Love is the way!(episode-25)


The episode starts with Suhani telling Bhavna that Sharad was Yuvi’s cousin
Bhavna: But Suhani Sharad would stay at his home and not in Birla house…
Suhani: No di..Yuvi told me that Sharad got a job here and his house is in Mumbai… So he would stay at Delhi only.
Bhavna: Oh then it’s good…
Suhani: Di u have to dance with Sharad jiju tomorrow
Bhavna: But Suhani how will I practice?
Ishu: When Ishita is here why do u fear? I’ll teach u to dance
Menka: Ishu then u teach Anuj also..That idiot doesn’t even know how to dance…
Ishu: Definitely!
Suhani: I’m lucky about the fact that Yuvi dances well
All laugh
Lata: So the dulhan is sitting here and playing?
Bhavna: Mummy what is it now?

Lata: So many guests have already arrived.U get ready and come to the hall now..
Bhavna nods
Menka: Di u have become very busy!
Bhavna: Yeah..I don’t even know whether I’m ready for this Shaadi
Suhani: Don’t take tension.Jiju will take good care of u!
Bhavna pinches Suhani. She screams
Meanwhile at Birla house
Sharad: Yuvi but u did not tell me that u are in love with Suhani… Very bad
Yuvi: U shut up.Whenever I try to call u, u are always in work or something else..
Raman comes speaking with someone on the phone
Raman: I’m dancing with u and that’s final…
Anuj: Who was that Raman?

Raman: It’s that JKR she says that she don’t wanna dance with me for sangeet!
Yuvi: Good decision! How can she dance with u?
Raman: Yuvraj u don’t act oversmart as u know to dance
Sharad: Don’t worry Raman I’ll ask her to dance with you
Raman: Thanks..
Pratima: Sharad,Yuvraj, Anuj and Raman u guys get ready and go for shopping now.We have to buy a dress for Sharad
All in a chorus: OK Ma!
Sharad: I mean Mausi…
Pratima smiles and leaves
The boys,Pratima and Meenu(Sharad’s mom) go to the mall whereas the girl and Lata also come there
Suhani: Ishu Vandu akka is coming right?
Ishu: Yeah she is on the way…
Lata: Girls I think that shop is for bridal clothing. We will go there…
Suhani: Yes Ma the collections over there is also very good
They enter the shop.The saleswoman shows them lehengas
Lata: How about this one Bhavna?

Bhavna: No! It’s looks very clumsy
Menka: Di it’s your shaadi and u have to wear grand dresses
Bhavna: If I have to wear such heavy dresses then I won’t marry
Lata: Bhavna! Stop it..Kuch pasand karo na.
Suhani: Di look at that green one.It’s very nice
Bhavna: Yes Suhani it’s not much grand-looking also
Vandu: Hello girls!
Bhavna: Hi akka!
Menka: Akka we have chosen a dress already look..
Vandu: This will definitely look awesome on u Bhavna!

Meanwhile the boys enter the same shop

They also see sherwani for Sharad
Yuvi: No this doesn’t suit u!
Raman: There are some more over there let me see it…
Raman goes there and sees Ishita and the girls selecting dresses
Raman: Oh! They are here too..
Yuvi: What are u looking at Raman? Come over here..
Raman: Yuvi come here…
Yuvi goes to Raman
Yuvi: Suhani?
Suhani hears his voice and gets shocked seeing them
Suhani: U guys here?
Lata: Yuvraj is Pratima ji with u?
Yuvi: Yes aunty..
Pratima: Lata ji Namaste!
Lata greets Meenu& Pratima
The women have a talk
Menka: Suhani as we have selected green colour for Di, we will select the same for Jiju also right?

Anuj: Wah Menka! Aaj tumne pehli baar kuch idea diya..
Menka: At least I gave one idea.What about u?
Anuj: U shut..
Yuvi: Anuj no fighting… Menka please
Menka frowns
Sharad selects a light green Sherwani
All like it
Raman: Ishu u will dance with me right?
Ishu: Only because Jiju told I will… It’s my fate
Raman: Thanks Ishu!
Meenu: Lata ji now we will leave..
Lata: OK we will meet u at sangeet
Meanwhile Sharad just keeps staring at Bhavna
Raman coughs
Anuj: If your admiration is over then we will leave
Sharad comes back to his senses.All laugh

Bhavna blushes

Precap: Yuvani dances for the song Sanam Re,
Anuj&Menka Dance for Palat, Ishra dances for Sawan aya hai Bhavna&Sharad for Teri meri kahani

Credit to: Neethu

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