Love is the way!(episode-21)

Hello guys I’m getting very little response from u people …please let me know if you are not satisfied with the story.And thank you for the compliments u give me. U guys have always been my inspiration and support.
The episode starts with Raman telling Yuvi,Suhani, Anuj and Menka that he is in love with Ishu
Yuvi: Great! So much things happened?
Suhani: And this Ishu never told me anything! I’ll take care of her
Anuj: OK wo sab chodo…When r u confessing?
Raman: I won’t confess!
Menka: Why?

Raman: Let her do it… I’ll wait
All smile.Raman cuts the call
Anuj: Yuvi shall we leave now?
Yuvi: Wait…I want to talk to Suhani
Suhani: What is it Yuvi?
Yuvi: Not infront of everyone come we will go to the backyard
Menka taunts Suhani
Suhani &Yuvi goes to the backyard
Suhani: Tell me Yuvi
Yuvi puts his hand around Suhani’s shoulder

Yuvi: U look very beautiful today!
Suhani: Is that u wanted to tell me?
Yuvi: No I wanted something from you…
Suhani: What do u want??
Yuvi: Hmm…….A gift
Suhani understands what Yuvi was trying to say
Suhani: I’m sorry gifts are out of stock right now…
Yuvi: Out of stock?? So u gave it to many people?
Suhani: Yes…Now go Yuvi!
Yuvi holds her closer
Yuvi: I won’t leave…I’ll wait till the next stock arrives
Suhani: Go!!
Yuvi: Noo!
Suhani makes a puppy face
Suhani: OK….close your eyes
Yuvi closes his eyes
Suhani kisses Yuvi on the cheeks and is about to run when Yuvi holds her
Yuvi: Thank you! And I’ll give u a return gift
Yuvi also kisses her on the cheeks Suhani blushes
Yuvi leaves.Suhani smiles seeing him

At Karthik’s home
Karthik: Vikky we have to do something to that girls…And Suhani how dare she love that Yuvraj when I’m around…I loved her more than my life
Vikky: Karthik don’t worry man.I know what to do…
Karthik: What can we do those boys are always around them…
Vikky: U just wait and watch…
It’s morning
All arrive at the college
Ishu comes and sits with Suhani &Menka
Suhani (thinking): See her she never told us anything about yesterday and is sitting as if nothing happened

Ishu: Suhani enjoyed with Yuvi yesterday?
Suhani: Why should I tell that to u?
Ishu: Why Suhani?
Menka: Suhani is correct.I won’t speak with you!
Ishu: Guys but tell me what’s the matter?
Suhani: Ishu u never told me about that orphanage…
Ishu(thinking): Oh god this Raman has told them everything
Ishu: Suhani I have told u about it already
Menka: U have told but never took us there before.
Suhani: Why would she take us Menka when she has her boyfriend with her?
Ishu: Did Raman tell u all this?
Menka: Yes…
Ishu: What else did he say?
Suhani: He told us everything…
Ishu: Everything? Even he told u what happened at my house?
Menka: Yeah and that was the highlight of the day!

Ishu blushes
Suhani: Ohho!Jhansi ki Rani getting shy.
Ishu: Enough guys! Raman told u anything about me?
Menka: Yeah he asked us whether u will be able to tolerate an angry young man throughout your life?
Ishu: Really? Did he ask it?
Suhani: Yes idiot he loves u!
Ishu getts very happy
Suhani &Menka hug Ishu
Suhani gets a message in her phone
Ishu: Who messaged u Suhani?
Suhani: Don’t know it’s from an unknown number…
Suhani reads the message:
Suhani come to the park nearby our college today evening @5pm.
With love,
Suhani: Yuvraj? But why does he message from an unknown number?
Ishu: Hey Suhani look even I got a message from an unknown number.See it’s Raman he called me to the fun Mall @5pm
Menka: And Anuj called me at Nehru stadium at 5pm

