Love is the way!(episode-23)

The episode starts with Raman reaching Ishu’s home
Madhu(Ishu’s mom): Vanakkam!
Raman: Namaste Aunty!
Madhu: U are Raman right?
Raman nods
Madhu: Ulla va pa…
Raman stands confused
Vanditha(Ishu’s sis) comes there and says
Vanditha: She is asking u to come in…
Ramam goes inside and searches for Ishu
Raman: Where is Ishu?
Vandu: She is getting ready…U wait here she will come
Raman: Where are the others?
Vandu: Raman u are the first one to come here.Even Suhani &Menka did not come still..
Raman: Oh…Vandu u carry on I’ll wait.
Vandu leaves
Ramam(thinking): How much time will she take for getting ready? She thinks herself to be a model..
Vandu: Raman, Ishu is almost done…U go to her room and talk.
Raman: It’s OK..I’ll wait
Vandu: I just got a call from Yuvraj he told me that he will pick up the girls and then come, So till then u go talk with her.I know it’s boring for u
Raman: OK as u wish..
Raman goes to Ishu’s room.He sees her wearing a beautiful silk saree and combing her hair.Ishu does not notice Raman. Raman shuts the door and Ishu turns and sees Raman standing there.
Ishu: Raman? U here? U told me that u won’t come for the pooja
Raman: Yes I told that to u but… I came here just for u
Ishu smiles

Ishu: Oh really?
Raman: Actually no…Vandu looks prettier than u, but what to do? She is already married
Ishu: How dare u! So u really think I’m not beautiful?
Raman goes near Ishu and says
Raman: Just joking yaar..U look fabulous
Ishu: Thanks for the compliment!
Raman: Get ready soon…
Ishu: Wait for two minutes….
Ishu gets done with her hair and Raman comes near her and says
Raman: Don’t u like flowers?
Ishu: Of course I do!
Raman had bought flowers for Ishu and he puts it on her hair
Ishu blushes
Raman makes Ishu stand facing him
Raman: Now u look pretty!
Ishu does not look into Raman’s eyes as she was feeling shy.Raman holds her face and gets closer
Ishu: Raman please…
Raman: What Ishita?
Ishu: Vandu akka may come at any time…
Raman: Let her come…
Ishu gets shy and hugs him.He hugs her back
Suddenly the door opens and somebody comes in
Yuvi: So this was your plan ?
Ishu and Raman breaks the hug
Suhani: Yuvi I think they are ahead of us in these things.. Right Ishu?
Ishu blushes
Raman: Enough guys…
Anuj: Raman u reached here before us for this?
Ishu: Please… Don’t taunt us!
Vandu comes in
Vandu: Who is taunting my sis?
Suhani: It’s us!
Vandu: For what?

Menka is about to say something when Ishu comes in front and says
Ishu: Nothing akka…The pooja is about to start right come we will go…
Vandu: Ishu I know u r hiding something from me..
Suhani: I’ll tell u akka
Suhani explains everything to Vandu
Ishu hits her head
Vandu: OMG! Is this true?
Menka: Yes it is..
Vandu: Ishu? U never told me about this..
Ishu&Raman look at each other
Raman: Akka…don’t inform aunty and uncle about this because we also did not decide anything…
Vandu: I won’t tell them…
Ishu: There is one more shocking news for u..
Yuvi: I’ll tell that
Yuvi tells about him and Suhani
Vandu: I can’t control two heart attacks at a time… U guys are falling in love so soon..Now who is left?
All look at Anuj and Menka

Anuj: Don’t look at me! I can’t fall in love with her..
Menka: Same here!
Yuvi: Ab vo to waqt hi batayega!
Anuj stares at Yuvi
Karthik: Hello guys!
Suhani: Hi Karthik.. Where is Vikky?
Karthik: He was not ready to face u people so he didn’t come.
Ishu: Hmm…we will talk to him over the phone afterwards
They all sit in the pooja
Yuvi sneezes.All notice this.
He sneezes repeatedly
Madhu: Beta what happened to u?
Yuvi: Don’t know aunty.. I’m feeling very uncomfortable..Haaachhn!
Suhani: Yuvi come we will go outside..
Suhani takes Yuvi outside the house
Suhani: Feeling better?
Yuvi nods

Suhani: What happened to u suddenly?
Yuvi: I think it’s due to the smoke which came from the sacrificial fire…
Ishu comes out rushing
Ishu: Yuvraj are u okay?
Yuvi: Yeah Ishu..I think I was allergic to the smoke
Ishu: I’m so sorry..I didn’t know that
Yuvi: It’s OK Ishu… And don’t be too formal yaar..
Ishu smiles
Suhani: Ishu u go inside.I’ll take care of him
Ishu leaves
Yuvi: Suhani I had to tell u something…
Suhani: Bolo Yuvi
Yuvi: I don’t know if I am gonna tell u the right thing or not but it may just be an instinct of mine..
Suhani: Tell me what’s the matter?
Yuvi: Actually… I don’t know whether Karthik has really changed
Suhani: What do u mean?
Yuvi: Look Suhani he was trying to hurt u till today morning but he has changed because only u told him to? I don’t think so…
Suhani: I understand…but he has really changed I know him very well once if he realises his mistake then he won’t repeat it.
Yuvi: And if he doesn’t realize his mistake then?
Suhani: Then he will keep on repeating the mistake….
Yuvi: Yes and that is what he is doing now!
Suhani: I don’t think he hasn’t realized his mistake…
Yuvi gets tensed

Suhani holds his hands
Suhani: Don’t take tension. Nobody can hurt me when u are with me
Suhani hugs Yuvi
Karthik hears all this
Karthik(thinking): Why doesn’t Yuvraj believe me? I suppose he feels insecured.. I have to make their relationship strong…
Yuvani breaks the hug
Raman,Ishu ,Anuj and Menka come
Raman: Ishita I have to leave now.If Ma comes to know about this then…
Ishu: U leave Raman..Thanks for coming
Raman winks at her and leaves
Yuvi: Suhani then we will also leave…
Ishu: U all are going so soon…
Menka: Mausi(Suhani’s mom) called me many times asking is to come home soon…
Ishu: OK bye guys
All leave except Karthik who was still at her house
Karthik: Ishu I wanted to tell something to u..
Ishu: What is it Karthik?
Karthik explains Ishu everything which he heard

Precap: Ishu&Karthik plan to make Yuvraj realize that Karthik has really changed.

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