Love is the way!(episode-15)

The episode starts with Raman and Ishu reaching Birla house.Suhani gets excited seeing the cake
Suhani: Wow! I just loved the cake
Menka: I thought u love Yuvi
Suhani: I love him more than the cake
Yuvi smiles at her
Suhani cuts the cake and is about to give it to Bhavna when Bhavna holds Suhani’s hand and makes her give it to Yuvi. All have the cake.
Bhavna: Today I enjoyed to the core!
Suhani: Me too! This was my most memorable b’day
Menka: Di would u stay here today?

Bhavna: Yes..Mummy& Papa are not at home so I’ll stay
Anuj: I’m feeling sleepy
Menka: Me too
Raman: U both go and sleep I’ll come after sometime
Ishu and Raman sits in the sofa
Yuvi and Suhani are at the terrace gazing at the moon
Suhani: Yuvi I never thought all this would end in love
Yuvi: It’s fate Suhani…Nobody can predict what’s gonna happen next
Suhani: Yuvi but promise me that u would be with me forever
Yuvi hold Suhani’s hand and says
Yuvi: I promise u Suhani that I will always be with you
Yuvi pulls Suhani towards him and kisses her on the forehead.Suhani feels shy and hugs him.
At the hall both Raman and Ishu are sitting silently
Ishu(thinking): Why doesn’t he talk to me?

Raman(thinking) : Why doesn’t she talk to me?
Ishu: Raman?
Raman: What?
Ishu: Nothing..
Raman: I think I over reacted in the car..sorry for that
Ishu recalls Raman hugging her
Ishu: Ravan Kumar and sorry?
Raman : Now don’t make fun of me..I’m apologizing to u but u…
Ishu: Why is an apology needed?
Raman: Why not? I thought u were feeling strange after that
Ishu: Not at all! U r my friend so what’s the big deal in it?
Raman: Oh friends?….Just a friend or something beyond that
Raman comes closer to her
Ishu: What r u trying to say?

Raman: That….
Ishu: That??
Saying that Raman comes really close to Ishu and takes something from behind
Raman: That u r sitting on my phone
Ishu sighs a relief
Raman: JKR now go and sleep..Where are those love birds?
Ishu: Who?
Raman: Arre! Yuvi & Suhani
Ishu: Oh they are at the terrace
Raman: Hmm…OK good night
Ishu: Good Night!
Yeh hai mohabbatein plays
Ishu (thinking): What’s happening with me when I see Raman?
At the terrace
Yuvi: Suhani I think now we’ll go and sleep
Suhani nods
Both of them go to their rooms and they close their eyes thinking of each other

Precap: Suhani sees Karthik & Vikram approaching her

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  1. It’s short but sweet .waiting for next episode

  2. Thore bare episode dala karo its very short bt very nice keep it up

  3. nice episode waiting for next update

  4. Its superb I just loved it and precap its wow ? I’m waiting for it…

  5. Hmmm what will happen now

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Nice yaar…….But its tooooo short………Waiting for next one………

    1. As I am a little busy with my exams I could write only so much….Reshma are u a malayali? I am also one

  7. Nice episode
    Neethu I am also a malayali

    1. Oh that’s good! Feba keep reading this ff

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