Suhani: So these guys are up to something… But why from unknown numbers?
Ishu: Anyways we will go there and see…
Suhani is still not convinced and thinks to ask Yuvi about it
Ishu: We cannot meet the boys also they have exam todayMenka: Yeah I totally forgot about that
Suhani messages Yuvraj
It’s 4:30pm
Suhani: Should we go there or not guys?
Ishu: Of course we should… Raman has called me for the first time like this…Come on we should get ready
All of them leave to the respective places where they have been called
Suhani (thinking): I feel really strange…Don’t know why!
Meanwhile Yuvi,Raman and Anuj finish their exams and are about to leave when Yuvi sees Suhani’s message.He reads the message
Yuvi: What ??
Raman: What’s it Yuvi?
Yuvi: Suhani has sent a message look at this Raman reads it aloud
Yuvi why did u call me at the park near our college at 5pm? That too from unknown numbers
Raman has called Ishu at the fun mall and Anuj called Menka at Nehru stadium…Are u guys planning for a surprise or something?
Anuj: But when did we call them?
Yuvi: Something is fishy!
Raman: I think someone is fooling the girls or trapping them…
Anuj: Guys it’s already 4:47 we should hurry
Yuvi: OK I’ll go to Suhani,Anuj u go to Menka and Raman go to Ishu
They all leave
Suhani stands there all alone…No one will be there at the park
Someone comes from behind and holds Suhani’s mouth
Suhani tries to free herself

Yuvi is still on the way
Meanwhile Ishu and Menka are also caught in the same way and Menka is put in a car
Yuvi reaches the park and searches for Suhani he sees a diamond ring lying down which he had gifted to Suhani
Yuvi: Oh no! Suhani is in trouble!
Yuvi notices a car parked there and runs towards it
He sees Suhani inside all alone
Suhani: Yuvi help me fast! Karthik will return any moment!
He opens the door
Yuvi unties the rope in which Suhani was tied
Yuvi hugs Suhani
Yuvi: I saw your message and came here…Raman and Anuj have gone to Ishu&Menka
Suhani: Now come we will go from here..
They are about to run when Karthik comes there
Karthik: So Yuvraj u came here too?
Suhani gets scared and hugs Yuvi
Yuvi: What the hell are u doing Karthik?
Karthik: I want Suhani!

Suhani cries
Yuvi: U better stay away from her!
Karthik: U have ruined my plan! Now see those two girls will be killed
Suhani: Noo! U have enemity for me right then why do u trouble them?
Suhani moves towards Karthik.Yuvi holds her back
Karthik: No Darling I always love u. Yuvraj u better stay away from her! leave her to me
Yuvi: Shut up! If u love her then why did u kidnap her?
Karthik: Because of u! U r taking her away from me
Suhani: Karthik I’ll come to u but please leave my friends
Yuvi: Suhani what r u saying? Are u crazy?
Suhani: I can’t see my friends in trouble because of me!
Yuvi gets tensed
Raman sees Ishu being carried away by Vikram and he hits him and saves Ishu
Ishu cries.Raman pacifies her
Ishu: Raman Suhani &Menka they have also been trapped!
Raman: I know Ishu Yuvi and Anuj have gone there…
Ishu faints
Raman: Ishu! Ishu!

Raman sprinkles some water she gets up
Ishu: Raman hurry we have to go to Suhani
They leave
Anuj also rescues Menka
Menka: Anuj we have to go to Suhani please take me there
Anuj: OK let’s go even Raman is on the way to the park
Yuvi: Suhani u can’t do this please
Yuvi pulls Suhani towards him
Karthik: Hey Yuvraj she is only mine
Yuvi: Karthik please we will sort out the problem don’t do this
Karthik: There is nothing left to sort out …today I have to know either Suhani will be mine or she will not be anybody else’s
Suhani cries
Raman, Ishu,Anuj& Menka reach the park
Ishu &Menka runs to Suhani
Ishu: Suhani are u okay?
Suhani still cries
Raman: Karthik it’s better for u to get rid of Suhani
Karthik comes closer to Suhani
Yuvi comes in front of her
Yuvi: I won’t let anybody harm Suhani when I’m alive
Yuvi hits Karthik
Anuj&Raman also starts fighting with him
Suhani: Yuvi wait…..Stop this
They stop fighting
Suhani goes to Karthik who was hit very badly
Suhani: What do u want?
Karthik: I want u Suhani
Suhani: Karthi look we will stay friends but for that u should promise not to do such things hereafter…but one more thing I can’t love u because I have given my heart to Yuvraj
Karthik looks on

Precap: All problems will get solved between the girls and Karthik

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