Love is the way!(episode-17)

The episode starts with Suhani having lunch with the boys
Raman: I will see to that Karthik and Vikram never trouble u hereafter..
Anuj: Yes it will be fun!
Suhani: No guys don’t do such things!
Yuvi: But why Suhani? He has to be taught a lesson
Suhani: U guys don’t know how dangerous he is…he has many such friends and I don’t want u to get hurt because of me..
Raman: Relax Suhani… We won’t do anything till u tell us to
Suhani smiles
Suhani: OK guys it’s time bye see u later
Yuvi: Bye (audible to Suhani) I love u!

Suhani smiles
Raman: And one more thing, Ishu had stolen my T-shirt that day ask her to return it
Suhani: OK bye
She reaches the class
Ishu: Had fun with Yuvi?
Suhani: Oh please yaar! Stop taunting me
Menka: Ohho somebody is feeling shy!
Suhani hits Menka
Suhani: Ishu do u have Raman’s T-shirt with u?
Ishu: Oh yes I had taken it by mistake.. Did he ask for it?
Suhani: He told me that u stole his shirt
Ishu: Stole? What am I gonna do with his torn shirt? I’ll take care of that..
The class gets over
Menka: Ishu take it easy! Walk slowly yaar

Suhani: Now don’t create a drama there
Ishu: Shut up I know what to do
The boys are on their bikes about to leave when Ishu holds Raman’s ears
Raman: Ouchh! What’s wrong with u?
Ishu: Excuse me! What’s wrong with you? U r telling that I’m a thief
Raman: I told the truth ! Ahhhh leave me
Ishu leaves his ears
Ishu: How was it?
Raman’s ears become red in colour
Raman: U idiot! Where is my T-shirt?
Ishu: I took it by mistake and u told I stole it?
Raman: Yes u did!
Ishu: What am I gonna do with a torn shirt!
Raman: It wasn’t torn!
Ishu: Yes it was!
Raman: No it was not!
Anuj: Bas karo tum dono!! My ears are bleeding hearing your fight
Suhani: Ishu please stop this nonsense! All are noticing us
Ishu: I don’t care!

Yuvi: Raman please I will buy u a new shirt
Raman: I want only mine
Ishu : Fine..I will give it to u tomorrow u decide what to do with it
Raman: OK
Menka : U guys are worst than small kids
Ishu and Raman stare at each other
They reach their homes
Ishu &Menka are at Suhani’s home
Bhavna: Who would like to have some kachoris?
Suhani: Me!! Where is Menka?
Bhavna: Offo! She is already eating kachoris
Suhani: Menka how dare u eat without giving me?
They both start fighting
Ishu: Just shut up u two! I am already irritated
Bhavna: What happened Ishu?
Menka: I’ll tell Raman and Ishu had a small fight today
Bhavna: But why?
Menka explains everything
Bhavna: Ha ha…just for a silly thing? Oh come on Ishu he just told it for fun
Ishu: But I don’t like to fight with him..
Suhani: Ishu are u serious? We all know that once u and Raman start fighting even God cannot stop that
And u r saying that u don’t like to fight with him?

Ishu remains silent for sometime and says
Ishu: I don’t know why… Bhavna di can I take rest in your room for a while?
Bhavna: Sure..
Ishu leaves
Suhani: Something is not right…
Suhani gets a call from Yuvi
Yuvi: Hello Suhani!
Anuj: Put it on speaker
Suhani: Tell me Yuvi
Yuvi: Actually Raman is really tensed after he fought with Ishu
Menka: Yuvraj same here
Yuvi: So Ishu is also tensed..

Suhani: Yes she says she feels bad while fighting with Raman
Anuj: But why? They never felt bad for this
Suhani: Now that is what we will have to find out
Bhavna: U guys mean that they have some kind of feelings for each other?
Yuvi: I can’t confirm it but Raman…..I don’t know
Menka: OK we will make them talk to each other now
Anuj: That’s impossible!
Yuvi: No let me try…
Yuvi goes to Raman
Yuvi: Raman your mom is on the phone she wants to talk to you
Raman takes the phone meanwhile Suhani says the same to Ishu and she also takes the phone
Raman: Maa tell me what is it?
Ishu(gets emotional): Hello. R…Raman
Raman recognises her voice
Raman: Ishita! Please listen I’m sorry
Ishu: Don’t say sorry please.It was my mistake I thought u saw me and that’s why I scolded u..
Raman: No Ishita I did not notice u when u called just because of that T-shirt.Sorry
Ishu: Will u come to Suhani’s house now? I want to talk to u
Raman: Yes I’m coming

Ishu gives the phone to Suhani
Suhani: Hello Yuvi what’s going on here?
Yuvi: I’m confused… I suppose something else has happened
Anuj: We r coming to your house now Suhani
Raman,Yuvi and Anuj reach Suhani’s house
Raman: Suhani where is Ishu?
Menka: U cannot meet her now
Raman: But why?
Yuvi: Because u have to tell us what is the matter first.
Raman: But…
Anuj: Tell it!
Ishu: Guys wait..mein batati hoon
Flashback shows Ishu goes to Raman’s house to return the shirt
Raman: Oh Ishu u r here?
Ishu: Here take this torn shirt
Raman: Thank u!
He shuts the door on her face
Ishu: Idiot

Ishu sees Vikram coming towards her
Ishu: What is he doing here?
She knocks at Raman’s door
Ishu: Raman please open the door! Raman!
Ishu mistakes somebody at the window to be Raman
Ishu: Raman open it please
That guy was actually Romi( Raman’s bro)
Romi: Who is she? Why is she calling bhai’s name?
A neighbor opens the door and Ishu goes inside their home and hides
Romi comes out and sees no one there
Romi tells everything to Raman
Raman feels sad.Ishita thinks that Raman knowingly did not open the door

Precap: All plan against Karthik and Vikram

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