Love is the way!(episode-20)


The episode starts with both Yuvi and Anuj reaching Suhani’s home
Anuj: Had a nice time with Suhani bhabhi?
Yuvi: No yaar she is too boring!
Suhani hits Yuvi playfully
Yuvi: What about u Anuj?
Both Anuj and Menka look at each other and stare
Menka: Your bro is totally out of his senses
Anuj: Accha?
Yuvi: Why do u say that Menka?
Menka: He drives very fast…maybe he thinks himself to be a racer.I can’t take any risks and loose my precious life
Anuj: Who asks u to take risks? Today only because of Ishu I took u otherwise I would not commit such a mistake
Suhani: By the way Ishu would have reached her house by now right?
Yuvi: God knows what those guys are up to! Maybe they would have been fighting all the way
Suhani: Yuvi u call Raman and ask
Yuvi: OK wait…
Yuvi calls Raman
Yuvi: He isn’t picking up the call…. He might be angry
Menka: Try once more na…
Yuvi tries calling Raman picks up the call
Yuvi: Have u left Ishu at her home? Raman is everything OK?
Suhani: Put it on speaker
Yuvi puts it on speaker
Raman: Everything is great dear!

Yuvi, Suhani, Anuj and Menka say in a chorus: Dear??
Raman: Oh all u guys are hearing me speak?
Anuj: Now just leave of and say where is Ishu?
Raman: Ishu?……I dropped her at her home
Suhani: Raman it seems that u r in a good mood?
Raman: Yes of course i’m happy! I want a help from you guys especially from Suhani and Menka
Menka&Suhani in a chorus: Tell us we r ready to help!
Raman: Can Ishu tolerate an angry young man throughout her life?
Suhani(confused): Why do u ask that?
Menka: Which young man r u talking about?
Yuvi&Anuj gives a confused look
Raman: First u guys tell me
Suhani: I don’t know whether she can tolerate or not..
Yuvi: What r u trying to say Raman?
Raman: Arre bevkoof loog! It’s me who else can it be?
All gets stunned

Anuj: Raman? R u serious?
Raman: Idiot! Yes I love Ishita
Suhani& Menka gets happy tears
Yuvi: OMG!! But u were irritated with her this evening and now such a drastic change happened? How is it possible?
Raman: I will explain everything to u…
Suhani: Wow! But I least expected this from u Raman!
Suhani gets excited and hugs Yuvi tight
Yuvi: Ohho! Ab kya maroogi tum mujhe?
Suhani breaks the hug
Menka and Anuj laughs
Anuj: OK now Raman tell us what happened?
Flash back starts
Raman and Ishu r on the bike suddenly Ishu says
Ishu: Raman Raman can u turn right please..
Raman: But why? Your house is towards the left side
Ishu: Just go na please
Raman turns right they reach an orphanage
Raman: This place?
Ishu: Yes…I want to meet my friends
Raman: Friends

A girl comes rushing towards Ishita
girl: Ishu di!
Ishu: Hi Meghna!
Meghna: U r too bad…U did not come to meet us for a long time
Ishu holds her ears
Ishu: Sorry dear! I had exams…And look what I bought for u!
Meghna: Wow! Chocolates
She calls some other girls and they all share the chocolates among them
Ishu smiles.Raman gets happy seeing those children
Meghna: Ishu di who is this guy?
A girl: Boyfriend ah?
Raman hears that
Ishu(audible to the girls): Shhh…Yes he is Raven Kumar
They laugh
Meghna: Coming to play?
Ishu: U go I’ll join u…
The girls leave
Raman: So u always come here?
Ishu: Yeah Raman I come here when I feel lonely…
Raman: But u have your friends na then why lonely?
Ishu: Raman I met them only in my 8th std but before that I used to stay with my aunt while my mom&dad where in U.K for job purpose…My aunt used to come only at 9pm at night and she had no children so I did’nt have any friends…U saw that girl right Meghna she used to stay in my neighborhood in a small house she and me used to play with me all evening…But one day her mom passed away due to cancer…she had no relatives I couldn’t leave her alone so I brought her to the orphanage
Raman: U never told me about this!
Ishu: Hmm..OK I think it’s getting late we should leave.. I’ll say good bye to them and come
Raman gets thinking

While they were about to leave all the girls come and bid good bye to them
They reach Ishu’s home
Ishu: Thank you Raman!
Raman: Why do u thank me?
Ishu: For giving me such a wonderful evening
Raman: Then give a gift in order to thank me…
Ishu: A gift?…..Alright
Ishu signs Raman to come closer
Raman goes near her and suddenly Ishu kisses him on his cheeks and quickly walks inside her home and shuts the door
Raman holds his cheeks and smiles
Raman(thinking): Ravan Kumar now u have been trapped in Ishu’s love!
Yhm plays

Precap: Karthik&Vikram plan to kidnap the girls

Credit to: Neethu

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