Love is the way!(episode-18)


The episode starts with Raman apologizing to Ishu
Raman: Sorry Ishita…Romi told me everything and did Vikram see u?
Ishu: U don’t have to apologize.. Even I over reacted.It’s good that he did not see me otherwise…
Suhani: But Ishu why did u go alone?

Menka: U think yourself as Jhansi Rani?
Raman: Menka u r right she too thinks the same
Raman winks at Ishu
Anuj: Ok guys anyways we reached her now..Bhavna di kachoris!
Yuvi: Anuj u will never change!
Suhani: Yuvraj u have to change now! Now just eat this
Suhani stuffs a kachori in Yuvi’s mouth.He eats it with difficulty
Raman: Oh no! Before marriage itself she has started ruling you
Bhavna: Yuvi u Better be careful of my sis!

Suhani gives a naughty look.
All laugh looking at Yuvi’s expressions
Lata and Pankaj reaches their house from the temple
Lata: U people are here?
Raman: Yes aunty we just came to clear a misunderstanding…
Lata: Yuvraj your mom had called me before sometime..Didn’t u inform her before coming here?
Yuvi: Yeah aunty I just forgot…OK then we will leave guys
Raman: Arre Yuvi call her as ‘Ma’ not ‘aunty’
All laugh
The boys leave
They reach their respective homes
Yuvi calls Raman

Yuvi: Raman don’t u think we have to do something to stop those boys from troubling them?
Raman: Yes but we have to make a plan for that…
Yuvi: But what can we do?
Raman: Let me think about this….
Yuvi: Poor Suhani she’s so scared of them..
Raman: What did u say? Poor Suhani? No poor Ishita she was alone at that time…but u had saved Suhani!

Yuvi: U r telling me that Suhani does not have any problem with them and only Ishu….. Wait a minute! Raman i have been noticing I since some days u have totally changed yaar…
Raman: What do u mean?
Yuvi: U always talk about Ishu..I mean u have never spoken about a girl so much I know she is our friend but u never felt bad for a girl
Raman: Yuvi I know what your gonna say but there is nothing like that OK? Just don’t jump into conclusions
Yuvi: OK cool! U think of a plan we will see…
Raman: Good night
Yuvi: Bye
Raman lay on his bed thinking
Raman: This Yuvi has gone mad…How can he ever think of me loving somebody that too that JKR..Never! But why not Raman Ishu is a good girl isn’t she? Ahhh!!! Why am I thinking about her now? Enough of this I’m sleeping now!
It’s morning
Raman enters the college on his bike.He sees Ishu coming. He remembers Yuvi’s words. Ishu waves her hand seeing Raman and comes to him
Raman’s heart start beating fast
Raman(thinking): What’s happening to me? Why am I getting nervous?
Ishu: Hi!
Raman just stares at her
Ishu: Raman??
Raman: Oh…..Hi
Ishu: Lost in thoughts ah?
Raman: No…
Ishu: Raman r u still angry with me? I’m so sorry
Ishu holds Raman’s hand
Raman: No Ishu don’t say sorry to me…
Ishu: Then why aren’t u talking with me properly?
Raman: There is nothing like that…OK bye I have some work
Raman leaves
Ishu: Why is he ignoring me?

Yuvi: Good Morning Ishu! What r u talking to yourself?
Ishu: This Raman is ignoring me! Don’t know why..
Anuj: Ishu we will see what’s wrong with him…U don’t get worried
Ishu leaves
Yuvi: There is some kind of feeling in Raman’s mind for Ishu
Anuj: Maybe love?
Yuvi gives a confused look
Suhani: Ishu we will speak to Raman and sort out the problem… Now u smile na
Ishu is still sad
Menka: I will give two slaps to Raman then he will be alright
Ishu: Menka what’s wrong with u? It’s all my mistake don’t blame him for this…
Suhani and Menka look at each other
In the other block
Yuvi: Raman because of u Ishu is sad
Raman: I know…
Anuj: But why do I ignore her?

Raman: I don’t know yaar..
Yuvi: Tell us what’s your problem?
Raman: Please just leave me alone guys!
Suhani: U gotta tell us Ishu
Menka: Ishu we r your best friends right then why do u hide things from us?
Ishu: I don’t understand why but when I see Raman….I think I am in love but…
Suhani and Menka in a chorus: What?? Love??
Ishu: Wait guys…but I don’t think these things are upto me.I’m always like a warrior but this is something different for me… He doesn’t love me also
Suhani: How can u say that?
Menka: I will ask him!
Ishu: Shut up Menka! I am not into these stuffs. I just told u about my feelings that’s it!

Precap: Raman wantedly goes and talks to a girl ignoring Ishu

Credit to: Neethu

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