Love is the way!(episode-19)

The episode starts with Ishu getting irritated with the questioning of Suhani and Menka
Ishu: I’m not gonna talk to u people now!
Ishu goes and sits in another place.Menka tries to stop her but Suhani asks her to leave her alone for sometime
Menka: Suhani I don’t believe this! Seriously? She loves Raman
Suhani: Yes Menka…And what’s wrong with Raman? Why did he ignore Ishu?
Menka: We will talk to Anuj& Yuvi at break
Suhani nods
Ishu(thinking): Oh! What did I tell them? Now these girls won’t leave me.What if they tell this to Raman? No…I can’t let that happen
It’s break

Suhani and Menka are about to go to Yuvi& Anuj before Ishu notices them
But the boys come rushing towards the girls
Yuvi: Suhani I had to tell u something important
Suhani: Me too! First u tell
Yuvi: I don’t know what happened to Raman he is behaving in a very weird manner
Menka: Even Ishu…And guess what she told us that she is in love with Raman
Yuvi&Anuj in a chorus: Kya??
Yuvi: So my instincts were right…
Suhani: What do u mean?
Yuvi explains everything to them
Menka: So both are not ready to confess
Anuj: Guys see there Ishu is going towards Raman
They all see Ishita going to Raman who was standing at the garden
Ishu: Raman?
Raman: Hi….

Ishu just stares at him
Raman: What do u want?
Raman turns his face away
Ishu: Raman please yaar…Talk to me
A girl comes there
Girl: Raman can u help me with my project?
Raman: Of course Sona .. it’s my pleasure
Ishu gets angry
Anuj: Bechari Ishu!
Yuvi: This Raman does not have any sense
Raman starts leaving with Sona holding her hand when Ishu comes and releases Raman’s hand from hers
Raman: What now?
Ishu: U shut up!
Sona : Who are u? Leave him now

Ishu: Who r u to tell that to me? Mind your own business
Sona: Are u crazy? Raman why don’t u say something to her
Raman: I…
Ishu: Why should he say something? I’m telling u just go from here
Sona: Excuse me… who r u to tell that to me?
Ishu: Who am I? I’m his girlfriend
Raman is stunned
Yuvi,Anuj,Suhani and Menka become shocked by hearing this
Sona: Raman is she telling the truth?
Raman: No! She is lying!
Ishu: Why do u ask him? I told u na go!
Sona gets furious and leaves

Raman: What did u just say?
Ishu: I told u na that u have to go to the ENT for a checkup…… It’s OK I will repeat it. I’m your girlfriend now heard it right?
Suhani: OMG!! This Ishu is just impossible.. I mean how can she say this
Yuvi: Hey Suhani OK I know I confessed to u first but that doesn’t mean always a boy should confess first
Suhani makes a puppy face
Raman stands speechless
Ishu: Have u kept some moun vrath? OK whatever it’s time for me to go bye…
Ishu leaves
Raman is still standing there
Suhani: OK Yuvi bye
They all leave to their classes
Raman(thinking): Ishu has told me indirectly that she loves me…..What do I say? Definitely I don’t love her and I will say that!
Raman does not pay attention to the class
Professor: OK students now come and submit your projects
All go one by one and submit.Raman does not go.
Professor: Raman come here and submit your project
He does not go and is still thinking about Ishu
Yuvi: What happened to him?
Anuj: He has completed the project then why isn’t he going?
Prof. : Haven’t u completed?

Raman suddenly stands up and says
Raman: No I don’t lov……
He then realises what he was saying
Professor: U what?
Raman: Nothing sir…
He goes and submits.Some of them laugh at him.
Raman(thinking): What have I done?
That evening when Raman and the boys were about to leave the girls come there
Suhani smiles at Yuvi
Ishu: Hello boys! Going home?
Anuj: Yes of course!
Ishu: Good…but today u have to take me along with u
Suhani: Ishu what r u saying?
Ishu: Oh yes Suhani… I mean all of us are going with u boys
Menka: We can go by bus Ishu..
Ishu: No need…Just obey me
All are shocked especially Raman
Ishu: Suhani will go with Yuvi, Menka with Anuj, and me with my boyfriend.
Raman: Hey! I’m not your boyfriend
Suhani: Ishu but…

Ishu: Suhani just go sit on his bike
Ishu drags Suhani and makes her sit on Yuvi’s bike and Menka on Anuj’s…
Raman: Now Ishita u will go by walk…
Ishu: Nope…With u!
Ishu sits on Raman’s bike
Raman: What the hell? Get down! Immediately!
Ishu: Cool Raman! U should not get so much anger
Suhani: I guess that’s enough! Raman if u wanna take her then go otherwise we will go together by bus
Ishu: No Suhani! Who is he to decide? I have decided to go with him and that’s final!
Raman hits his head
All except Ishu laugh at Raman’s antics
Raman: I don’t have another option than this….Do I?
Ishu: No Ravan Kumar
The boys start driving their bikes
Yuvi: Suhani want to go to the chat corner and have some samosas?
Suhani: No Yuvi ! It’s already late

Yuvi: U r too boring yaar!
Suhani keeps a distance and sees to that she does not go near Yuvi.Yuvi notices this and wantedly puts a sudden brake.Suhani holds Yuvraj. She gets shy he smiles. Suhani holds his shoulder and sits
Saware plays
Suhani: This is what u wanted na?
Yuvi: Yes!
In Raman’s bike
Ishu sings some song
Raman: Could u just stop that?
Ishu: Does that distract u?
Raman: Yes
Ishu: OK

She hugs Raman and sits
Raman(thinking): What is this girl doing?
But deep in the heart Raman enjoys that
Ishu(thinking) : Oh god please make Raman realize that he loves me…
Yhm plays

Precap: Raman realises his love for Ishita

Credit to: Neethu


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