Love is the way!(episode-24)

The episode starts with Karthik explaining Ishu what he heard
Ishu: But Karthik everyone will have a doubt on u because of your doings.We believe in u only because we know u since school days.
Karthik: It’s true that I was mean to u people. But I have to make Yuvraj trust me.He can’t live all his life having a doubt on me.
Ishu: U r right.. But what shall we do for that?
Karthik: Ishu u are asking me for ideas? It’s u who have a solution for each &every problem
Ishu: It’s right…I have an idea already!
Karthik: Tell it to me fast…
Ishu tells him the idea
Karthik holds his face
Karthik: Tomorrow after executing this plan I will get slapped by Yuvraj for sure…
Ishu: I don’t care… But u should do this!
Karthik: I know that I have troubled u girls many times…but don’t take revenge on me in this way!

Ishu: Just do it!
Karthik makes a crying face and leaves
Ishu laughs at his antics
It’s Morning (Sunday)
Yuvi wakes up and goes out for jogging along with Anuj
They return home after that
Pratima: Yuvraj tumhare phone kabse baj Raha hai..
Yuvi: Suhani hi ho sakti hai …
Yuvi checks his phone
Yuvraj: Why is he calling me?
Anuj: Who?
Yuvi: It’s Karthik.
Anuj: Try calling him back..
Yuvi tries he does not pick up
Yuvi: Is he up to something again?

Anuj: Kis ko patha..
Yuvi receives a message
Yuvi: It’s from Karthik…
Anuj: Read it out..
Yuvi: Yuvraj, I wanted to talk to u personally. Please come to the coffee shop today evening.
Anuj: What does he wanna say?
Yuvi: Don’t know..I’ll go meet him today
It’s evening
Yuvraj goes to meet Karthik
Karthik: Hi Yuvi! Come have a seat…
Yuvi sits
Yuvi: What’s the matter? Why did u call me here?
Karthik: I will tell that to u later… What do u like to order?
Yuvi: Karthik first tell me please..!
Karthik: Waiter! Two cold coffees please.
Yuvi: I did not come here to eat or drink just tell me…
The waiter brings the cold coffee
Karthik sips it
Karthik: It’s rather tasty! Right?
Yuvi doesn’t answer
Karthik: Yuvraj u want to know why I called u here right? OK then listen…I think I still love Suhani,what do u think?
Yuvi gets angry and holds Karthik’s collar
Yuvi: So still u haven’t changed,isn’t it?
Karthik: Yuvi this is a public place don’t do such things.
Yuvi: Now u don’t teach me what’s right and what’s wrong!

Karthik: OK.Do u think Suhani still loves me?
Yuvi: She loves only me!
Yuvi is about to slap Karthik when Ishu there and holds his hands
Yuvi: Leave me Ishita! Today I’m gonna kill him!
Ishu: Listen to me Yuvraj.. U&Suhani love each other right?
Yuvi nods
Ishu: Then do u think a third person can spoil your lives? Never! Yuvi u have to first have faith in your love if not u won’t be able to enjoy life…
Karthik: And Yuvraj trust me I want u both to have a great life.I don’t want u to be taken aback by anybody’s words and stop trusting Suhani
Yuvi gets teary eyed
Yuvi: U r right… I doubted on Suhani and u.How could I do that? I feel ashamed of myself. I’m so sorry Karthik
Karthik hugs Yuvi
Ishu:Plan success!!
Yuvi: So it was a plan.Not again!
Karthik: Ishu’s plans never fails
Ishu: Absolutely correct!
Yuvi gets a phone call
Yuvi: It’s Suhani!
Ishu: Pick it up.Speak to her…
Yuvi takes the call

Suhani: Hello Yuvraj!
Yuvi does not say anything
Suhani: Yuvraj can u hear me.I have something important to tell…
Yuvi: I love you Suhani!
Ishu&Karthik laughs
Suhani: What all of a sudden? Anyways I love u too budhu!
Yuvi: I know that.
Suhani: Now listen to me..There is a great news
Ishu: Put it on speaker.
Yuvi puts it on speaker
Suhani: Bhavna di’s shaadi is fixed!
Ishu: Yuvi I actually forgot to tell u..
Yuvi: Wow! But why a sudden decision?
Suhani: My papa decided this and today only it got fixed…There are many things to be done shopping,decorations etc,.
Yuvi: It’s good…So when is the marriage?
Suhani: After 3 days…

Ishu: Suhani I’ll stay at your house for three days
Suhani: Of course! Bring Vandu akka also if possible..
Ishu: I’ll ask her too.
Yuvi: Then u carry on with your work Suhani…Will talk to u later..
Suhani cuts the call
Karthik: OK then guys bye…
Yuvi: And thanks Karthik
Karthik smiles and leaves
Yuvi also reaches his home and sees his house being decorated.
Yuvi: It’s Bhavna di’s marriage and preparation is going on here?
Pratima comes rushing to Yuvraj
Yuvi: What’s going on Ma?
Pratima: Beta all this was decided all of a sudden that’s why I didn’t find time to inform u.
Yuvi: But what?
Pratima: I thought he will inform u about this anyways…
Yuvi: Who?
Pratima: Arre! Sharad ka shaadi hai…
Yuvi: What? Whose the dulhan?

Pratima: It’s Suhani’s sister Bhavna.. I think Suhani didn’t know he is your cousin
Yuvi: Bhavna and Sharad? But how come Suhani didn’t know this?
Pratima: Your Mausi and Sharad only went to Suhani’s house so she didn’t know them
Yuvi: Oh..I’ll tell Suhani about this and this Sharad never told me anything..
Pratima: OK beta I have many things to do tomorrow it is sangeet
Yuvi calls Suhani and tells her about Sharad being his cousin
Suhani: Really? So after marriage di will come to your house?
Yuvi: Yes…
Suhani: Yaaay!
Yuvi: Why are u so happy if Bhavna comes here?
Suhani: Arre idiot next is our marriage only right…So I don’t have to be separated from my sis
Yuvi: Correct!
Suhani gets over excited and cuts the call
Yuvi: Why did she cut the call now? Paagal ladki…

Precap: Wedding preparation and Sangeet ceremony

Credit to: Neethu


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