Love is the way!(episode-22)


The episode starts with Suhani trying to convince Karthik
Suhani: Look Karthik both of us are not going to gain anything by fighting.U know very well that I don’t and I can’t love u anymore… Don’t u think u need to put an end to this?
Karthik: Suhani so you are telling me that I should forget u?
Suhani: I didn’t mean that.. We will be friends OK? Suhani forwards her hand for a handshake
All look on

Karthik gives his hand .Everyone gets stunned.
Karthik: Friends… At least u don’t leave me in friendship
Suhani: Never! But Karthik u didn’t have such character when we first became friends.. I mean drug addiction and all?
Ishu: Yes Karthik u had totally changed after one year..
Menka: And Vikky also was the same…
Karthik: I had been trapped in a bad company of friends…I didn’t have so much maturity that time.So I couldn’t get away from that company…But believe me I am not into that kind of addiction now..And I wanted to prove this to u so Vikky and I planned to kidnap u and tell this otherwise u guys wouldn’t listen to me at all..
Ishu: But this was not the right way to do that!
Raman: It’s good that all the problems got solved between u guys…Right Ishu?
Ishu smiles at Raman
Anuj: OK then we can also be your friends right Karthik?
Karthik: Sure!
Yuvi: Suhani look your finger is bleeding
Suhani: It’s OK it’s just a small wound…
Yuvi: Small wound? Suhani it can become septic if u don’t wash ….Come here
Yuvi dresses the wound
Suhani Ouch! It hurts…
Karthik: I’m very sorry Suhani… I didn’t mean to hurt u..Sorry Ishu and Menka
Ishu: That’s ok …it’s good that u realized your mistakes
Suhani: Yes Karthik Ishu is right…Ahhh! Yuvi leave it I’ll be alright
Yuvi: Please shut your mouth Suhani…
Karthik smiles seeing them
Karthik: I’m happy for u Suhani..u got such a caring guy
Suhani: A small correction… Yuvi is lucky to get a girl like me
Yuvi stares at Suhani
All laugh

Karthik: U r right Suhani he is lucky.. Actually it was my luck but unfortunately I could not realize your good character…
Suhani: No Karthik.. Maybe u will get a better person than me in your life
Karthik: I do hope so…
Menka: Karthik u have changed a lot yaar…I mean u never talk all these emotional dialogues. Be like me always cheerful
Karthik: Not cheerful but u are idiotic
Anuj gives a hi-fi to Karthik
Menka looks at them angrily
Karthik gets a phone call from Vikram
Karthik: Tell me Vikky..
Vikram: Karthi is everything fine there?
Karthik: Every problems got solved and Suhani and I became friends
Vikram: It’s good that everything went well according to our plan
Karthik: OK yaar will call u later.Bye!
Karthik: It was Vikky he is very happy to know that everything got right…
Anuj: So guys I think we have to leave now…
Ishu: I totally forgot….there is a pooja at my home I have to go in time.All of u would come there right?
All nod

Raman: Karthik why don’t u and Vikky join us today? Is it okay for u Ishu?
Ishu: Yeah it’s a good idea..U can come there too
Karthik: OK if u insist..OK guys meet u at Ishu’s home bye!
Karthik leaves
Raman: I don’t think I can come today
Ishu: But why Raman?
Raman: Ishu I am going out for dinner with my family today…
Anuj: But u could come there and then go right?
Raman: No yaar…I can’t come sorry
Ishu: Please Raman come na!
Raman: I’m telling u that I can’t come!
Ishu: I don’t know but somehow u have to reach my house on time!
Raman: Otherwise?
Ishu: I will kill u!
All laugh.Raman stands confused
Suhani: OK bye guys I’m leaving
Yuvi: We are also going… Raman&Ishu are u guys coming or not?
Ishu walks sadly
The girls leave

Raman:Now what do I do??
Yuvi: How do I know that? It’s your love and u have to manage it by yourself…
Raman goes home and gets thinking
Romi comes to his room and sees him sitting sad…
Romi: Bhai what happened? Why so sad?
Raman: What do I tell u? All girls are the same!
Romi: Oh! Now I understand Ishita is the problem right?
Raman nods
Romi: I know…she invited me also for the pooja but I’m not going…
Raman: Who cares if u go there or not! Problem is mine..
Romi: Bhai u go I’ll take care of Ma and Papa
Raman: Really? Romi will u help me?
Romi: Yes dear now don’t waste time our parents are not at home before they come leave from here.
Raman hugs Romi
Raman: I love u Romi!
Romi: Say this to Ishita bhabhi and not me!
Raman stares at him and leaves

Precap: Masti at Ishu’s house

Sorry for the small update guys…I’m a little busy with my studies. But I will try to update it in a regular basis.

Credit to: Neethu

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