Sharad
They dance for Teri meri kahani.They give a beautiful performance indeed.Everyone claps.
Dadi: Bhavna, I bless u to stay happy for the whole of your life
Bhavna: Thanks Dadi!
Meenu: Since day after tomorrow is the mauhrat we will keep haldi&Mehendi tomorrow itself
Lata: Jhi..Tho hum chalte hai..
Yuvi(audible to Suhani): Love you!
Suhani just smiles and leaves
Raman: Ishu wait…
Ishu stops

Ishu: What Raman?
Raman: Uh…..
Raman(thinking): Raman u should tell her that u love her…
Raman: Ishu I wanted to tell u that….
Lata: Ishu beta jaldi chalo..
Ishu: Haan aunty.. Raman tell it fast na..
Raman: How is Vandu now?
Ishu: She is OK now.Jiju is coming home today so..
Menka: Ishu come na..
Ishu: Coming! Bye Raman.
Raman(thinking): Idiot what have u done?
Yuvi: Raman why are u looking so tensed?
Anuj: Actually Yuvi he is disappointed because he could not propose to Ishu.Right?
Raman nods
Yuvi: Aww! Don’t worry Raman u and Ishu have done many things to make Suhani love me so I will surely help u…
Raman: Okay.I’m hungry now!
Pratima: Raman beta come dinner is ready and it’s your favourite palak paneer ..
Raman: Yummy! Thank u Ma..
Anuj(audible to Yuvi): What shall we do for Raman?
Yuvi: I’ll have to think about it…

It’s night.
@ Ishu’s home
Ishu(to herself): I think Raman wanted to tell me something else today.Maybe he wanted to say me that he…Always why should boys propose? I’ll confess to him this time
Ishu smiles
Yhm plays

Precap: Haldi& Mehendi

Spoiler: There may be a short leap in the story at the earliest. In which Yuvi&Anuj will have a beauty products businesses which was started by his grandpa,Raman would be the head of a company and Ishu as its CEO .Suhani and Menka a CA .

Credit to: Neethu

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